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Have you been single or divorced a while?

How does coaching work?

Considering Separation or divorce?

Karen Marshall, Relationship Coach (Berkshire) to help you with your Relationship problems
If you are a high achieving woman facing relationship problems, then support from Karen Marshall, a qualified Relationship Coach and Expert, Dating and Wellbeing Expert based at Love Coaching you, is all you need.

If you value your self-development, and DON’T want therapy or counselling (because there is nothing wrong with you). You will be empowered and enlightened to overcome the following relationship problems.
Single or divorced a while:
The fear of being hurt again
Making the same mistakes
Attracting the same type of man
You want to get it right in your next relationship
Prepare yourself now with the right informed insights in advance of being ready for another relationship

If you have a relationship that isn’t working and want to overcome:

Communication challenges
Arguments and conflict
Committment issues
Criticism and control
Lack of confidence or “walking on eggshells”
Stress from within or outside the relationship
Emotional disconnection and lack of intimacy

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Single or Divorced A While?

Are you ready to fast-track your heart towards a new direction, well in advance of dating or another relationship?

Revisiting your relationship skills while you are single, is the ideal time to take your relationship MOT, to avoid making the same future mistakes most women are unaware of making.

Your new skills will prepare you in advance, to Recognise, Attract and Build your most extraordinary, loving, and healthy relationship that will thrive and survive.  Before you feel ready for another relationship or start dating,  get your toolkit online, in a group workshop, retreat or exclusively working with Karen 1-2-1.  

Don't waste any more time with the wrong men.

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The 7 Steps to Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship and Dating Success.
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- Keep meeting the wrong men?
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- Discover his communication style 
- Accelerate your heart and happiness
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Kerry, London, "I wish I had done this online course years ago"  

Janette, Berkshire,  "It's life-changing and only gets better and better.  I promise you will not look back"

Including 100% money back guarantee. 

Karen Marshall says her approach as a Relationship Coach is:
Empowering and life-changing! Karen Marshall is a highly skilled and experienced Relationship Coach, Relationship and Dating Expert, and Wellbeing Expert in the mind, body and energy.  

What makes Karen Marshall unique. She has personally and professionally walked her talk with over 20-years relationship experience to understand what works and doesn't in love to create extraordinary dating and relationship results for the clients she works with. 

With a 95% client success rate, if you value your self-development, are motivated to create new results in your heart and life, my spiritual learning, male psychology and professional expertise will transform your relationship results in weeks.  

You will discover how to overcome your personal obstacles with the informed knowledge, insights, and highly qualified experience you require.   

Are you ready to accelerate your relationship situation with a unique toolkit right for your personal situation? 

Karen is the No 1# Relationship Survival Revolution Expert, a visionary who wants to change the way we approach love worldwide if you are single, divorced or considering separtion.
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We will discuss your situation and I will explain which programme is right for you, as no one individual or couple is alike.

Considering Separation?

An empowering and uplifting 4 step professionally qualified alternative to Relate Counselling (if counselling or therapy is not for you) because there is nothing wrong with you.

Before you make the biggest decision of your life, or end your relationship, get the clarity and informed insight to help you strengthen, save or rebuild your relationship before it’s too late.

Before you visit a mediator or Family Divorce Lawyer (who will want to get you divorced). I will give you the toolkit to transform how you communicate, individually and together.  Or, you will get absolute clarity to decide that separation is the best way forward for you, your partner and your family.

Give your relationship the opportunity you both deserve before you turn your life upside down, especially for your children (if you have a family).

It is possible to save your relationship when you take your first step and book your free Discovery Call today with Karen Marshall.
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3 Step Process
Step 1
Let's have an informal Discovery Call to better understand your situation, and I will explain how I can help you, as no one individual or couple is alike.
Step 2
We will arrange an initial Discovery Session over Zoom, or in person, from Wokingham, Berkshire, UK (subject to the Covid guidelines).
Step 3
I will guide you towards the most suitable programme right for you personally, 
1-2-1 or with other likeminded women in a powerful shared group experience.
Which programme is right for you?
Online distance learning, Zoom Group workshops, Luxury Spa Retreats, or VIP exclusive 1-2-1.
A time saving At Home premium service offers clients greater privacy from your home location (subject to the current Covid-19 guidelines).
Working with clients internationally or any location is easy with Zoom, saving time and costs.
All programmes will give you a powerful toolkit of techniques and strategies to use immediately.
My proven tried and tested approach works. 
Included below are just a few client success stories. 
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More about Karen Marshall Love Coaching You
Karen understands what works at Love Coaching You.  She offers a rare combination, her personal experience, walking her talk, and highly-skilled qualifications.

To accelerate your happiness in weeks, Karen offers life-changing  training workshops, retreats, 1 to 3 month coaching and mentoring programmes that uplift, empower and enlighten.

“When I ended my first 11-year relationship I was expecting to find someone very quickly to make me happy. When another significant relationship painfully ended, I was the victim of a broken relationship my partner ended when I was 33. It was the catalyst relationship that reshaped my future. I went onto study and research over the next 7 years the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them. I didn’t want to waste my time with the wrong men. Determined to attract my soulmate, lover and best friend, and a more loving and healthy relationship that worked, today I am married to my Mr Extraordinary sharing the most rewarding and loving relationship of my life.

Achieving incredible results in my life I am the right expert to accelerate your incredible relationship results to become the Best You and the Best Partner you can be.  You will discover how to Recognise, Attract and Build your most loving Extraordinary relationship that will thrive and survive.

Working with the top industry experts, coaches and mentors, I have invested over 40K in my education and professional expertise to pass on my knowledge to help you accelerate your happiness to find and build the relationship you truly deserve.
Client Success Stories
Vanessa, Consultant 5 months after working with Karen “We are now building a bright future and our first home together. Thank you Karen, I couldn’t recommend the 2 Day Best You and Relationship Workshop highly enough.” Vanessa married the man she met, the love of her life one year later in May 2019.
Jo, Brand Strategist – Attended Karen’s 2 Day Best You and Relationship Group Workshop programme –

“I was attracting the wrong relationships. Something fundamental had to change. I thought this would be a good course, but this is an incredibly valuable course. It was just what I needed.”
Family Lawyer Testimonial
Jane a Family Divorce Lawyer (Berkshire)

Wanted my help to strengthen her personal relationship with her husband. They had both received 6 counselling sessions previously that offered no solutions.

“Both of us didn’t know what to expect from our Discovery Session with Karen. Karen had a very good insight into our personality styles. I liked the fact that we did not talk about each other’s flaws. We are doing much better now more so than I expected. I can now see why many couples go wrong using just counselling. I would highly recommend Karen’s Discovery Session.”

Suzanne, Client Manager - Before I attended the Best You 1 month programme I was very critical about myself. I have struggled with self confidence all my life and felt that relationships ended as I wasn't good enough, young enough, or pretty enough. I always felt partners didn't love me enough. I have always been relatively positive but even so, I have recognised a big shift in my attitude having worked with Karen. This programme has been so much more than relationship coaching as its had such a positive impact on all areas of my life. A big thank you, Karen. I am so glad I found your website. I continue to practice and live and breathe everything we talked about. My man is out there and I am so excited for my future. I am now the best me that I can be!

JT, Sports Injury Massage Therapist My self esteem and confidence was so effected from my past relationships. By following each step in the How To Recognise Your Mr Extraordinary online  programme, making time to really see and listen to what Karen is talking about I started to recognise my thoughts (I was not aware of) that have been holding me back or stopping me find another relationship.
I am no longer settling for less is the most important lesson I have learned. I could not have achieved this without Karen's guidance through the programme. I always followed my heart and not my head at the most vital time, at the beginning when you meet someone you are attracted to, but for all the wrong reasons.  I have felt lost experiencing so many negative relationships.

After completing all the steps in the programme, I had to learn to change my approach which have previously jeopardised my relationships. My biggest lesson is not rushing in but taking my time to choose the right man for me, the best gift I could give myself ever. I now feel completely different to the way I used to think. I could not have done this without this course.

It has been an amazing life changing course and only gets better and better with every step you complete. It will really touch you, challenge your thinking, but guess what, it is really amazingly exciting to believe that anything is now possible I didn’t believe before. You will not look back...I promise!
Living Together, Engaged or Getting Married?
The most precious engagement or wedding gift you could buy your daughter or son is a Healthy Relationship Communication Toolkit to build a thriving relationship together.

To understand how to effectively deal with conflict and bring love back into flow quickly will avoid intimacy and communication problems.

What would be more valuable? The ultimate wedding day, or ultimate relationship toolkit for your happy ever after?
Get you free 30 Min Discovery call now
If You Understand The Law Of Attraction?
To attract and recognise the right partner, the magical law of attraction is not enough on its own. You also need to gain the vital relationship skills, understand how you are naturally wired and approach conflict to bring love and communication back into flow – the critical skills for relationship survival. 

Learning about yourself, how you tick to become the best version of yourself, will also help you to become the best partner you can be to also understand someone new or a current partner.