Karen Marshall | Relationship Coach - Berkshire
Karen Marshall Relationship Coach (Berkshire) Expert, Well-being Expert at Love Coaching You
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Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You

Karen Marshall, Relationship Coach (Berkshire) to help you with your Relationship problems

If you are facing relationship problems, then support from Karen Marshall, a qualified Relationship Coach, Expert and Wellbeing Expert based at Love Coaching you, is all you need.

If you value your self-development, and DON’T want therapy or counselling (because there is nothing wrong with you). You want to be empowered to overcome the following relationship problems: 


Single or divorced a while:

  • The fear of being hurt again
  • Making the same mistakes
  • Attracting the same type of man or woman
  • You want to get it right in your next relationship 
  • Prepare yourself now with the right information in advance of being ready for another relationship

If you have a relationship that isn’t working and want to overcome:

  • Commitment or trust issues
  • Communication challenges
  • Arguments and conflict
  • Criticism and control
  • Lack of confidence or “walking on eggshells”
  • Stress from within or outside the relationship
  • Emotional disconnection and lack of intimacy

Your Next Step

Book your 30 minute FREE Discovery Call to discuss your situation and find out how Karen can help you with your next steps. 

Are you ready to transform your relationship approach for incredible results?

Karen Marshall says her approach as a Relationship Coach is…. 

Empowering and life-changing! Karen Marshall is a highly skilled and experienced Relationship Coach, Relationship Expert and Wellbeing Expert in the mind, body and energy. Karen will help you to transform your relationship happiness with and informed knowledge and qualified expertise you require.  If you don’t want therapy or counselling, because there is nothing wrong with you, Karen is the right expert to accelerate your results.

Step 1

We will begin with an informal call where I discover more about you, the issues you’re facing and what you’re looking for. I will explain how I work as no one individual or couple are alike.  My proven, tried and tested approach works.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Relationship Coach – Karen Marshall

With over a 90% client success rate you will transform your results if you are a driven business woman, have been single or divorced a while. Or, you are considering separation and want to save, strength or rebuild your relationship. 

What makes Karen Marshall unique, she is highly qualified and has personally walked her talk with 20-years experience to successfully achieve the results in her life and extraordinary relationship. She understands what works and doesn’t in love.  She is truly the right Relationship Coach and qualified professional Relationship Expert to work with if you want to transform your heart and life, and learn how to apply your relationship transforming toolkit.

More about Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall at Love Coaching You works with mostly women, who value their personal growth who love learning.   She offers a rare combination, her personal experience and highly-skilled qualifications.  Here training programmes and knowledge is a refreshing and powerful.  Additional client success stories and testimonials speak for themselves, you may like to read upon request from clients who have given their permission (also wish to protect their privacy).

“When I ended my first 11-year relationship I was expecting to find someone very quickly to make me happy. When another significant relationship painfully ended, I was the victim of a broken relationship my partner ended when I was 33. It was the catalyst relationship that reshaped my future. I went onto study and research over the next 7 years the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them.  I didn’t want to waste my time with the wrong men. Determined to attract my soulmate, lover and best friend, and a more loving and rewarding relationship that worked, today I am married to Dave my Mr Extraordinary the most rewarding and loving relationship of my life.  

Achieving incredible results in my life I am the right expert to accelerate your incredible relationship results to become the Best You and the Best Partner you can be.  Today I work with clients privately or in group workshops how to Recognise, Attract and Find your Mr Extraordinary more loving and thriving relationship. 

Working with the top industry experts, coaches and mentors, I have invested over 40K in my education and professional expertise to accelerate your results.  I understand what works and doesn’t.

Step 2

We will arrange an initial Discovery Session over Zoom, or in person, from my clinic in Wokingham (subject to the Covid guidelines). 

I will personalise your session with invaluable relationship insights every woman needs to understand to immediately transform your awareness.  You will immediately apply what you have learned with a new and empowering perspective. 

Step 3

I will guide you towards the most suitable programme right for you individually to personally work with me.  Or, an opportunity to work with likeminded women, an equally powerful experience (learning together through your shared experience).  

Working over Zoom is ideal for the service I provide, either 1-2-1, or as a group to transform your heart and life, with the right toolkit for you.

I also offer a premium “at home” service for clients requiring greater discretion (on hold until Covid-19 guidelines permit).

Working internationally with many overseas clients, I can help you regardless of your location.  

What help do you need right now?

Single or Divorced a while?

Are you successful in business but failing in love?  If you don’t want to waste any more time getting it wrong.  Are fearful deep down of being hurt again.  Or you have had enough living alone, or your children are growing up fast.  It’s time to fast-track your heart towards a new direction, well in advance of dating to attract someone in your future who is extraordinary or unlike anyone you have dated before.

If you’ve been struggling far too long, why wait any longer?  Are you ready to discover the secrets to attract and find your most extraordinary relationship for it to thrive and survive?  Now is the perfect time to reset your compass in the right direction – before you feel ready to date.  Prepare yourself in advance.

Considering Separation?

An empowering professional coaching alternative to Relate Counselling (if counselling or therapy is not for you). Or counselling has not previously worked for you.  Before you make the biggest decision of your life get the clarity and informed insight on how to save or rebuild your relationship before it’s too late.   For the sake of your relationship or children, overcome your obstacles immediately with solutions you will receive working with Karen.  Berkshire Family Lawyers refer their clients who want solutions, that Relate doesn’t offer.   

Jane a Family Divorce Lawyer wanted my help to strengthen her personal relationship with her husand.  They had both received 6 counselling sessions that offered no solutions.  

“Both of us didn’t know what to expect from our session with Karen.  Karen had a very good insight into our personality styles. I liked the fact that we did not talk about each other’s flaws. We are doing much better now more so than I expected.  I can now see why many couples go wrong using just counselling.  I would personally highly recommend Karen’s Discovery Session if you want to save or strengthen your relationship.”


Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach


Going through a divorce?

You may be an intelligent, socially skilled and successful business professional.  If you are looking for the right relationship coach to help you take back control of your feelings and your life.  For a proven, tried and tested alternative to Relate or therapy, I am already receiving referrals from a number of divorce lawyers in Newbury, Windsor, Oxford and Slough who understand there is a need for my unique coaching approach.  There is nothing like it on the market – a relationship toolkit everyone needs to know.  To find out more, please book your FREE call today.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Emotionally Stuck?

If you are struggling and going through a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.   If you are feeling emotionally exhausted, anxious, heartbroken, depressed or stuck in a thick fog and trying to keep afloat, let me help you to regain your happiness to help you heal your heart and life.  Working as a Relationship Coach I am qualified in 5 modalities to help you emotionally, mentally and physically as a Well-being Expert. Would you love to accelerate your mental and emotional wellbeing to feel the like you again?  Would you love to take back control of your happiness to become the Best YOU?

With new awareness skills, you will bounce back so much quicker from stress and anxiety on a daily basis, also navigate and overcome your emotions more easily, feel happier and more resilient to work through any challenge ahead of you.

Living together, engaged or getting married?

Falling in love and the honeymoon period is a magical time in any new relationship.  Get 20 years of secrets how to buid your happy ever after while you are already in love? I meet so many lovely couples who come to me when resentment builds up, communication breaks down and they are having relationship problems.   To understand how to effectively deal with conflict to bring love back into flow quickly, avoid intimacy problems and express your deeper needs, is key for any successful relatonship to work.  What would be more valuable? The ultimate wedding gift or experience?  Or the ultimate relationship toolkit to support you both together?  Book your FREE 20-30 minute call here.


The Law of Attraction

To attract and recognise the right partner, the magical law of attraction is not enough on its own. You also need to gain the vital relationship skills, understand how you are naturally wired and approach conflict to bring love and communication back into flow – the critical skills for relationship survival.  Learning about yourself, how you tick to become the best version of yourself, will also help you to become the best partner you can be to also understand someone new or a current partner.

Client Success Stories

Vanessa (Bucks) 5 months on after working with Karen “We are now building a bright future and our first home together. Thank you Karen, I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough.” Vanessa married the love of her life in May 2019.

Jo (London) – Attended Karen’s Best You and Relationship Group programme – has now met the best relationship of her life making plans she never thought to be possible!   “I was attracting the wrong relationships.  Something fundamental had to change. I thought this would be a good course, but this is an incredibly valuable course. It was just what I needed.”

Andrew (Cotswold) “I had the fortune to connect with Karen last year after receiving a blow from my, then partner in deciding to end our marriage of the last ten years. Karen’s support as a relationship coach through this period of uncertainty and the process of self-development on the subsequent journey out of the other end has been invaluable. I would not hesitate in strongly recommending working with Karen to help find your best self. ”