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Relationship Expert – Karen Marshall

Combines her qualified knowledge and experience as a Life Coach, Relationship Expert. Mentor, Health and Well-being Practitioner in the mind, body and energy. You will super-accelerate your relationship happiness and success to recognise, attract or build a much stronger and rewarding  relationship that can work and last.

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Investing in new relationship life skills today is a priceless future proof toolkit to navigate and build a much stronger and healthier relationship with a current partner, someone new or an ex-partner.  You will overcome your relationship challenges and avoid more heartache.

If you have been single, divorced or widowed a while, you will get your answers immediately to recognise and attract your Mr Extraordinary, your special someone. Clic Your  FREE 14 Day How To Recognise Your Mr Extraordinary Online Coaching Program to discover what’s important to prepare you in advance and before you are ready to date/continue dating?

This program will also support you individually or together if you are considering separation or divorce. You will get the clarity in hours to discover how connected you are together and what is possibly sabotaging your relationship. Discover your answers in hours to save or rebuild your relationship before it’s too late.

You’re G U A R A N T E E D  to get these results:

Avoid wasting your life making the same mistakes (you may not be aware of)

Understand the secrets t Recognise and Attract the right high-quality man to you

Easily recognise very quickly if a man is capable of supporting you emotionally 

Learn how to BUILD a healthy communication and a stronger connection

Discover the steps to Rebuild or Save your relationship before its too late

Receive invaluable mindset tools if you are struggling emotionally through your divorce

Discover a unique proven, tried and tested coaching approach to super-accelerate your results


Have you considered:

  • In just 2 days prepare yourself  in advance how to Recognise, Attract and Build a relationship that will thrive
  • Or get your answers how to rebuild or save your relationship before its too late.
  • If 50% of first marriages end in divorce (according to ONS).
  • If an average wedding day, just one day, is approx £27K according to Bride Magazine.
  • Discover the priceliss skills to future-proof your relationship happiness.

Relationship Expert – Karen Marshall

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Love Coaching You.

If you are a business professional, high achiever or supermum entrepreneur, are driven and motivated and looking for immediate relationship answers a uniquely designed, proven, tried and tested 4 Step Coaching Methodology will super-accelerate your results.

CEO and Founder of the Winning Woman Love Coaching You Relationship Academy and No 1 UK qualified and experienced Relationship Success and Recovery Coach. Relationship Expert. Mentor. Health and Wellbeing Practitioner in the (mind, body and energy) understands how to accelerate your relationship results.

Karen’s achieved her personal success story to find and build the most incredible relationship with the love of her life she never thought would be possible.  She is clearly the right expert to help you fill your life and heart with your missing ingredient, to understand the knowledge, insight and wisdom that works to accelerate your next steps.


To begin your life-changing relationship journey

Begin your FREE 14 Day (90 Minute) How to Recognise Mr Extraordinary Online Coaching Taster you can easily complete in 14 days or continue the full program. Or book your 2-Day MasterClass Program with like-minded women. Scroll down for your options.

Relationship Expert – Karen Marshall

Unique 4 Step Coaching Methodology

To attract and recognise the right partner, the magical law of attraction is not enough on its own. You also need to gain the vital relationship skills to build a much stronger and more deeply connected relationship that can work.  How you communicate and more importantly approach conflict is critical for relationship survival.

If you’re exhausted of relationships not working or fed up of meeting the wrong partners  Start your FREE 14 Day Online Relationship Success Program Or explore The 2018 program dates coming up 

Wayne Dyer the motivational spiritual philosopher once quoted. “When you change what you see, what you see changes ”

Are you ready to – change what you see – into the relationship pathway you truly deserve?


Coaching Expert – Karen Marshall 

When I ended my first 11 year relationship I was expecting to find someone very quickly to make me happy. When another significant relationship painfully ended, I was the victim of a broken relationship. It was the catalyst that reshaped my future. I went onto study and research over 7 years the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them.  I didn’t want to waste my time with the wrong men. Determined to meet my soulmate, lover and best friend and a more loving and rewarding relationship that worked, today I am married to Dave my Mr Extraordinary.  I am now passionate to help you find your Mr Extraordinary.

Founder and CEO of the Love Coaching You Relationship Academy my dream is to inspire and re-educate millions of women and men worldwide to achieve incredible results in love to find and build the most loving relationship that can work.

Contact Karen for your FREE 30 minute no obligation call to the discuss your next steps right for you! 


A variety of ways to work together

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach
Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Karen’s Blog

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Client Success Stories

5 months on “We are now building a bright future and our first home together. Thank you Karen, I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.” Vanessa is now getting married to the love of her life May 2019.

Vanessa (Bucks)
“As a result of Karen’s 2 Day Masterclass, it helped me to become so much more aware. Thank you for all your wisdom and how you have bought together some absolute gems.”

Jo – International Stylist, London:
“I was attracting the wrong relationships.  Something fundamental had to change. I thought this would be a good course, but this is an incredibly valuable course. It was just what I needed.”

Jo – 3 months on:
“Something shifted massively for me. I am still single but there is a very big difference. I have more faith. Your course is amazing!”