Your 5 Step Inner Beauty Makeover

10 Minute Questionnaire

Your 5 Step Inner Beauty Makeover

To find out what obstacles are holding you back from the relationship you truly deserve!


Perhaps, the above question sounds rather strange, a bit way out there, or intrigues you to find out more about your energy and what it really means.  Well, your energy and the way you think are both linked if you’re still looking to attract your Mr Right you would love to settle down with and build a more loving relationship that will thrive.  If you are already in a relationship, you will discover some valuable insight about yourself too.

Imagine, if you were given the right answers and toolkit how to find a high-quality partner, your soulmate, lover and best friend, someone extraordinary who was so aligned with you who is unlike any other man you have met before.  Or you will understand if you and your partner have the potential to rebuild or save your relationship.

Imagine, if you could transform your life from where you are now, to where you want to be, and so much faster than you could on your own.  If you could find your missing ingredient and accelerate your heart and life in a way you never thought would be possible, what would that dream mean to you if it came true?  If you want to avoid repeating the same relationship mistakes now and in your future, let me inspire you today to do something different if you want different results in your life.

Possibly, you have been hurt too many times, had your heart broken, and reached a point in your life you have had enough of the dating game and simply want to settle down with someone you love and with a partner who feels the same way.  Perhaps, you’re single, have been divorced a while, or the clock is ticking to settle down and have a family, you may be widowed and you're ready to meet someone new. Or you’re in a relationship you are now questioning whether it is right, but you want to save and rebuild what you have together if it is not too late.

By answering the following 5 questions you will begin to consider and think about the obstacles holding you back you may not even be aware of right now. More importantly, you will discover what area of your relationship-development you may like to explore and improve. Once you have your 5 answers a FREE 14 Day Online Relationship Success Coaching Progamme  will super-accelerate your next steps.

Why Karen Marshall - Qualified Relationship and Well-being Expert?

After I ended my 11 years relationship. Over the next 13 years of my adult life, I considered myself single because I had not found my Mr Extraorindary. I made a lot of mistakes looking for love in the wrong direction, expecting Prince Charming to turn up. I carried on waiting for him, dating, having a few short-term romances with guys for 3 or 6 months, had a few longer-term relationships but they still didn’t last beyond 2 years.  I experienced long periods of time being single and living alone and feeling lonely. Does any of this sound familiar? I could still not find the connection I had experienced in my first 11-year relationship.  I always believed that one day the right man would make me happy and we would live happily ever after just like the fairy tale us so I waited for him to find me.

Prince Charming is often the fairy tale most women refer to. After all, we hear about him in the movies, on TV in the fairytale books we have grown up reading, so he must be true! I am sorry to burst your bubble, but Prince Charming doesn’t exist because if you keep waiting for him, you will keep getting the same results in your relationships (I know so).  Instead, let me help you to create your fairytale.

This will only happen when you decide to take responsibility and accountability for the type of man and relationship you want in your life. You need to put in the training first, to learn how to become the best version of yourself you can be. Do you remember when you started to drive or learn a new dance class, it was something you had to practice?  You invested your time and energy to learn to drive because a car will make your life much easier.   Repeating any new routine like driving or dancing, with practice, it soon becomes automatic.  It’s the same with your relationship. When you learn new relationship skills, practice them to improve your self-awareness, you will become well equipped at how to Recognise, Attract, Find, and Build a much stronger more loving relationship that will thrive.  If you have invested time to learn some unique skills they will also become automatic.

Unfortunately, we are ALWAYS motivated by pain.  It’s the determining factor for you to make any change in your life.

It happened to me when my second significant relationship painfully ended.  I was heartbroken, but it was my pain that motivated me over the next 7 years to research and study the relationships mistakes we make and why we make them.  I was determined to meet my Mr Extraorindary a high-quality man who wasn't going to let me go. I immersed myself in self-development, studying as much as I could on the subject, learning about psychology, men and women’s deeper needs, relationships and how we communicate. I attended as many courses as I could, to help me find the knowledge to attract my very own Mr Extraordinary who I wanted to share a more loving, more deeply connected and adventurous life with.

Today, I have invested over £40K in my own personal education over the last 10 years.  I am not telling you to impress you, but to impress upon that what I have learned has become my passion and the reason to help women just like YOU.  I want to make a difference to accelerate your next steps to find your special someone, your soulmate, lover and best friend, your Mr Right.  Have you heard of the film Pay it forward?  It was a film that really inspired me to do what I am doing to fill more hearts and lives to find the love you truly deserve!

I now understand WHAT DOES and DOESN’T work FINDING love and how to BUILD a more successful relationship that can work. Putting all the pieces of the self-development puzzle together that took me 20 years to figure out, adding all the ingredients together, I discovered gold dust I now want to share with you too so you don't waste your time or life making the same mistakes most women or couples make.

Applying what I learned as I walked my talk, I experienced incredibly different results with men I dated and I didn’t waste my time meeting the wrong men. I discovered a new formula of thinking, connecting the power of the mind, body and energy that super-accelerated my experience to attract the right man to me. It was my biggest motivator and the reason I  retrain to become a professionally accredited relationship life coach, relationship expert. qualified health and well-being Practitioner (combining 5 interventions) I now combine into a unique 4 step methodology.  I have witnessed incredible results with clients I have worked with over the last 5 years - to understand how our thinking and energy, truly impacts our life, our relationship and health in so many ways.  Now I want to share these secrets with you on your relationship journey.

Remember, it’s easy to meet a lot of special guys, but someone should be extraordinary if you want to share your life and dreams with them, or share your family too, particularly if you have children of your own.

To meet someone extraordinary, you also need to become extraordinary, if you are ready and willing to put in the training to develop yourself and are determined the achieve your dream.  To run a marathon, you practice running.   To become a singer, you sing, to become fitter you change your fitness and eating habits.  To find the right partner, the first step is to change your subconscious and conscious thinking.  Or be warned, if you are not aware of your wiring, your limiting beliefs, your core beliefs, how you communicate you are likely to attract someone similar to your previous relationship (most people are unaware of doing).  Without any awareness, you are likely to repeat the same mistakes subconsciously!

This is important for you to take note.  What I have learned that's extremely valuable.  You will only attract men into your life, who will mirror the way you think, what you believe to be true about yourself, men and relationships.

If you don’t do anything different, you will most certainly keep attracting similar men and get the same results.  Is it time you revisit the way you think, communicate and express yourself during conflict? Or you will continue to carry any negative experiences or wounds inside into your dating journey and next relationship.  It's also possible you could sabotage a potential new relationship that could otherwise be amazing.

So let's get you started and spend the next 5 minutes on your 5 Step Inner Beauty Makeover for you to discover what you need to start working on NEXT to lead you in the right direction.


Q u e s t i o n n a i r e

Welcome to your self-discovery experience, to help you understand where you and your energy is right now at this point in your life.  If you are looking to find Mr Right, this short questionnaire will raise your awareness as to which area of YOUR mindset you need to starting training differently.

Each question you complete, the number you score, will help you identify how you perceive yourself and what energy you are giving out to others.

Before you answer each question, take time to read through each section before you give yourself a score out of 10.  The score you note down will reflect where you are RIGHT NOW.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Go with your first thought and don’t over think each question. Simply write down the score that instinctively comes into your head.  For e.g. (Zero = Not achieved) up to (10 = absolutely achieved 10/10).  Here are the topics you will explore.

  1. Your beauty outside
  2. Your beauty inside
  3. What does your energy say to men?
  4. What part did/do you play in your relationship?
  5. Do you know the secret of keeping love alive?


1. Your Beauty outside

When was the last time you felt fantastic about yourself, perhaps you were at work the other day, attended a special occasion recently or went out socialising with a friend.  Your hair and makeup looked lovely, you felt amazing outside and were buzzing inside because you felt so good and confident about yourself and the way you looked. You noticed other women or men looking at you, some commented on your look, they love what you’re wearing, or say how well you look. When you take the time to look after your appearance, you automatically feel great inside. You also feel more positive about life, energised, optimistic, more productive and alive!  We cannot feel like this all the time, but looking good certainly helps.

Every human being loves to be desired, feel attractive and receive attention from the opposite sex.  To feel desired by a man, you need to feel confident about your own body image, and the way you feel about yourself on the inside.  After all, beauty is only skin deep.

You never know where or when you will meet Mr Right, so take care of your appearance and what it may say to a man when it matters.  Or you may miss an opportunity when you want to make the right impression.  A man will be equally attracted to any number of women physically who do take care of their appearance.  Regardless of your age or body shape, your own individual beauty will shine out to the man that’s right for you, when you make the effort with yourself first.

It’s also important to consider what signals you are giving out to a man with the way you look. Do you crave male attention, and dress to impress?  Leave little to the imagination and get the wrong attention from men who might only want one thing? Or do you think about how you would like your man to dress and look?  Then I would suggest you dress in a similar style to the man you want to attract. Feminine, elegantly fashionable, and with flair or style that will reflect your personality.   Majority of men are looking for the softer side of who they are, so express your feminine style.

My best advice is to become the person you want to meet.  If you want a man who looks after his appearance, his grooming, who lives a healthy lifestyle, then look after your appearance, grooming and take care of your healthy lifestyle. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Learn to love yourself for the person you are inside and outside and your appearance and body too!

Possibly you need to start, also thinking about your health? Or improving your body image, your grooming, hairstyle, your fitness if each one is important to you!

When you get clear about the man you want to meet, become that person (I can show you how) you will attract the right man to you!  Remember, become the person you want to meet.

Q1. On an average day, how would you rate your personal grooming efforts when you go to work/or out socialising?

(Zero = No effort ) up to (10= you always look your best)

Your Score……………………


2. Your INNER Beauty

Your inner beauty complements and radiates your personal energy and sex appeal.  Chemistry and energy can only be felt with someone else, so it’s important for you to shine inside, to radiate your beauty outside if you want to attract the right man, especially if you are looking for Mr Extraordinary.

Attraction is not just about your looks and chemistry, the clothes you wear, the car you drive or the lifestyle you have.  Understanding where your inner beauty is right now will certainly help you identify which part of yourself inside, may need retraining for you to become the better version of yourself, to shine even brighter and more radiantly like a beacon of light.

Imagine if you met a really fun, smart and loving guy (or the right guy for you), and you already had the relationship skills to recognise he was either right or wrong for you.  You also knew exactly how to build a healthy and more rewarding relationship from the start. With the right communication awareness about yourself and the understanding of how to satisfy a man's deeper needs (his natural wiring) when you do this, he will only want to keep coming back.  If you want to avoid getting hurt or having your heart broken again, it is not as simple to just focus on your negative thoughts. When you take time to combine the knowledge, insight and wisdom I share over a 4 step approach, you will discover how to recognise and attract someone very different, also understand how to build the most rewarding, loving relationship of your life. with the right insight and expert by your side (who has achieved the results you want in your life).

When your inner beauty certainly radiates out, it’s your personal energy business card men will read.  It will showcase your personality, what your attitude or approach to life says about you.  What you think and feel about yourself sends out an energy frequency others can easily read, particularly men.

Perhaps you already know those people around you at work or people you mix with and meet, walking down the street, that exude attractive energy about them.  You also notice when someone is happy and confident when they walk into a room.  Yes or no?  Looking from the outside, you can easily notice if someone is in a good place mentally or emotionally, happy or sad, by their facial expression and body language which speaks volumes.  You are also reading their energy.  This is the same energy a man will instinctively pick up if your inner beauty isn’t radiating as you would like it too if you are feeling down, unhappy or sad.  If you enter a relationship at this point, he will reflect your similar energy (without being aware of it). Remember, like attracts like. When you feel happy your energy is high, or when you have an off day, your energy feels much lower.  So, would you agree there is an energy that matches your feelings and how you feel about yourself? Yes or no?

Possibly, right now, you may need to start overcoming some obstacles, you are not aware of, that are likely to be holding you back from being the best version of you on the inside.

Many confident business women show outer confidence at work and to men, but we also wear a mask to protect themselves and could feel very differently about inside they don’t show to others.  So, it’s important to love yourself and discover how to build a much stronger relationship with YOU first.  Are you wearing a mask at work to cover over your deeper feelings?

Pain, unhappiness or sadness are all symptoms telling you something is wrong that you need to address or give attention to, but can easily be ignored if the pain you experience feels strangely familiar.  Would you take immediate action, if your neck was hurting, or you cut yourself?  You would most probably get help to stop the pain and certainly see a doctor or expert in the field you need help.  If you’re NOT living the life you want or finding your Mr Right, and you feel lonely or sad, or it’s hard to keep going living alone without the support from the right man in your life, then look at your symptoms.  What are your emotions telling you? Is it time to try a new direction, and learn new relationship skills to accelerate your results over just 2 days!

With some relationship skills training, you will get the results you want more quickly with the help of the right relationship coach.  If you want to change your disempowering thoughts into empowering feelings, it may be the right time to explore where you can improve your relationship awareness  (it's the glue to recognise, attract and build the healthy and most rewarding relationship you truly deserve).

You will firstly need to start building the right foundations to build a much stronger relationship. When you have your foundations in place, you can then begin to build and design the right house or the relationship you want.

If you are feeling the painful emotions and symptoms in your body, it can often feel uncomfortable when you move outside your comfort zone and do something you are unfamiliar with.   If fear or pain is strangely familiar to you, it may feel strange when you start a new behaviour.  It can feel clunky, uncoordinated and hard to begin any new transformation journey.  Remember, what if felt like when you learned to drive or perhaps started a new hobby or class. It was difficult, to begin with. With some practice, it soon becomes automatic, you do it without thinking. You have now stimulated your brain to rewire itself, creating a new behaviour pattern which soon becomes a new automatic habit.  Similarly, you can also rewire your relationship habits when you take responsibility to understand them with my help.  I have not only walked my talk, to understand what does and doesn't work in building a healthy relationship, but I have also achieved the results in my own life, finding and building my extraordinary relationship. Remember it starts with you!

If you are ready to radiate your true inner beauty and your energy is waiting to flower, it's time to stop wasting your life and take a new approach today if what you are doing so far isn't working.  As you practice and retrain your thinking, understand your patterns and refocus your beliefs into the thoughts you do want, your brain starts to refer to healthier new thought patterns. You will approach dating very differently.  Your energy will shift as you make more positive choices that will take you another step closer to the man you DO want to meet.  You will then more easily attract a new type of guy, who reflects your renewed energy and a new way of thinking.  Your energy frequency changes and you will become more open and your inner beauty will radiate outwards to the right man.

Do you think you will attract your RIGHT Mr Right for example if you were marking yourself and your inner beauty a 4, 5, or 6, out of 10?  Imagine if you could improve the way you feel about yourself, improve your relationship skills, and could feel an 8 or 9 out of 10 (being the best version of yourself). Imagine what type of guy you would attract then if your personal number is now much higher?

Q2. How alone do you feel inside, WITHOUT Mr Right or the love and happiness you deserve? On this scale, what number would you give yourself (0 = sad) up to (10 very happy)?

Your Score …………………


3. What does your energy say to men?

Women have now evolved through history living more independently building careers, with more financial freedom than before.  It’s now much harder for a man to understand his role if he no longer needs to be the provider, hunter-gatherer or protector if more women are providing for themselves and are successful.

As a career woman, or super mum entrepreneur, you may have become conditioned at work or in your life to behave more like a man because you are building your career, you already pay the bills and mortgage, and you continue to support yourself financially.  If you are single mum surviving, you might also tap into your male energy, that gives you the strength to keep moving forward.

More women, working in managerial or senior roles, or simply trying to survive in a man’s world, are now communicating in a more masculine manner.  You may not even be aware of doing this at work or in your life when you communicate with men. Without realising, this is learned masculine behaviour. You may have closed your feminine energy in one area of your life, possibly to be taken more seriously at work, or to become a stronger role model to others around you.

Both masculine and feminine energy co-exists in both men and women, but unfortunately, you may also be diluting your most intimate and loving relationships.  You could be bringing too much masculine energy into your romantic relationship, whether your dating someone new or building a new relationship.  Possibly, you don’t even realise how you are impacting men around you.

Do you scare men off because you are overly confident, too assertive and possibly emasculate men? If it is your job to be the boss or delegate at work or in an area of your life, do you continue to take your masculine behaviour into your personal relationships and intimidate men you want to be feminine with?

Q3. How masculine are you with a new man you are dating or building a new relationship with?  (zero – very masculine) or (10 very feminine).

Your Score ……………..

4. What part did you play in your relationship?

When two people come together from different backgrounds, education, religious beliefs and a lifetime of experiences, a man or woman will inevitably take a different approach to love.  How you receive and show love will also differ. Women are also naturally wired very different to men and are conditioned to express their emotions more openly than a man.  With so many differences and background considerations that can get in the way of building a loving and happy relationship, it’s important to understand our differences and how we give and receive love to build a more loving relationship for it to work and survive.

If a man or woman’s deeper needs are not being met mentally, or emotionally, then passion between the sheets will stop love flowing sexually unless you know how to rekindle your loving feelings and bring love back into flow once more.

How you communicate is key, how you show love and communicate your needs will also keep love flowing.  If, however, you are unable to communicate your needs in a clear and loving way, you can sabotage your relationships before they begin.  You will inevitably cross emotional boundaries in any new relationship.  It’s how you communicate (when you understand your wiring) that will determine the success of your relationship for it to work or not.

If you have some regrets from your past relationships. Have you ever thought about what your part was in your previous relationship breakdown, why it stopped working and the way you communicated with your partner?

If you have been widowed, or starting over again perhaps you need to refresh your relationship skills, or your current relationship may need a recharge. Or, if you now want a healthier and more successful relationship that works, it could be the perfect time to explore your deeper needs and get clear about your values.

Possibly, if you were the victim in your relationship or trust was broken, its key to work on yourself, spend time healing your heart and mind in advance of meeting another man or partner.  Using this period of time focusing on YOU, what you need to do to overcome any obstacles that could hold you back e.g. a fear of being hurt could sabotage any new potential relationship unless you revisit the negative beliefs you could hold onto.  Use your healing space and time to nurture yourself.  The 4 step approach will give you all the strategies you need, over just 2 days for you to start working on your new approach (to prepare you when Mr Right turns up in your life).

This lesson is something you really need to get clear about.  To attract a different kind of guy, e.g. More trusting, loyal, honest etc., you need to revisit ‘what’s important to you’ in your life. Remember, how you communicate will accelerate or repel any new relationship for it to work or not.  If you have been living alone for a number of years, surely would you love to find the next right partner and not simply hook the next duck you find chemistry with (especially if you have not dated in a while or even noticed someone you are remotely attracted to)?

Ask yourself honestly.  Do you communicate calmly in an adult manner during a conflict?  Or do you scream and shout during a disagreement or even pass blame to your partner and make them wrong?  It is never your fault. Or do you take responsibility for your emotions and the way you feel?  A man will certainly press your buttons (not because he is aware of doing it).  When you take responsibility to learn about your personal wiring, learn about your buttons (what aggravates or upsets you).  Then guess what, how you respond and react will transform too (the secrets to building a much stronger relationship that will thrive and survive).

Q4. How did/do you communicate in your MOST RECENT/current relationship during a conflict? (Zero = communicate calmly) up to (10 = scream at your partner). What number are you?

Your Score ……………..


5. How to keep love alive?

Possibly by now, you have reached a point in your 30’s, 40’s, or your 50 plus and you have a wealth of relationship experiences, maybe you have felt the heartache and upset of a relationship breakdown, or you’re divorced, widowed, or a relationship ended that started with good intentions.  Consequently, you have now built up a picture and experience about men and relationships, negatively and positively and how men respond and react to you.

If you’re dating, having fun enjoy yourself and have fun.  But you will also naturally reach a point on your journey when you are fed or exhausted of the dating game, or relationships that keep ending, especially if you don’t understand how to satisfy a man’s deeper needs. Or perhaps you recognise that you’re wasting your time and life meeting the wrong men.  If you have had enough pain would you now love the answers to keep love alive, beyond chemistry and sex?  Do you already know how to build a much stronger relationship that could work? Yes or no?

Maybe you are still healing from a relationship breakdown, or you might be happy where you are right now in your life if you feel remotely uninterested or any rush to meet another man.  This period of time is absolutely the right time to point your focus on becoming a better version of you, to start your relationship skills training while you are healing your wounds.  You will feel so much more empowered with a new awareness and will certainly transform your mindset and energy in advance.  When you are ready, the perfect guy or date will jump out to you!

Remember, before you run any race, you start training for it.  It’s the same with your relationship.  When you start your training in readiness for your next race (your new relationship) it will become so much easier to get the right ingredients that build a stronger relationship for it to thrive.  You will then achieve different results with men and recognise the most loving relationship of your life, you have not experienced before!

Let’s also touch on the magical word ‘chemistry’.  If you have experienced chemistry and attraction for someone and how it makes you feel, you become unstoppable, feel alive and nothing will phase you. Finding chemistry and someone extraordinary is a magical place to be.  It’s a force filled with sexual tension and it pulls you together.  You feel it when you’re flirting or dating because the chemistry feels so right. When you decide to start a relationship, this energy continues into the honeymoon period.  You just want to be with each other. It can last up to 2 years or beyond.  But be warned.  Over this period you will also be wearing rose-tinted glasses and are likely to overlook any faults or obstacles, even if you are aware of them.  Being in love with someone's gorgeous looks, how he makes you feel, the lust, passion, pleasure, intimacy and lots of sex, will completely override any irritation, or resentment, that could pull you apart later down the road - if you don’t understand what’s important to you about the relationship you want, or what type of guy you really want to attract to you, you will make the same mistakes again!  Understanding the 4 steps you will take a new approach, I promise!

What if, you were given a toolbox to help you recognise the right partner, and create the relationship you wanted that would be even more aligned with your values and deeper needs. You would attract someone unlike you have met before!  You will also immediately recognise the right man or potential partner when you meet him. Mr Right will jump out at you.

When you learn to recognise your special someone before you enter any honeymoon period, that could leave you heartbroken, alone or single again, I would urge you to take some relationship training before you start seriously dating or looking for your next relationship.  If you are in a relationship and want to strengthen what you have, taking your relationship MOT individually or as a couple will help you truly re-discover What’s important to YOU both!

Now imagine, you have unexpectedly met your Mr Extraordinary. You immediately recognise what's important to you beyond chemistry.  He is aligned with you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially. Very quickly you can easily identify his communication style, whether he is naturally wired to build a much stronger relationship with you.  You also understand how to bring love back into the flow so much more quickly. Would you then realise what an invaluable investment you have made in your relationship MOT and training you easily completed (over 2 days of your life).  What price would you pay, if you could find your Mr Extraordinary and the longer-term or lasting relationship you would love to share your life with?  Would this knowledge be priceless?

Q5. How skilled are you (based on the knowledge and tools you have already), to build a happier and more fulfilling relationship that works?  Put sex to one side when you answer this question.

(Zero = no tools just your experience of men so far) up to (10 = you have a great understanding of a man’s needs to build a stronger relationship that works).   Be honest with yourself!

Your Score ………………….



Write your answers below.  Then make a note of your lowest score.  Do you need to look at this area of your life first?

Q 1.    Your beauty outside                                                             

Q 2.    Your Inner Beauty                                                                                

Q 3.    What does your energy say to men?

Q 4.    What part did you play in your relationship?

Q 5.    How to keep love alive?

TOTAL                                                                                                                       / 50  


What the Scores Mean

< 10                      You need some help. The good news is there is at least something to build on

11 – 20                 Good start – if you’d like to retune your love life read on.

30                          Some real quick wins can help you – read on.

31 – 40                Excellent score – your love life is clearly on track, if not read on.

41 – 50                Great score – so long as you have been true to yourself.  Want something better?


What Action can you take NEXT……..

What action could you take over the next 1 or 2 weeks, that would take you one step closer to the next number up the scale of the question you have chosen to work on?  How would you record the action you have agreed with yourself you are going to take?  In your diary, your phone, on Outlook?  How committed are you to take this action out of 10?  Is it 9 or 10/10?  If the number you have thought about is any lower, you are unlikely to take action!  Do you really want to meet the man of your dreams?  If you do.  Take ACTION and a step at a time in the direction you want to take your life!

If on the other hand, this questionnaire has inspired you, made you think about what you need to look at FIRST OR NEXT, you may like to EXPLORE a new coaching approach that will super accelerate your love journey.  How to Recognise, Attract and Build Your Extraordinary 4 Step Methodology designed to give you ALL the tools, techniques and strategies that will propel you forward to reach your dream so much faster than you would achieve alone!   

YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE LOOKING RIGHT NOW, or you may not be in the right emotional space for another relationship.  If you are not, this could be the perfect opportunity and time to learn new relationship skills to prepare you FOR THE LIFE AND PARTNER you truly deserve!

If you are driven and motivated and want to fast-track your results, you want in your life, are prepared to put in the effort, and ready and willing to make a change in your life, happy to focus on your self-development, I can show you the roadmap and 4 step approach to get you where you want to be in your life and heart so MUCH FASTER!  If you don’t want any more pain, only want love and happiness with the right man, then read on.  Are you prepared to do what it takes?


Then you will:

  • Discover what’s important to you
  • Discover what you really need to know about yourself
  • Learn valuable insight to accelerate your experience with men
  • Discover how to attract Mr Right your special someone you would love to settle down and build a future with when you are ready to start dating.
  • If you’re dating, are maybe you are completely uninterested in meeting men right now, now is the perfect time to start your training.
  • Learning to understand your deeper needs will help you to better undertand your partners needs to build a much stronger connection and relationship that will thrive.
  • You’ll date with a new awareness to quickly recognise the wrong men and the right one who will jump out to you
  • You’ll deal with conflict in a more loving and nurturing way for love to come back into flow
  • You will also gain a priceless toolkit too if you have recently started a new relationship!  
  • Wow, imagine how your life would change!


To help you 

If you would prefer an exclusive 1-2-1 Relationship coaching experience, you can also learn all the same skills, techniques and strategies over just 2 Days I could arrange personally for you and your busy schedule. You will learn about what DOES WORK from 20 years of my personal relationship experience and transformation journey from being single, living a lonely life, to attracting the most amazing man and lifestyle I never thought would be possible!  I have combined my experience and what does work into a professional coaching programme (combining my 5 interventions) into this programme.

I now live the life I love and love the life I live!

To discover how 4 Step Methodology can help you to recognise, attract, find and build your Mr Extraordinary relationship!

Let's set up an initial 20-minute personal 1-2-1 call or  a more supportive 1 hour Discovery Call to discuss your next steps!  


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Accelerate your life and save time working with the right expert.  You will get to where you want to be so much faster than doing it all by yourself alone. With a expert coach by your side, you will also have someone to be accountable to and you are 7 times more likely to achieve the results you are working towards with the right support.

Some 22 years ago, for my own health reasons, and quest in search of answers to find a cure to my long-term skin condition, I started to research and study the mind and body energy connection.  This knowledge propelled my health and life forward which became the catalyst for transformation to happen.

I discovered when you change your mind your body follows.  I experienced real results myself.  I followed a formula that was working.  Have you heard the saying “Anything is possible when you put your mind to it?” Or, “Where the mind goes, energy follows.” I tapped into the power of my mind and subconscious, which gave me the answers to TAKE the necessary ACTION and ACHIEVED the results I wanted.  You can also transform your life to find the relationship you want!

The results I experienced in my life, blew me away, with my health and relationship I have now attracted into my life.  When I transformed my thinking I also changed my physical health in a way I never thought would be possible. I also now share my life and world with a gorgeous man, my husband Dave.

Perhaps you have overcome a challenge in your life you never thought would be possible to overcome because you changed the way you think?

I became the new ME, outside and inside!  Can you believe it, I healed my skin, without medication, with the power of my mind that changed everything!  Perhaps you would like to change something about the way you feel about yourself?

Once I achieved an 8-9 out of 10 how I felt about myself, I was giving out the right energy, like a finely tuned radio station.  I then used my attraction formula and it worked.  Dave, my Mr Extraordinary didn’t want to let me go!   Would you like to find your Mr Extraordinary who doesn’t want to let you go?


Here is a snippet of how my life significantly changed since meeting Dave.

How, finding Mr Right significantly changed my life

Meeting Dave who arrived in my life 2008, is now my husband I married in February 2014.  He has significantly changed my life quality, encouraged and supported me as I retrained for my new career, I feel much healthier and emotionally happier sharing a more loving and emotionally intimate relationship like never before.  We also share a smarter lifestyle together that has enriched my life in so many ways I could have never imagined.  I have more freedom, live every day with little stress, have so much gratitude, because of the spiritual abundance I am experiencing.  I travel more for pleasure I manage the job I love around Dave’s work schedule.  If I had not met Dave or attracted him to me, I would not be living my dream, the love and happiness we both appreciate.  I do not tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you, anything is possible.

My life has now taken me in a direction with the understanding and knowledge I have to help you achieve your happiness and dreams!

Are you NOW ready to achieve your dreams? Yes or No.