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Love Coaching Programs

What’s coming up in 2019…..

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Which Love Coaching Program is right for you?

If you consider yourself a driven and successful business woman or super mum entrepreneur looking for a more rewarding, happier and loving relationship, how to positively manage your emotions, shift your awareness and accelerate your results to recognise and attract your Mr Right, your lover, soulmate, best friend and a relationship that will thrive and survive.

Karen Marshall, Love coach of Love Coaching You in Berkshire is passionate about coaching people to live authentically and get the most out of life and is gifted at getting to the heart of the issue, quickly and sensitively.

With many years and decades of working with hundreds of helping clients following years of recently divorced and single couples means “Love Coaching You” has a myriad of practical solutions for the problems people face in their relationships and day to day lives.

Our very own coach, Karen Marshall has her own experience of relationship therapy and marriage counselling which led her to take a very different approach in her own coaching. This helped her coach her clients to focus on what they want, rather than what doesn’t work, and has trained with world leaders in the field of relationship therapy.


If YOU don’t want to keep falling down the same hole, book your 1-2-1 Discovery Call to find out what’s right for you and your personal needs.

An online course, 1 Day Workshop OR 2 Day Masterclass * listed on the left side page.

You will receive the tools, insight, education and proven coaching techniques and strategies that work.

*To arrange a personal VIP exclusive 2 Day workshop for you, please contact the office.

Or book your 60-minute Discovery Call – click here to find out what next step is right for you.


Karen writes articles for magazines and will attend radio or media interviews. Please get in touch and someone will respond to you asap.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

About Karen Marshall, Relationship Coach

Karen Marshall, a Relationship coach from Berkshire is not afraid to be honest about what she thinks and if that also means being tough or challenging, she will be. Karen is highly skilled at quickly diagnosing what is really happening and supporting her clients, especially those who are recently divorced or separated to move through their limitations, rather than avoiding them. She is not afraid of people’s emotions and encourages her clients to connect with theirs because of the valuable information emotions can have for us and our family.

Karen is committed to her own personal, professional and spiritual development, and she isn’t just a coach, she teaches, challenges, encourages her clients with an insightful, and deeply caring coaching method to help individuals to gain better confidence.

The most rewarding part of what Love Coaching You provides, is when a client reconnects with a heart that had been closed down. Karen Marshall’s clients are amongst her greatest teachers and she feels humbled by the transformations she is privileged to witness in the wonderful and courageous women that she’s worked with.