Dreams come true with the power of two

Eating a picnic breakfast on a beautiful sun kissed Australian Mandurah beach on Christmas morning, certainly made me realise how drab and grey an English Christmas can be without a dusting of snow to make the festive season magical.

It was 8.30am and the sun was blazing hot already, but it was the bright red reindeer hats that caught our attention as a family parked their towels close by.  As we wished each other Merry Christmas I learned the Parker family were from Bolton having emigrated for a better life some 8 months earlier.

This chance encounter was a great reminder for me; how important meeting and choosing your right partner is in your life, when they will undoubtedly shape your future and destiny, rightly or wrongly.

This young couple would have never made such a courageous life choice, or possibly even taken the big leap of faith, if they were not aligned as a couple.  Being part of the power of two, only enriched their life.

This story was similarly parallel to my own experience. For sure I wouldn't have been on such a beautiful beach Christmas Day, if I had not taken steps to understand myself first when I was single. I certainly would have not met Dave without changing my thinking and approach before we met back in 2008.  Now my life has dramatically transformed into my dream and the future I wanted for so many years.  Only because I had become more self-aware, I met someone as amazing as Dave who I am now happily married to, and because I was open to someone with children of his own.

It also goes to prove that the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg knows her stuff about making the right partner choices. Click here if you're a career woman wanting to know more. https://lovecoachingyou.com/857-2/

If time is passing you by, should you continue to devote all your time to your career if you no longer want to keep making the wrong relationship choices? Or, is it time to invest and focus more time and energy finding your right partner first, before the next 5 years disappear, and your still living alone.

When you invest in your own self-worth to find the happiness you seek, the power of two will certainly enrich your heart and life when you get it right. What if, you don't meet Mr Right in the next 5 years?  How will this situation impact your life?  www.Lovecoachingyou.com




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