Single or divorced a while? What would it mean to you this Christmas if could attract Mr Extraordinary?

Christmas isn’t the same if you’re single or have been divorced a while.  You might feel the odd one out or want to escape the magic of Christmas because you are reminded about what is missing in your heart and life!   
Are you missing the one ingredient, the love you truly deserve?  If this resonates, let me give you a special Christmas present today to recognise and attract your Mr Extraordinary in 2022 who is unlike any other man you have met before. 
Possibly, if you have children and they are spending this year with your ex.  Or they are growing up fast and prefer seeing their friends, leaving you feeling redundant or lonely.
Imagine for one minute.  Next Christmas you are in love and absolutely recognise the partner you are with, is the love of your life!  You have met a man who is so aligned with you mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.  You love everything about him, his imperfections too!
When you met this man, you had learned in advance how to recognise that he was naturally wired and capable of communicating with you to satisfy your deeper emotional needs (the glue that holds love together). You recognised his communication style that he was the right type of man who can build a healthy thriving relationship with you. He makes you feel secure and is steady your side through the ups and downs of life.  You quickly recognised your man, because you invested time learning the priceless communication skills, to recognise, attract and build your extraordinary relationship, in advance of dating him, to get it right in love next time!
  • For your Christmas present today, sign up for the  FREE 14 day access to How to Recognise Your Mr Extraordinary  to prepare you with the priceless insights and easy coaching exercises, in advance of dating. Accelerate your heart in the right direction.  This knowledge took me 20 years to get right so you don’t have too.  Invest your time over a few hours to avoid making the same mistakes, if you no longer want second best and want to find extraordinary.

Single or divorced a while? What would it mean to you this Christmas if could attract Mr Extraordinary?

Every woman needs to know how to get it right in love.  Or you will repeat the same relationship mistakes (you don’t realise you are doing). When you do meet someone you really like, you are more likely to repeat your same relationship history, especially if you have been hurt too many times.  Don’t risk making the same mistakes!  
What price would you pay if you could meet the man of your dreams?
Wishing you a merry, joyful and heart filled Christmas and loving 2022!
With love and blessing!
Karen Marshall x



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