Do I Need To Be Coached?

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Would Use A Singles Love Coach

A proven, tried and tested coaching approach that works will fast-track your happiness. 
1. You feel alone and want to understand how you can meet your Mr Right
You feel alone and life is passing you by.

You already have a busy lifestyle, work is demanding, you’re focused on your career and financially independent, are divorced or a single parent with children. You have some great friends, love going out, but notice how your social circle is reducing.

You’re getting older and don’t know how or where to meet your special someone

You keep pushing yourself to try new things, meet new people, attend social events alone or take a plus one if they’re free.

All you want to do, is settle down and share your future with just one person who will love you for being you.

2. Your confidence is rock bottom

You keep asking yourself why are you still single, what have you done wrong when your friends, family, colleagues and everyone around you seems so happy. You feel the odd one out because you are on your own. You would love to meet your special someone because you have so much love to give.

Each relationship you start simply doesn’t have the staying power to continue or last. Do you overlook your own needs and long to find the level of intimacy you haven’t found in a while.


The online programme will give you the techniques and strategies you can apply immediately.

3. You’ve been hurt too many times

You’ve invested your heart, time and emotional energy with the wrong dates and relationships. You’re tired and exhausted of the dating game, no longer want to face any more disappointment, hurt or rejection.

You long to share your life with your special someone, in a rewarding and loving relationship that works.

4. Has your relationship expired?

You have been hanging-on in your relationship too long because you feel scared with the thought of becoming single. You feel alone and emotionally distant, misunderstood or no longer fulfilled being together.

Is it time to find the happiness you want with someone else, review or rescue your situation? Or time to consider the happier future you dream of finding?

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5. You need someone to talk to, an independent expert who understands your challenges

Your friends and family lovingly guide you because they always mean well and want to help you. An impartial expert who understands the obstacles you face, and emotional up’s and down’s of being single, will really help you with effective coaching strategies and practical advice to propel you towards the life you want much faster.

6. Is your biological clock ticking and you want to start a family?

As a woman, your biological clock may be ticking to start a family. You have focused on your career and now in your 30’s you still haven’t met the right partner to settle down and start a family with.

Life simply hasn’t happened the way you expected it would. You want to give love to the right guy but don’t know what to do next to speed the process up.


7. You never expected your relationship to end

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship that ended unexpectedly, can’t see a future without your ex, it may be difficult to believe you will ever be happy again.

It’s important to allow time to heal, to rediscover who you are, and regain the strength you need to mend your heart. As you nurture yourself during this time, coaching is the catalyst that will help you think new thoughts and shift your awareness.

Learning the relationship toolkit in advance of being ready, is the perfect time to prepare you with the knowledge you will need to get to get it right in your future.

Karen Marshall | Relationship Coach - Berkshire

How you will transform your love journey in 5 steps

Step 1: How will I change?
Uncover any limiting patterns that may be holding you back
Explore what a secure relationship looks like
Learn to deal with conflict differently
Step 2 : What do I need to change?
Let go of the past
Face your emotions
Your past will become your strength
Become the best 50% of your loving relationship you want
Step 3: How can I move forward if I feel stuck right now?
Improve your confidence
Learn about what is important for you right now
Reconnect with yourself
Build a new support group
Nurture the 3 stages of the healing process
Learn how to cope better being single
Setting step by step goals will take your forward with a renewed strength
Step 4: How will I know I am ready to find my right partner or perfect match?
Your renewed confidence will make you shine
Harness and accelerate your attraction power in 3 simple steps
Feel amazing and you’ll look amazing
Love yourself for who you are
Step 5 : How will the insights I learn benefit me when I am ready to start dating?
You will instinctively recognise Mr Extraordinary when you meet him
You will immediately notice his naturally communication style can support your deeper emtional needs
You will get your next dating decision right beyond sexual chemistry, shared values and interests.