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10 May Do you feel stress everyday?

Some people strive on stress to feel motivated. When you experience this response, your body feels alive as it prepares for it’s own fight or flight reaction as adrenalin pumps around your body. Some stress is healthy in smaller doses, but too much will inevitably impact...

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24 Jan Review: The Landmark Forum

The Landmark Forum is an amazing life changing journey of transformation, greater awareness and self-discovery. I learned greater integrity, to speak my truth with authenticity. I discovered how childhood and life events impacted my communication, behaviour and beliefs. I become more empowered and communicated very differently...

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22 Jan Review: The Secret

The Secret was an enlightening discovery and it’s amazing if you believe and can tap into this energy network as I like to call it. Applying the secret into my own life, alongside my experience of dating, by focusing my mind on what I wanted, I...

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