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A high IQ will not mend your heart this Valentines!

stressed woman

A high IQ will not mend your heart this Valentines!

Nothing prepares you for a broken heart

Not everyone is happy in love.  If you’re feeling broken from a relationship that ended unexpectedly, or you’re separating and starting divorce proceedings, your head and heart are most certainly closed for business.

Perhaps you have been looking for love a while! 

And you are in a very different emotional space.  Possibly you’ve been single or divorced a while and looking for love, it would mean so much if someone was there to hold, hug and love you when you come home the end of your day and close the door behind you. Your heart is ready to meet someone you hope is decent! In your books, even extraordinary because they will have to match your high standards.

How are you coping with pressure at work if you have a high-powered job and single, or just beginning to live again as a single parent coping alone?

You may have a high-powered job, so it is a certainty stress and pressure come with the territory. You are also likely to have a high IQ (intellectual intelligence) with a string of qualifications behind your name if you are a seeker of knowledge and have worked hard to get where you are.   Or maybe you are a single entrepreneurial supermum beginning to cope on your own and thinking about starting back to work which is stressful in itself.

Your IQ will support you to a point

Where ever you are on your journey your IQ will help you to a point.  It’s your job that is a necessity to cover your mortgage right to support you and your children if you have a young family too.  It’s also important to be in a stronger financial position to pay for well-earned exotic holidays, spa weekends away, or the property investment you are thinking about to support your long-term security.  Perhaps you also eat reasonably healthy, consider your nutrition, love yoga, so you would absolutely hope your IQ and reasonably healthy lifestyle would really support you.  Most definitely not!

Going through Separation or Divorce

If you are sadly separating or getting divorced, finding it hard to communicate with your ex partner, you are likely to have had the wind knocked out of you.


Possibly you’ve had enough of being single, living alone

When you would really love to settle down and meet your special someone who is right for you. You’re fed up doing everything alone financially, coping mentally and supporting yourself emotionally.

The most PRICELESS GIFT that will help you is your EQ

With the added pressures of work, plus your relationship heartache, the MOST PRICELESS GIFT that will truly support you, is your emotional scaffolding.

You may not have even thought about it before. Your IQ is undeniable of no use to you when the classroom of life throws you curve ball, stress at work, relationship challenges, plus the daily pressures of life I haven’t even covered. Without any emotional scaffolding in place, you will soon discover you need a HIGHER EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to truly hold you up when the going gets tougher.  Perhaps deep down, all you crave is to get your life back and track and feel like your old self again. But what can you do?

On a scale of zero to 10, where are you in your life right now?

If 0 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest number. What number would you give yourself to this question – How well do you apply and use emotional intelligence in your life right?

Do you regularly use your resilience skills, more quickly shift your negative mindset, understand how to get your emotions back on track, lift yourself up emotionally, apply mindfulness techniques to cope with stress and listen to your body?   Are you higher up the scale or much lower? What number are you truthfully?

You can either SINK or SWIM! Or continue HIDING from yourself and nothing will change. Or keep falling into a deeper hole. Why not become the SEEKER in your life to accelerate your personal happiness, relationship and business success instead?


If you’re still healing, possibly co-parenting with your ex, or trying to live again as a single person, is it time to navigate a new road, to find the life skills and EQ enlightenment you need? Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will support you tenfold, over and above your IQ.

The life-changing emotional knowledge you require is gold dust. It will keep your light shining inside, keep you afloat as you swim down any fast-flowing river with the twists and turns ahead of you. What you essentially want are the steps to show you to build your emotional scaffolding without HIDING from your true feelings. When you embrace your emotions, you can more easily take your EQ higher up your scale of 0 to 10.

  1. How to accelerate your EQ

When you realign your thinking, shift your energy levels, connect to your emotions, will all support you to keep on top of your demands at work and home. Mentally your brain fog will clear, you will feel happier. Your body will start to sing again, instead of feeling unwell or lethargic.

If you are fed up with the pain in your life, ready to do what it takes to shift your life from where you are now, over JUST 2 days you can gain access to a proven, tried and tested 4 step coaching methodology I have created called F.I.N.D.the Best Way to Get Back on Track, Or F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Recovery programs. Possibly, you don’t want therapy, you just want answers to be empowered following proven steps that work!

Or you don’t have time to read 20 books at least, go on all the stress management, mindfulness evening classes, and figure out what you truly must do for yourself. Or you could be stopped in your tracks, powerless if you don’t develop your EQ skills sooner. To avoid falling down the same holes, find a new way out.

Develop your EQ like a muscle, it’s will become your, mind, body and energy toolkit, the MOT to give you the clarity and your next steps, over just 2 days, so you don’t have to spend the next 20 years figuring out your next steps (the time it took me to research, study, re-educate and discover what DOES WORK).

Start with the 3 simple steps when you scroll down below to help you RESET your mind and body. Or Get some absolute GOLD DUST for FREE with links to access your online video experience. Or come along and join at one of the events this February noted the very bottom of this post.

The 4 Life-Transforming Steps Every Woman Needs to Know video mini-course. Or a life-changing opportunity to discover your relationship answers.

Free 7 Day Trial to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success Online Program following my unique 4 step methodology.

  1. Avoid jumping into the next fire

Rest assured, you have all the answers inside of you. Working alongside the right expert, who will a nurture you to tap into them if you’re at the beginning of your relationship recovery and want to get your life back on track. Or, you no longer want to stay stuck or keep wasting your life, possibly the next 1, 5 or 10 years extinguishing one fire after another, emotionally feeling the same way, and want to start living again, then make a new choice.

  1. This important GOLDEN DUST is something to remember

To live a new life, get different results, you will need to take different steps and actions. Agree? How you feel emotionally will impact everyone around you, your experience of life, your achievements at work, your heart, mind and future relationship happiness, every area of life. You will follow the same relationship patterns, keep getting burned emotionally, feel low in energy, continue to muddle through your daily pressures of life. You will potentially energetically attract a similar partner. It’s why I am passionate and want to help you avoid making the same mistakes I made. I know how it feels, I have been where you are, and know what it takes to get back up emotionally. I have made all the relationship mistakes to know what works, so let me inspire you to re-ignite your EQ.

  1. You WANT EMPOWERED ANSWERS, not therapy

To fast-track a new way of thinking, you will experience your life from a completely different perspective.  More easily listen and connect with your EMOTIONS, hear what your BODY is telling you when it’s time to change your thinking. Your body may be shouting so loudly. Are you listening?

  1. A qualified coach is best to support you

When you become present, observe your inner chatterbox, follow a new easy step by step roadmap, you will much more easily navigate and ACCELERATE your personal and relationship recovery journey.  To fast-track your mind, body and emotional healing journey, where do you go to find your answers?

Breaking down your overwhelm to get clarity and your next steps are key. If you haven’t had coaching before you may be unaware just how powerful this intervention is with the right qualified Coach by your side, asking you the right questions. It’s where the magic happens! Make sure to ask a coach you consider working with. Are they qualified, completed at least 53 hours of coaching individuals, to complete reflective practice, attended 6 days of training and passed a course assessment? Anyone can ask you coaching questions, but do they have the expertise to deeply listen and observe what you are saying, not saying, how you say it, what your body language is doing, your tonality, will also understand your preferred communication style and is professionally insured to practice ethically with a code of conduct? So make sure to find a specialised coach expert in the field you need help, has also walked their talk and been through your experiences to achieve the results you want.

As an expert qualified Life Coach (specialised as a Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach), Health and Well-being experienced Practitioner in 5 interventions, I will guide and support you emotionally, to transform your happiness and energy, including the tried and tested steps through your relationship journey. I will keep you accountable and motivated to continue moving forward with your next steps and actions. However, I cannot guarantee your results. Only you are 100% responsible for your actions and results you want from your life.

  1. Mindfulness is a lifelong lesson

The more you do it, mindfulness starts like a dance and the music to your life you can easily follow and enjoy. With practice, you start dancing beautifully without even looking at your feet.

I love to call mindfulness, your RESET BUTTON. It’s one of the coolest dance class steps I regularly follow.

If you have had enough heartache, unsure what to do next, here are 3 simple steps to start your journey, to RESET your mind and body:

  • Listen to and observe your voice inside your head. Take 5 minutes the end of your day, to identify one negative thought you have been thinking and write it down.
  • Now, rewrite this negative thought, into a new opposite sentence, the thought you DO WANT to think instead. Check it’s positive, personal to you, possible and present (real-time as if it has happened right now). g. I am feeling stronger, my heart and body is healing and more energised today.
  • Write in on a post-it note, put it on your mirror, say it out loud every day when you brush your teeth. To form a new way of thinking takes repetition, so give it a try to repeat your new thought for at least 3 weeks, or as often as you realistically can, when it works best for you. In the bathroom, shower, in the car, out jogging!
  1. What to do NEXT

To feel emotional and mentally stronger, more resilient, happier, more confident, better equipped to bounce back and reconnect to the old you again, the F.I.N.D. 4 Step 2-day coaching programs will accelerate your journey if you don’t want to keep burning yourself.

Combining my personal and qualified EQ experience of the mind, body and energy working with 100’s of clients to rebalance their body and health over the last 8 years; I know what it takes to connect the mind to transform a health condition, feel happier, survive as a single career woman over 13 years of my adult life, experienced bereavement, re-educated myself to understand the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them, to completely transform every area of my life, my relationship and business.  My journey has taken me over 30 years to discover the secrets I want to now share with you over just 2 days. I consider them priceless!

Become a seeker of enlightenment

Or you will remain stuck emotionally and physically exhausted, keep making the world wrong, get angry at your ex-partner, feeling upset and down. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Energetically your vitality will be much lower. If you choose to swallow your emotions, they will block your internal energy system and will manifest as a health condition, cold cough, stress or something more debilitating if you are not listening to your body. Experienced in the human energy fields, decide to become the SEEKER of enlightenment and start living the life you truly deserve. You only have 1 life, so make yours count!

FREE GIFTS to help you today!

The 4 Life-Transforming Steps Every Woman Needs to Know

video mini-course.

Let me exceed your expectations! Why not pay it forward and share it with your friends or the likeminded women you know and care about!

A life-changing Relationship journey

Free 7 Day Trial Taster to F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success Online Program.

Now is the perfect time to start any program, to get your life back on track before you are ready, healed, or looking for love again.  If you want to meet someone that is 9 or 10 out of 10 further down the road, you need to become 10 out of 10 beforehand. Otherwise, you are likely to attract someone wrong for you if you let chemistry rule your heart and head. They could be 5 out of 10 inside, a formula that could stop you from building a stronger, longer-lasting relationship together. What number would you like to attract?

If you’ve been living the single life a while, and no decent buses have crossed your pathway recently, or even come into your radar. To accelerate, Recognise, Attract, Find and Build a more loving and happier relationship that works, let me guide you with a different perspective of your radar. You could be looking in the wrong direction or attracting 5 out of 10’s when you really want to attract a much higher number.

The F.I.N.D. 4 Step Methodology 

To F.I.N.D. out more. Here are a few of the programs I offer, with some February events you can immediately book to come along and see me speak to engage you with a few coaching exercises to explore the 4 steps to your transformation.

  • F.I.N.D. The Best Way to Get Back On Track
  • F.I.N.D. The Best Way to Accelerate your Relationship Recovery
  • F. I. N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success
  • F.I.N.D. Mind, Body and Energy Mindfulness – 1 Day Bootcamps

Events coming up – come along and be inspired!

I really look forward to connecting with you again real soon! x

Karen Marshall 


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Or get in touch for a FREE 15-minute introduction call. Text me and we can arrange the best time for you to discover what’s best for you.