Looking for answers to feel emotionally and mentally stronger to cope with your separation or divorce? - Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach
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Looking for answers to feel emotionally and mentally stronger to cope with your separation or divorce?

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

01 Oct Looking for answers to feel emotionally and mentally stronger to cope with your separation or divorce?


Separation can be extremely stressful and painful and is often associated with feeling bereaved.  It will also very much depend on your personal situation, the circumstances of your separation and how you are coping emotionally and mentally with your challenges.  How you feel mentally right now will also impact your energy levels physically. How you support your children is also reflected by your mental and emotional strength.  To help them through the pain, you also need the toolkit of wisdom to keep you moving forward with the emotional scaffolding that will keep you strong when the going gets tough.

Separation and divorce is a massive life-changing turning point as you begin to get to know yourself and learn to survive as a single mum or business woman.

If you are finding it hard there is help at hand offering you powerful coping strategies and techniques, the priceless life skills to become more resilient, confident, happier and mentally stronger.  If you have lost someone you love it can take time to heal if you are feeling the victim.  This similarly applies if you have recently been widowed and learning to rebuild your heart and life once more alone.

How are you coping mentally and emotionally right now? On a scale of zero up to 10 (10 = the highest number), what number would you give yourself on this scale?  If your number is lower than a 7 it is a true indicator empowering support will give you the tools to navigate your challenges more effectively.

To reach the next number up your scale, I have a few options to help you. A FREE Online 40 Minute Coaching Taster Experience or a 3 Hour Wellbeing Coaching and holistic treatment session to help you Refocus mentally, Rebalance and Recharge you physically especially if you are feeling emotionally drained or exhausted.

If you haven’t experienced coaching before. Click the link below to get you started working through the easy FREE 40 minute (or 10 minutes a day over the next 4 days) video mini-course.

4 Life-Transforming Steps Every Woman Needs to Know

If Your Body Could Talk What Advice Would it Give You?

Your body is undoubtedly absorbing the stress you may feel at different times and will mostly manifest as anxiety, muscular tension, headaches, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, mood changes, depression and emotional exhaustion.  These are just some of the symptoms your body will show you if you are listening loudly enough especially as 75% of illness is mostly stress-related.

If you have children, their welfare is also on your mind to do what’s best for them.  Let’s face it splitting up is never going to be easy – and that’s all before you start getting into the protracted pain of legal proceedings and solicitors bills.  Or could you avoid going to court instead of with a unique healthy communication approach?  There is nothing like this program empowering program on the market.

If you are widowed, there are legal proceedings of your own to work through including probate and financial matters so you will also emotionally benefit from this article too.


It’s important to recognise you need time to heal and invest in your personal well-being and deeper needs.  Or you will feel like you’re running a long marathon without any finish line ahead if you simply bury your feelings as a coping mechanism.  Doing this often manifests in another way physically so it’s important to acknowledge your feelings.

Imagine when you cut yourself. Any open wound takes time to naturally heal.  It is the same with your heart. You need time to heal the wounds you are carrying inside.  Learning to love and nurture yourself, resting, looking after your health and well-being, giving yourself the right nutrition, taking time to sleep will help you heal and re-ignite your zest for life once more as you worth through your healing process.  Spending time with your friends and family, people who care for you will help you with your recovery which is always a different healing journey for everyone.


If you value your self-worth and self-development, with the right support, you will transform your thinking and future choices if you begin to apply new mindfulness skills in your life as you heal your heart, mind and body.  Learning a new perspective takes time.

With an expert helping hand by your side, now is the perfect time to reset your compass towards a new fresh start while you also focus on your family, building a new business or career, or spending time as a single person once more.

Rebuilding your life independently, learning new skills will help you to refocus learning a new awareness.

If you are already focusing on your children and work, it’s important you don’t waste the next 2 to 5 years waiting to feel ready emotionally to meet someone new that may be far from your mind right now.  Or be warned, you are likely to carry your negative experience(s) with you into any future relationship unless you get clarity now about what’s important to you. Having walked the healing journey myself, it is absolutely the right time to also start learning and applying a new way of thinking coaching will empower you to do if you want the future you happiness you truly deserve.

Dr Wayne Dyer the famous American philosopher said: “When you change the things you see the things you see change”.   So, when you decide to change your perspective and thinking about your life experience and challenges will change too.

How Relationship and Well-being Coaching will help and support you:

Take your first next step…..

For some extra emotional scaffolding to keep you supported right now to avoid staying stuck or feeling a victim.  I have a FREE gift to help you right now…….

Click the link for your FREE 40-minute online coaching taster today.  You could complete this 10 minutes each day over the next 4 days, it’s that easy.  

4 Life-Transforming Steps Every Woman Needs to Know

Video Mini-Course – IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!


1-2-1 Well-being and Holistic Recharge 3 hour Session 

Maybe a perfect alternative for you, especially if you are travelling to Wokingham, Berkshire and you are travelling a distance.

To refocus, rebalance and recharge your mind and body you will maximise our time together over 3-hours. You will receive Well-being Coaching Session combined with 2 powerful holistic treatments to recharge you.  Coaching will empower you to break down your emotional overwhelm. Holistically your will release the stress, tension and emotions holding you back right now with tailor-made treatments right for you.

Treatments include: Integrated Energy Healing offers a variety of therapeutic healing techniques (trained over 3 years to qualify). Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Reflexology, Indian Head Massage.  Combining these energy-based treatments naturally supports your healing journey mentally, emotionally and physically.

To fast track and speed up your healing journey

I have designed a unique 2 Day Get Your Heart and Life Back On Track Coaching Program (with proven, tried and tested coaching strategies and techniques that work).

Combining 20 years of my personal self-transformation experience. I understand WHAT DOES WORK to accelerate your healing and personal happiness to re-ignite your energy and vitality once more. Gaining the mindfulness skills to become more resilient will help you bounce back so much more quickly than you will coping alone.


If you have any questions or want to discuss the next step right for you, contact Karen for your FREE 30 Minute Consulation No Obligation Call to establish if coaching is right for you.  Get in touch to arrange your call.




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