Lasting love, isn't a sprint , it's a marathon

True love is magical when it works!

It also gets harder if you're a successful woman in your late 30s and the clock is ticking to have a family, particularly if you are still waiting to find your special person, a high-quality man to settle down with. 

Or, perhaps you've been divorced for a while, or your children are growing up fast and you are feeling lonely.  You're ready to start dating and find a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with a decent man.  Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or older you will truly understand and value what it means to find a more loving and happier relationship that CAN thrive, especially if you've been hurt or let down too many times.  If you are feeling lost what do, it might feel like you're running a long marathon without any finish line in sight because you don't know where your finish line is, especially if you are fearful of being hurt again, but want to get it right next time. Whether you are single or divorced, let me inspire and motivate you today. 

To begin any journey starts with your first step. So I have 5 easy questions. below to help you.

Before we start, consider your relationship situation with this example in mind. The London Marathon every year draws in thousands of runners. If you were participating you would recognise the importance of training to prepare your mind and body.  You would eat the right foods, start running and set training goals in place.  It’s the same approach for the relationship you DO want.  Firstly you will need to nourish your mind, and practice new skills if you don't want to keep repeating the same dating or relationship mistakes. You would prepare yourself with the right training to reach your finish line.

To run a marathon you run, to become a singer, you sing.  If you want different relationship results, you learn and practice new relationship skills

You have two options  You may prefer to sprint into another relationship without any training, or find a more rewarding and lasting relationship that CAN work with the right training. Which one would you choose?

Tip – Before you start dating, or even consider another relationship, now is the perfect time to start your new relationship training, in advance of another relationship.  

Becoming aware of the way you think and communicate in love (you may not even be aware of) will accelerate your results to help you Recognise, Attract, Find and Build a more loving and happier relationship that will thrive and survive.  You will stand out like a unicorn to the right Mr Right, a high-quality man, you do want to attract who will not want to let you go!  You will also gain a valuable toolkit to build a much stronger relationship foundation.  Train in advance of dating, or another relationship.  Or be warned you will repeat the same mistakes (most women are not aware of making), and attract similar men or relationships, especially if you've been hurt too many times.


To start you off,  here are your Free Top 3 Dating Tips  (will only take you 5 minutes to read) if men are ghosting you, are unreliable, or don't commit. You will discover the 3 questions every woman needs to know and get right, to attract your high-quality man (instead of settling for second best, the scraps or leftovers) who don't treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  


Or I would love to invite you to join me on the next FREE Masterclass Training Webinar to discover the 4 Steps My Clients Apply To Find and Attract a High-Quality Man Who Will Love, Value and Respect You.

Let me help you find and build your most loving and rewarding relationship that will thrive and survive!

With loving wishes

Karen Marshall x

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