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Your Self-fulfilling Relationship Prophecy

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

29 Mar Your Self-fulfilling Relationship Prophecy

Are you still looking for your Prince Charming?

Love is magical, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding when we get it right. If however, you are a woman in your late 30’s or early 40’s everything changes if you are still unmarried looking for your Prince Charming you want to settle down with to have your own family . Or maybe you have experienced the pain of divorce and you have survived the journey and now considering dating again.  (But if you’re also still healing your heart and mind I have thought about you too**).

Now, let me put your film called ‘life’ on pause right now. Remember, the fairy tale storybooks, the endless romantic films we grew up watching all have a lot to answer for. Why? because it’s the one belief we consistently reinforce to be 100% true. Society tells us that Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and make you happy

Well, your fairy tale and the life you are living right now is also your self-fulfilling prophecy.  What do I mean?  What you believe about love, relationships, men, yourself, will keep showing up. The same film will keep replaying unless you change your story and what you BELIEVE.

Let’s take a minute to pause once more.  When you re-route your database, change your storage facility and reload new beliefs and the story you DO WANT (instead of the likely ones below) your computer (brain) will start to see your relationship experience through a different filter.  Your self-fulling prophecy will shift and you will see the man, your relationship differently (only if you are prepared to invest time and energy into re-programming your computer).

Be warned.  Pain is your only motivator and reason to change your situation. So ask yourself, how much more pain do you want to endure in love and your life?  Or you will continue to attract the same type of guys or relationship experience, nothing will change.

Here are a few beliefs possibly stopping you.  You might still believe you will get hurt again, a man will let you down, you cannot trust anyone, all the good men are taken, men only want one thing.  These are just some of the typical beliefs you may keep rewinding, replaying in your relationship storybook that will keep showing up for you.

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If you had a genie what 3 relationship wishes what would you ask for?

As a qualified expert in the mind, body and energy, also a Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach and Mentor, your brain only hears what you want and ask for.  It will keep delivering what you request.   Remember the saying – be careful what you wish for?  Your genie will always deliver the experience you request e.g. a man will hurt you, will let you down, will only want one thing.  Guess what experience will keep turning up.

It is NOT your fault, if you have had a string of broken relationships, had your heart broken too many times, are infatuated with being in love with someone who is out of reach, unavailable or married (it is not your fault).  Your subconscious instructions, what you have learned and believe so far, is the problem. Why? Your brain’s survival response is to protect you and keep you safe at all cost.  If you want to avoid replaying the same old beliefs, keep repeating the same relationship mistakes, your self-fulfilling prophecy will keep turning up, unless you change your wish list and create new beliefs I can empower you to shift when you become aware of the film you will continue to play.

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