Considering separation or divorce?


Is an emotive question and will mean something different to everyone especially if you have experienced heartache and relationship breakdown before. It’s also one of the hardest decisions you will make.  So let me give you the informed knowledge, wisdom and coaching  education if any of the following points resonate with you:

  • Deep down you are questioning if you have a future together.
  • You are arguing and don’t understand each other’s point of view or emotional needs.
  • Your feelings have changed. You may feel bored with your daily routine and are considering ending your relationship.
  • Possibly you have a family to consider and potentially could be making the biggest mistake of your life.

To make the right decision to save or rebuild what you have together or separate or divorce if this is the best way forward, don't base your decision on ignorance without seeking expert relationship and coaching support first.

Home truths

My advice speaking to you as a qualified Relationship and Well-being Expert. Life Coach and Mentor.  Also speaking personally from experience I have successfully transformed my relationship journey to know what it takes to build a more loving and rewarding relationship that can work.  It’s important you remember this. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.  It is also highly likely you will repeat the same mistakes and feel the same way in another new relationship unless you shift your perspective.

Seeing your relationship challenges from a new perspective

Let’s take a minute to consider your relationship challenges and how to overcome them. To learn a new skill at work, you would go on a course. To feel fitter, you would practice keeping fit. To learn to drive, you would drive. To run a marathon, you would run.

It’s the same principle in your relationship. To gain new relationship skills you will need to practice them.

If you are, considering separation or divorce right now, the answer to help you is just 4 words - shift your self-awareness.

When you do this, you will positively impact your relationship experience, possibly save and rebuild your relationship.  If couples’ therapy or relate counselling is not for you. decide to accelerate your self-awareness with the priceless empowering knowledge below.

Let me also make your experience super-easy.  Investing only 5 minutes each day will get you started with one quick easy exercise I will talk you through in a moment.

Or immediately sign-up for your FREE 14 Day Online Relationship Success Coaching Program Taster


One human need essential in life is self-growth and self-development.

Without them, you will stay stuck.  If you are studying for a qualification, learning a new hobby, reading books to expand your thinking and mind, you are constantly shifting your self-awareness.

If you want a more loving, deeply connected and fulfilling relationship, let me expand your mind.

Just how self-aware are you right now?

  • How do you communicate at work, or, with your partner during a disagreement? Do you get angry very quickly? Do you easily express the way you feel or think calmly? Or walk away and avoid conflict?  Now imagine the impact of your communication style on your partner.  Without any self-awareness, how you deal with conflict is a huge factor towards your relationship success or failure.
  • Are you self-aware of your deeper emotional needs outside your physical relationship? Do you know why you feel unfulfilled in your relationship?  Do you blame your partner for the problems in your relationship?  Each question makes you think, doesn’t it?
  • One simple exercise will only take you 5 minutes. Decide to observe yourself over one day this week.  Is your thinking more positive or negative? What do you notice about your body, is it more stressed or calm?  The voice in your head - does it talk negatively or positively?  At the end of your day notice what you notice – on the train home, when you’re having a coffee, a shower or before bedtime. What did you notice about yourself?

On a scale of zero up to 10 (10= the highest number) what number would you give your self-awareness?  If it is 7 or below, what can you do differently to increase this number? Let me show you how.

In my quest towards the relationship survival revolution, if you are you considering separation or divorce, you could save or rebuild what you have together before it’s too late:

Firstly, it’s time to take responsibility for the way you think and feel to avoid making the same mistakes (you may not even be aware of).

Secondly, if you have children, when you decide to invest in your self-awareness you will lead your children with a new example. Before you make a life-changing decision based on ignorance, taking a different perspective is the most precious gift you will give your relationship and your children (who are highly likely to suffer from mental health problems going through separation or divorce with you).  So consider your options wisely.

Top 5 Tips to shift your self-awareness (with a Free Gift to help you).

  • When you begin to observe your thoughts and body, it’s the first step to take a new life-changing approach.
  • Spending time to discover your natural wiring, how you communicate at work vs your relationship will give you the priceless knowledge to change your approach with your partner (an ex. or with someone new).
  • When you uncover the reasons why you feel unfulfilled, bored or depressed, it is likely one of your human needs is out of balance. It is not your partner’s fault you feel this way.
  • It is too easy to give up or give in. If you believe someone new will make you happy or fulfilled, then think again.
  • Unless you shift your self-awareness, you are likely to repeat the same mistakes with someone new.

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If you are looking for answers, this is a massive signpost to help and guide you to make the right decision!

With loving wishes

Kare Marshall x



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