Health and Well-being Coaching
If you’re ready for a new direction, looking for a warm and friendly, qualified Coach who understands your personal challenges, Karen has combined her coaching strategies and techniques, her qualified health education and personal journey of over 30 years of personal transformation that works.
Winning Woman Academy
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Winning Woman Coaching

Where are you in your life right now?

Possibly, you are a driven, outwardly confident and a smart thinking business woman or super mum entrepreneur.

  • Maybe, you have a hectic and stressful lifestyle balancing work, your life and possibly your family.  You’re also neglecting your happiness or the way you feel about yourself.
  • Possibly you’re exhausted, and your health and well-being is suffering or your unable to cope with one area of your life that is out of balance.  and you want to bounce back emtionally.
  • Potentially, you’ve been single or divorced for a while, living alone.  Or your relationship recently ended , or you’re going through a divorce or relationship breakdown and you’re struggling emotionally doing everything on your own.

Where you could be

  • If you no longer want to stay or feel stuck, if you’ve had enough struggling and are ready to overcome your challenges in a more positive way, you can transform your experience so much faster than you would alone, with the right help and empowering support.
  • If you’re self-motivated, value your self worth and self development, and you are ready to be empowered to take the right steps.
  • You recognise you want to get your life back on track and feel better about yourself.

Karen Marshall is the right Self-Transformation expert. She has walked her talk, and truly understands your health,  happiness and relationship challenges to help you transform your life.

Are you ready to feel empowered and re-motivated?

If you’re ready for a new direction, looking for a warm and friendly, qualified Coach who understands your personal challenges, Karen has combined her coaching strategies and techniques, her qualified health education and personal journey of over 30 years of personal transformation that works.

Karen will guide you one step at a time through her unique coaching programme she has designed called the F.I.N.D. Your Potential 4 Step  Formula that will accelerate your journey with valuable insight and  knowledge that will transform your awareness over the 2 DAY Winning Woman Coaching Masterclass.  As an experienced professional speaker, she promises to keep you engaged and inspired throughout your 2 day experience and the talks she regularly attends to inspire other business women with their transformation journey.

Why Karen Marshall?

Working with Karen a Self-Transformation Coach, you will feel safe and sensitively supported.  Facing and overcoming her own challenges in life, enables her to better understand and fully support you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Karen’s journey started over 30 years ago when she worked through depression and healed her skin condition without taking medication in her 20’s discovering how to tap into her potential and a new way of thinking.   She experienced 2 significant relationships ending and losing her Mum in her early 30’s, all life changing experiences so she understands how to fully support you.

Walking her talk, Karen has completely transformed her life experience into a more abundant one, living a much happier, more loving and fulfilling life, shared with her husband over the last 9 years together. She understands how to transform her health, her happiness, her relationship journey and experience into one she never imagined would be possible or dreamed of.

TODAY, Karen shares her insight, education and SECRETS that work. She has experienced incredible results and truly understands the power of the mind to help you reach your potential.  Her personal experience then inspired her some 8 years ago to completely retrain and start a new career. Now an experienced and qualified Health Therapist in 5 different therapy interventions she understands the MIND-BODY-ENERGY and RELATIONSHIP connection more deeply.

To take the necessary steps to change your life, from where you now to where you want it to be, if YOU no longer want to stay stuck, Karen will positively empower your next steps and journey ahead.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

How Self-Transformation Coaching will help you?

  • You will discover how to break down your overwhelm one step at a time.
  • Get the clarity you are looking for,with valuable insight and proven coaching strategies and techniques that work.
  • You will feel more in control of your life, your happiness, and empowered on your road ahead.
  • Exploring the obstacles stopping you right now, is where the magic happens, enabling you to create bigger shifts inside of you, that will change your perspective of life around you.
  • You already have the answers inside you.  As your coach I will help you think differently to tap into your true potential.
  • When your awareness shifts and the way you communicate changes, your new way of thinking will impact every area of your life.  You will attract a different type of man into your life and understand how to recognise the right partner, before you invest your life, heart and emotions with the wrong one.
  • More importantly you will understand how to build a more rewarding and deeply connected relationship that does work, in a way you have never experienced before.
  • Your life, health and happiness will transform in an unbelievable way when you are ready to take responsibility for your journey ahead.

Transforming yourself

When you invest time and energy in YOU, its where the magic happens. Your life will change in a way you have never imagined could be possible.

When you learn how to love yourself unconditionally, understand how you tick, connect lovingly with your feminine inner and outer beauty, you will shine more brightly and powerfully.

When you love yourself  first. You will more easily understand how to build a much stronger and more successful relationship with someone else, for it to work like never before.

Live your full potential and you will live the life you love – and love the life you live.

The rest is up to you.   When you change your perspective into a much richer, abundant, happier and fulfilling  life, more of your dreams become possible.  Are you ready to change and live your life more powerfully?

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying.  “When you put your mind to something, anything is possible.”   

Coaching options

To accelerate your transformation journey you could save yourself years of repeating the same mistakes and miss your true potential you know you have inside. The 2 day coaching programme is NOT for you if you are not driven to do the work on yourself to change your life.  If you want to become the athlete of your life and find the life you deserve, this programme is FOR YOU, if you value your self-development and will take consistent actions towards your dreams.  Remember, if  you DREAM, BELIEVE, you will ACHIEVE.


Group Coaching

The Self-Transformation Group Coaching Masterclass runs over  (2 days) combining 30 years of Karen’s insight of WHAT DOES WORK to accelerate your life.  You will share your experience and also learn from other like minded powerful women together.  Interested?  Please contact the office and someone will be immediately in touch to assist you very shortly.

Exclusively 1-2-1

If you prefer a more exclusive 1-2-1 experience, you can also arrange a personal workshop just for you that works around your business schedule and diary.  Send your enquiry here for immediate assistance if you have any questions . Full details will be then be emailed onto you.

Online Self-Transformation Training Programme

Is being designed right how for you to learn in the comfort of your own home at a time that is realistic for you.  To register your interest click here 


Interested in Corporate Self-Transformation Coaching for the women in your organisation?

Well-being, health, stress management and mindfulness are important subjects organisations are starting to take seriously to help staff cope better with personal life or career challenges. Organisations are becoming financially drained when staff underperform or become ill due to stress or personal well-being difficulties.

Combining well-being, health and self-transformation coaching is the perfect approach for female employees who want to change their personal challenge, set goals and take consistent action to move forward with a more positive outlook.

Does your organisation have a business women’s networking group?  Could I deliver an inspirational 45-60 minute talk to explain the 4 steps to their transformation.  If women are interested in my coaching programme, they can easily contact me directly for my coaching support (outside your organisation).  If your coaching budget is tight, this approach is the ideal way to support your female employees.

By providing external 1-2-1 coaching for individual employees, your business will continue to operate without the added strain on staff resource. Karen will sensitively manage staff sessions either at work or off-site.

Coaching is very effective for self-motivated women looking for clarity, a different way of thinking and a confidential, helping hand when it’s needed. Coaching is not counselling or psychotherapy that requires specialist support.

If you would like to discuss how self-transformation coaching can support your female employees, please contact

Let’s take your next 5 steps together, to help you:

Step 1

Understand what is important right now if you are unclear what to do next.

Step 2

Develop a different approach, that will help you think differently.

Step 3

Learn how you act and react to empower your next healthy choices.

Step 4

Stay focused with the support of your coach.

Step 5

Develop your own personal toolkit, set achievable plans and actions to achieve your health or well-being goals.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach
Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Holistic Coaching

Some very effective holistic techniques nicely complement and enhance self-transformation coaching sessions if they are suitable for an individuals deeper needs. Both EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Integrated Energy Healing will help women to change the way they think and feel. Both techniques are easily managed over the phone or Skype with very effective results.

Well-being Case Study

Jane, an active and sporty 33 year old marketing professional had suffered with a personal health challenge over a few years, while she regularly received reflexology and acupuncture, alongside her healthy eating plan. Jane approached Karen to help her explore if emotional blockages were present, important factors that can really impact the body if fears and associated limiting beliefs remain present in the body.

Self-Transformation Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Karen and have got a huge amount from our coaching sessions. Karen has helped me to gain a greater awareness of some of my limiting beliefs, helping me to move forward. The sessions have been helpful to break large areas down to manageable chunks.

I have been able to focus on clear actions to help me achieve goals in weight loss and starting a new career. I have had a great amount of trust in Karen and this has allowed me to dig deep into some of the areas I needed to work on. I would highly recommend Karen and already have done so to one of my friends she is now working with. I have had a very positive experience working with Karen.”

Jennifer – Marketing Manager – London

“I chose to work with Karen as my coach to regain the balance in my personal well-being – I’d allowed it to become a low priority just prior to our work together. Well-being is an area that is hugely important to me and so I was keen to make a lasting change in this area.

Karen is a hugely diligent coach always seeking to get the best out of our sessions together. Her style is supportive and she has a great natural ability to sense the pitch of challenge required by her client. She is able to subtly bring your strengths to light and recognise the progress made in the natural conversation – I felt this enabled me to maintain my can-do attitude post the coaching session.

I am really pleased with the progress I have made whilst working with Karen. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who has their health & well-being as a top priority and is keen to commit to a change – you’ll certainly be challenged!”

Janice – HR Consultant

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