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But Not in Love

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Karen Marshall, a unique relationship coach and dating expert (UK), for women serious about their results in love


Wonder Why You're Still  Single Or Unable to Attract Your High-Quality Man?

Women come to me daily, telling me things like this .......

“I am fed up with dating men who ghost me, are unreliable or don't want to commit."

I worry that time is running out and I might never find the right high-quality man who will love and cherish me."

I’m scared of starting another new relationship and getting hurt again. I attract all the wrong men." 

I am exhausted from the dating game and men who want me for sex."

“I have everything I could want in my life but the one missing ingredient. I feel I am missing out.”

I’m fed up doing everything on my own and going to social events alone.

“I book my diary so far ahead to keep myself busy so I don't feel lonely."

If these problems sound familiar.....
like so many other women, you'll want to know what needs to change to attract your high-quality man.

What do I need to change?

Most women think they need to work hard at dating,  endlessly chase  the next potential date, to find their high-quality man.  

Or do nothing until they are ready to start dating. Instead, what you need to do is:

Easily learn how to quickly recognise your high-quality man, in advance of dating.

Clear any blind spots continuing to block, stop or sabotage your chances with quality men, before you meet him.

Express yourself authentically and confidently for men to find you irresistible.

Become the best ‘you’ to become the best partner, for your relationship to thrive and survive.

And that all starts with a Dating MOT.....

What is a dating MOT? Let me explain…

You have worked hard to achieve success in business, but if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results with men.

The dating MOT gives you the missing knowledge, wisdom, and insights to prepare you for dating and the relationship you truly deserve with the skills to build a lasting, loving, healthy, thriving relationship that works!  

The MOT is a relationship-transforming and proven unique step-by-step approach that works for successful women who value their self growth and development, are driven, and determined to accelerate their results in love.   

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Introducing Karen Marshall Relationship Coach and Dating Expert (UK), Highly Qualified and Accredited.

Karen Marshall Love Coaching You

Karen Marshall from Love Coaching You, the leading Relationship Coach and Dating Expert (UK), with over 25 years of experience, is all you need.  Karen is a visionary passionate about changing the way we approach love worldwide. She is an accredited Coaching Academy Personal Development Life Coach, a highly-qualified Relationship and Wellbeing Expert (in the mind, body, and energy), Mentor and Trainer combining her expertise. 

Achieving over a 95% success rate with her clients and the women hungry for results, Karen’s dating MOT will propel you to attract your high-quality man who will be there by your side through the ups and downs of life.  And want the same future as you!

What makes her unique from other dating and relationship experts she has personally been where you are, to achieve the results you want in love!  It's what makes her the best expert to work with who will accelerate your dating and relationship success in love. 

Karen discovered precisely what works and doesn't when she made the same mistakes most women make, so you don't have to.  So don't waste any more time or your life making the same mistakes (most women do without realising).

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Your Results 
Karen Marshall understands what works, transforming your emotional intelligence, cognitively how you think, your energy, biology and your power of attraction by following the steps you will learn to fast-track your results to attract the right high-quality man.  Integral to your happiness, you will need the toolkit on how to overcome conflict to build a stronger thriving relationship that works!

Together with her knowledge of energy and spiritual heart-centred approach, her passion, a wealth of education, insights, and wisdom, the psychology of men and the dynamics of healthy relationship communication, the structured step-by-step transformational journey, is so much more than Relationship Coaching.

Training with top industry relationship experts and gurus, coaches and mentors, Karen's rare professionally trained combination and personal experience understands what it means to live as an independent single successful woman, what it means to uncover her blind spots, to take a new approach with men to achieve her dream and yours!

Attracting the love of her life, her Mr "High Quality, man" who she has been with for over 14 years, and married for 8, is her 'why' and passion for accelerating your results in love to find the love you truly deserve.
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Karen Marshall Love Coaching You 
Client Success Videos/Testimonials
Some of the successful women who hired me and get results!
Find your missing ingredient
Vanessa, Consultant 
Worked with me after she had been separated for three years. She used the material from my toolkit with a man she had just met. Six months later she was planning her wedding with the love of her life, now blissfully married.

Transform your life
Jo, Brand Strategist

Before we worked together Jo realised all her values were wrong and had been dating the same type of narcissistic men for over seven years.  She now attracts very different men and is building a new future with the man of her dreams.
Become the Best You
Suzanne, Client Manager- Before hiring Karen I was very critical of myself. I have struggled with self-confidence all my life and felt that relationships ended because I wasn't good enough, young enough, or pretty enough. I always felt partners didn't love me enough. I have always been relatively positive but even so, I have recognised a big shift in my attitude. The programme has been so much more than relationship coaching as it had such a positive impact on all areas of my life. A big thank you, Karen. I am so glad I found your website. I continue to practice and live and breathe everything we talked about. My man is out there and I am so excited for my future. I am now the best me that I can be!

Transform your thinking, transform your life
JT, Practitioner My self-esteem and confidence was so affected by my past relationships. By following each step making time to really see and listen to what Karen is talking about I started to recognise my thoughts stopping me find another relationship. I am no longer settling for less, which is the most important lesson I have learned.  I have felt lost experiencing so many negative relationships. I now feel completely different to the way I used to think. 
It has been an amazing life-changing 
programme and only gets better and better with every step you complete. It is amazingly exciting to believe that anything is now possible I didn’t believe before. You will not look back...I promise!

Decided not to settle for second best
Jane - Brand Consultant, I left a relationship to find the man I wanted to share my future with.  Working with Karen, I am now with a man I share greater appreciation, fun and the adventure of life with together. Thank you Karen for keeping me accountable I otherwise wouldn't be with Johnathan.  

Understand The Law Of Attraction?

To attract and recognise the right partner, the magical law of attraction is not enough on its own. You will need vital relationship and dating skills to navigate your communication, challenges and conflict to build a healthy, happy and thriving relationship that works.  Take your MOT!
"I still pinch myself sometimes when I think of my old life with everything I could want but no one to share it with me.  Today I love the life I live, that wouldn't be possible if I had done the work to recognise and attract Dave, the love of my life.

Living Together, Engaged or Getting Married?
The most precious engagement or wedding gift you could buy your daughter or son is a Healthy Relationship Communication Toolkit VOUCHER to secure their happy ever after together, especially if they have a family.

What would be more valuable? The ultimate wedding day, or ultimate relationship happiness and success toolkit?
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Considering Separation?

If Marriage Counselling or Relate Has Not Worked or Right For You? 

Most of my clients are successful single women, but also couples come to me who want to be empowered together, and who don't want therapy or marriage counselling.  In my experience, there is nothing wrong with you, (you simply need to learn new communication skills together).

Before you make the biggest decision of your life, to end your relationship, get the clarity and informed insight to strengthen or save your relationship or decide to separate, before it’s too late. 

Get your toolkit b
efore you visit a mediator or Family Divorce Lawyer (who will care but wants to get you divorced). 

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Have you been single or divorced a while?

How does coaching work?

Considering Separation or divorce?