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Relationship Expert – Karen Marshall

Divorced a while? Want to avoid making the same relationship mistakes?

Would you love to attract a high-quality extraordinary relationship?

Is the clock ticking to find the love of your life and have a family?

Considering separation or divorce?


You’re G U A R A N T E E D

to get these results:


  • Discover the steps to RECOGNISE the love of your life beyond chemistry
  • Understand how to ATTRACT the right quality partner to you
  • You will easily recognise the wrong men to attract the right one 
  • Learn how to BUILD a more loving quality relationship
  • Get your answers on how to save, rebuild, separate or divorce. 
  • Fast-track your relationship skills in DAYS to accelerate your next steps
  • Work with an accredited Relationship Success and Recovery Coach. Health. Wellbeing, Expert 


Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach 

An empowering, proven, tried and tested coaching program guaranteed to give you results that work

Karen Marshall

Welcome to

If you are a business professional, high achiever or entrepreneur, you’re driven and motivated and looking for immediate relationship answers. You will:

  • Discovering what’s important to you about the relationship you want will reset your compass 
  • Understanding your deeper needs will strengthen a new or current relationship for it to thrive
  • The new relationship skills you gain will positively impact you in love, in life, at work. 


Unique 4 Step F.I.N.D. Methodology

The how to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success 2-Day program will completely transform your relationship approach.

To get you started immediately, get your FREE 7 Day (Online) Relationship Coaching Trial today – including your first coaching exercise. Simply click the button top right of this page.  Or the 4 Life-Changing Steps Every Woman Needs To Know – all for FREE.

If you are considering separati0n or going through a divorce, you can propel your personal recovery when you discover how to F.I.N.D. The Best Way to Get Back on Track Coaching Program to feel stronger and more resilient. You will maximise 20 years of my combined proven wisdom, education and experience to reshape your next steps towards the destiny and happiness you truly deserve Contact Karen to arrange your FREE 15-minute introduction call to discuss your best option. Or see what 2018 programs are coming up to help you. Or why not connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In (top of this page) to keep you updated on my events and talks also coming up.

As Wayne Dyer the motivational spiritual philosopher once quoted:

“When you change what you see, what you see changes “

Are you ready to – change – your life into the one you truly deserve?

I work in groups to bring likeminded women together to learn from each other, or 1-2-1 Privately for VIP clients. Group Sessions are cost-effective to help more women like yourself find and build a high-quality relationhip that can work. Or 3 Introductory Coaching Sessions will help you with a specific topic.  or start your FREE 7 Day trial today!


Karen is a qualified Relationship Expert

It is important you know, the magical law of attraction is not enough on its own. You also need to gain the vital relationship skills to build a much stronger and more deeply connected relationship that CAN work.  How you communicate and more importantly approach conflict is critical for relationship survival.  My unique F.I.N.D. 4 Step methodology program(s) will show you how.

My relationship hardship and transformation started when I ended my first 11 years relationship. Over the next 13 years of my life, I then supported myself as a single independent businesswoman.  When another significant relationship painfully ended, I was the victim of a broken relationship. It was the catalyst that reshaped my future. I went onto study and research over 7 years the relationship mistakes and why we make them and accelerated positive results with men I dated. I didn’t waste my time with the wrong men.

Transforming my awareness has been life-changing for my health, happiness, career, and business achievements because I changed my perspective with a new approach.  I then easily RECOGNISED and ATTRACTED my gorgeous husband with the right knowledge to BUILD a more loving relationship together that works.  It’s the magical ingredients for our (already 10 year relationship) to thrive.

I now want to fill your heart and life with your missing ingredients! Is it time for you to CHANGE your approach and stop wasting you life with the wrong partners?

Take your first step TODAY and start your FREE 7 Day online trial or contact Karen to the discuss your next steps! 


Relationship Coaching Expert – Karen Marshall

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach
Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

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Client Success Stories

Vanessa – Consultant, Bucks:
“As a result of Karen’s 2 Day Masterclass, it helped me to become so much more aware. Thank you for all your wisdom and how you have bought together some absolute gems.”

5 months on – Vanessa is with the love of her life:
“We are now building a bright future and our first home together. Thank you Karen, I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.”

Jo – International Stylist, London:
“I was attracting the wrong relationships.  Something fundamental had to change. I thought this would be a good course, but this is an incredibly valuable course. It was just what I needed.”

Jo – 3 months on:
“Something shifted massively for me. I am still single but there is a very big difference. I have more faith. Your course is amazing!”