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Your IQ will not save your relationship or marriage
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Your IQ will not save your relationship or marriage. Your EQ will

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Your IQ will not save your relationship or marriage. Your EQ will

If the average age of divorce for men is 45 and it’s 42 for women in the UK* should we continue to accept the status quo?

Future proof your relationship survival

In society today we only hear about two relationship extremes. A lovely wedding. It will now cost you an average of £27K – for just one day.** Should couples also include in their wedding costs, an empowering 2 days to future proof their relationship survival? What would be more valuable?

You will never consider the thought of divorce when you get married and being in love. It’s the most important reason why you should invest in your relationship future (as you would a pension or life insurance). Taking this first easy step will especially help you to deal with conflict to more easily bring love back into flow very quickly. Also, strengthen your relationship foundations from the outset. To understand your Emotional Intelligence number, keep reading…..

Taking your MOT

Making the decision to take a relationship EQ MOT will transform your life and your relationship happiness. If you also want to avoid becoming a divorce statistic in your early 40’s is it time to develop your EQ if it is under-developed? If you notice you are arguing a lot, are unable to understand each other’s perspective, pass blame, these are early signs for you to take your MOT. Once you discover the priceless insight on how to clear an argument, speak your truth and better understand how you tick, you will begin to positively react and respond differently with each other.

Consider these questions for a moment. How long would you let yourself bleed before you put a plaster or bandage over your wound? How long would you endure a health condition before you see a doctor? How long would you struggle at work trying to understand a new piece of software without going on a course to speed up your learning process? How much longer do you want to endure relationship or emotional unhappiness?

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

It will hit you hard

The impact of divorce only becomes real when it happens. Including your legal fees, splitting your assets, home and financials (all relative to your situation). It will possibly cost you 3 or 4 times the average wedding day spend. Also, it’s devasting emotionally and mentally for you and your family. It will hit you harder, especially if your EQ is under-developed. if this is the case your children will suffer too. It is therefore critical for families to make time to future proof your relationship EQ. When you do this you will be better equipped to support your children’s emotional and mental well-being too.

Transform your relationship in 2 days

Possibly you could save or rebuild your relationship with a new awareness of each other. Or very quickly identify over 2 days if separation or divorce is the best way forward. If you divorce, the skills you learn will equally improve your co-parent relationship when dealing with your ex.partner to help you feel mentally and emotionally stronger.

If you are prepared to MOT your skills you will get radically different results over just 2 days. It’s an investment every human being should consider! Remember coaching will empower you, it is not a therapy and one day I hope my unique 4 steps healthy communication coaching programme will be the preferred go-to alternative to Relate Counselling (if therapy is not right for you).

Strengthening your EQ is also a precious life skill that will help you perform to your true potential, deal with a health condition in a very different way from the approach you may take today. You will take back control of your emotions more quickly if you are emotionally stuck, exhausted, anxious or depressed. And take greater steps toward your business ambitions and life achievements. You have everything to gain!

You will also become the best version of yourself and the best partner you can be to build a more lasting relationship that will thrive.

If you don’t invest in your EQ:

You are likely to continue as you are today, nothing will change. You will continue to feel depressed for longer, overwhelmed, struggle emotionally, feel empty without the loving relationship you truly deserve, unable to cope as you would like to at work. You will possibly feel the victim for longer if you have been heartbroken and your emotions are out of control.

If you do invest in your EQ skills:

  • You will take control of your emotions instead of them controlling you.
  • You will overcome stress, anxiety or feelings of depression so much more quickly.
  • You will be better equipped to recognise, attract and build a more loving and rewarding relationship that will thrive.
  • It’s why your EQ is so much more valuable than your IQ to live your life and relationships to your full potential. What price would you pay for your happiness, health and relationship success? Would you now agree your EQ is the most priceless life investment?

What is your EQ number?

A coaching question to help you understand your EQ number today …….

On a scale of zero up to 10 (10=the best you could be at communicating), how good are you at dealing with conflict with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or fiance (or the most intimate relationship in your life)? What number are you?

If you are an 8 or 9 you are well developed. Anything below, imagine if you invested just 2 days of your life, how you will develop your EQ and transform your life?

I would love to inspire you to develop your new EQ toolkit every human being needs to learn.

Your next step…….

If you want to discuss or book your EQ MOT/ or Makeover and future proof your heart, your life and relationship happiness for it to thrive and survive:

You can either set up a no obligation, no risk Discovery Call today, you can book here online immediately. Simply click this link.

Or start your FREE 90 minute Online Relationship Coaching EQ Programme today! You will have 14 days to complete your taster session, that’s just 10 minutes a day over 9 days. If you value the easy to begin coaching exercises, 6 hours of priceless emotional intelligence content, videos and exercises will then unlock for you on day 14 for an amazing no-risk offer. Or you can easily cancel before £97 payment is taken. This is a no-brainer offer if you want to benefit from 20 years experience that works so you don’t have to waste your time or life making the same mistakes! Can you also help me to help the people you care about

Can you help me to help the people you care about?

Do you know someone of influence in your company or a staff well-ness contact who could open doors to a new staff EQ curriculum? Please email me or call 07590 221951. Imagine the ripple effect you could be part of?

Perhaps you know a high profile celebrity?

Or perhaps you know a high profile celebrity who would like to get involved to help me help society take a new relationship approach? I would love to hear from them? Imagine the PR and media attention they would receive? Also support a fantastic cause, to help individuals and couples achieve greater success in love!

With loving wishes and much gratitude. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


* according to the ONS (Office of National Statistics)

** Bride Magazine