How a Discovery Call will help you | Love Coaching You
Will accelerate your relationship results if you are looking to empower your life working for a qualified expert, a warm and friendly Coach who truly understands your personal challenges. Karen has combined her strategies and techniques, knowledge, insight and wisdom gained over 30 years so you don't have to waste your life making the same mistakes.
Relationship Expert Karen Marshall
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How A Discovery Call Will Accelerate Your Next Steps

How a Discovery Call will help you


It’s a high-value, no obligation one-to-one 60 minute Zoom /Skype call with Karen Marshall


You will receive an opportunity to discuss your personal relationship situation, accelerate your next steps and ask any questions.  As a qualified Relationship Success Coach. Mentor. Relationship Expert and Well-being Practitioner I combine 20 years of experience and knowledge to support you individually.

After our discussion, if you then decide how I work will accelerate your outcome I will run through the next step options right for you.  Offering you my expertise and massive value on this call, it is a no obligation RISK-FREE call.

This call is for you if you been hurt already too many times, have felt rejected or you are confused about what to do next.  To get your relationship life handled, if one of the following people sounds like you, let’s get you booked onto a call right now?

  • You may be starting a new relationship, living with a partner, or married and you want to strengthen or re-ignite your relationship?

  • Perhaps you want to know you are with the right partner who will be there by your side through the ups and downs of life?

  • May be you are fed up feeling lonely or alone? You want the confidence to find your Mr or Mrs Extraordinay who is aligned with you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

  • Perhaps you’ve been arguing too much, your sexlife is affected and you want immediate informed answers:

  • a) before it’s too late.

  • b) or before you make the biggest decision of your life to separate (for the sake of your family)?

  • Perhaps Relate Counselling is not for you, didn’t help you, or you don’t want therapy right now?

  • My unique relationship toolkit I personalise for each clients I work with will super-accelerate your happiness and results in the right direction. What you discover will positively impact your children’s mental and emotional well-being too.

Step 1 – To Book Your Call


To maximise our time together initially I will require £125 (a fully refundable deposit you will receive back at the end of your call so it’s completely RISK-FREE to you).   The call is designed this way for serious enquiries who want to maximise my professional experience, discuss your personal situation with an opportunity to positively accelerate your next steps moving forward.

If you have PayPal you can easily send your refundable deposit to my mobile 07590 221951, or transfer payment to Barclays account 40577979 sort code 20-78-58 to personally secure your booking.

Step 2 –  To Book Your Appointment 


Once you have made your advance deposit payment, click this link to easily book your appointment right now.


Your Call Agenda includes:


  • An opportunity to discuss and review your personal situation
  • What you need to know to transform  your situation.
  • How coaching will accelerate your next steps.
  • How you can fast-track your personal and relationship happiness
  • The most suitable recommendation(s) right for you
  • An outline of my fees working with you 1-2-1 exclusively
  • Karen is absolutely the right expert to work with you, she has personally walked her talk and achieved the relationship results in her life to help you achieve your successful relationships results too.  She understands what works and doen’t work.

  • If you are ready to accelerate your heart, life and happiness to find and build the most successful relationship in your life, book your appointment following the steps below.

Useful Links

  • For Packages  – click the tab link above
  • Blog

When You Decide to Work With Me

If you decide to work with me, I will deduct your discovery call deposit from your preferred program option.  Or you will receive your money back at the end of our call, no questions asked.

Karen’s Credentials

Karen discovered the answers you are looking for over a period of 20 years so you don’t have to waste your time or life making the same mistakes in your relationship and life. She will share the secrets with you in hours instead of years!

Facing and overcoming her own challenges in life, Karen’s journey started over 30 years ago. In her 20’s she overcame depression, also had a skin condition she healed without taking medication discovering how the body can heal itself on a cellular level.  In her 30’s she experienced 2 significant relationships ending. Her first 11 year relationship ended because she thought someone else would make her happy.  She later became the victim in love at the time her mum died unexpectedly. Her second relationship ending was the catalyst that transformed her  life!

Love has been the driving force and the reason Karen lovingly empowers women and men, singles or couples, just like you, working with her as a qualified Relationship Success Coach, Relationship Expert and Well-being Practitioner trained in 5 interventions, you will accelerate your life from where you are now to where you want to be so much faster than you will achieve on your own!

If you are feeling stuck, Karen will fast-track your results if you want the knowledge, insight and wisdom to reset your relationship compass in the right direction. 

Let me also help you to fill your heart and life to find and build your extraordinary relationship!