Could Christmas or Valentines change your life in an extraordinary way?

Christmas and Valentines are key dates in your calendar year when you’re reminded about having a special someone in your life.  It’s a time you undoubtedly become aware of what’s missing in your life if your single or divorced, when you see everyone around you sharing it with a special someone.

Imagine, if you could find someone new, you are not only attracted to, aligned with, you can effectively communicate with, in a more loving and happier relationship that works beyond 2 years: what value would you put on finding this gift?

Taking only 2 days out of your busy lifestyle, you could receive all the education, insight, proven coaching strategies and techniques (and knowledge that’s tried and tested over 20 years to discover what does work). That’s if you’ve reached an age in your life, you are prepared to achieve different results, with a potential new partner. Or you may be thinking right now, you don’t know how to even get to first base and attract the right man into your life.  This programme will certainly help you too.

I am running through this with you now, to give you this most valuable nugget of information first so I don’t waste your time. If this article has already touched or resonated with you, then read on.

How can we help our future generations to build the right relationship

Love is now more disposable as the Y generation shop for it on Tinder, vs the older Baby Boomers in their 40’s/50’s who continue to remain stuck between old and new traditions. As we age and mature, finding true love becomes more competitive with a lower ratio of available men (the hunters) vs women (waiting to be hunted).  An older Mr Extraordinary now has any number of older or younger women to choose from.

For you to stand you to the right man, he needs to recognise you’re a high value woman inside and out.  It’s now even more important for entrepreneurial career women (waiting to be hunted) to get it right if you’re looking for extraordinary instead of second best, instead of another failed relationship.

Or, if life is whizzing by and you’re now in your 50’s plus and you are still waiting to found the right man you are aligned and compatible with. To make a relationship work you need to take a different approach if what you are doing right now it’s working.

I was the typical career woman waiting for Mr Right to turn up

Already focused on my career. At 28 I ended my 11-year first-love relationship, simply because we didn’t understand each other’s deeper needs.  I was also big time naïve and believed another man would make me happier. It’s the mindset we especially follow in our 20s. But life experience has since taught me otherwise.  I in fact became a symptom of society, viewing love as more disposable when I expected to meet Mr Right quite quickly and live happy ever.  How wrong I was! My life certainly didn’t turn out how I expected it to.  Possibly your life hasn’t turned out the way you expected it to either?

The next 13 years of my adult life 28-41, I considered myself an independent single career woman, trying to survive paying the bills and mortgage, surviving emotionally and mentally living alone without the support of the right partner.  I continued dating, having short-term relationships that didn’t last beyond 2 years.  Life became even more stressful doing everything alone because the 3 key reasons why career women are not finding Mr Right, below, didn’t even cross my mind.

If you find yourself in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and over, it can become harder with broken relationships getting in the way of finding your next special relationship if you are ready to settle down.  More obstacles are likely to hold you back e.g. the way you think about men, about relationships, about yourself.  Mr Right could be standing right in front of you, but the way you think could be stopping you.

As a qualified Relationship Transformation Coach, my vision is to become the voice that will transform the RELATIONSHIP SURVIVAL REVOLUTION to help thousands or millions of single or divorced career women (or men) in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s plus. I want to make a difference towards changing societies approach.

If I can help and educate women how they APPROACH FINDING A NEW RELATIONSHIP AND BUILDING ONE THAT WORKS and LASTS, I have done my job.  I work with Executive clients either 1-2-1 who are time poor who want a quick solution or with groups of women. Sharing my knowledge and experience will give an accelerated learning experience, if more women (even men) want to AVOID MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES (they are likely to be unaware of).

The 3 key reasons why career women are not finding Mr Right (rightly or wrongly). 

  1. Today’s modern woman makes their career a priority to simply survive! With social media and society consistently reinforcing the relationship breakdown message*personal security and survival dictates how women are taking control of their own destiny to have a reasonable standard of living without a man. More single super mums have no choice, without the support of an ex-relationship who may have walked away. So, a career is a must have for single women.
  1. Women of course want a career and fulfilment, it’s a human need. This focus unfortunately takes our mind off our goal to find a successful relationship that does work, or how to become a better partner in a more lasting relationship. Society is so fixated on our special someone arriving eventually, we put the least effort possible into FINDING AND BUILDING the most significant relationship in our life. We in fact spend more time and focus maintaining our cars.
  1. The family panic button switches on as we approach our 30’s or 40’s. With no Mr Right to be seen, it’s a time women (or men) easily make wrong relationship choices because having children becomes a biological and social priority. We don’t even think about how to become a better partner, or parent before children arrive. Children then become the bi-product of societies self-fulfilled prophecy of failed relationships. Mixed families are now normal, as we blend a new generation of children from broken or divorced families together.  The next generation will certainly find it an even harder obstacle course to navigate finding love, if we continue making the same mistakes and don’t change our approach.

As a corporate career woman, I followed societies lead, leaving love to chance because the fairy tale tells us one day we will meet our Prince Charming and will live happy ever after. Society believes we will meet our special someone, but the chances of finding happy ever is faster declining.

Your next step……

Today, my personal journey has become my passion - to help women (or men who also want to avoid making the same mistakes), and sharing 20 years of my dating experience and relationship education. Now condensed into a 2 Day Masterclass Programme.   If I can engage more women with my motivational and engaging talks, I dream of changing more lives.  With my qualifications and experience of 5 different therapy interventions of the Mind-Body-Energy connection, my health and well-being experience also supports clients through their journey. What makes me unique, I truly understand how to transform lives much faster than clients can achieve alone.

Why not come along and register to attend a FREE Webinars or a Coaching Taster Events in January/February 2017 to experience some coaching exercises and how the 2 Day programme can help you.   My promise is to transform your approach to FIND, BUILD and NURTURE the most rewarding relationship in your life into the future you dream of finding right now. 

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My Story

I thought I would have my own family, be happily married by my mid 30’s, which in fact turned into a decade of disappointment in love, dating the wrong guys, and relationships that didn’t last beyond 2 years.  During this 10-year period, when I was 33, I decided enough was enough and I took control of my own destiny and future.

One significant relationship that broke me was the catalyst for me to transform my own life. Over 6 years I immersed myself in studying, learning, re-educating myself to BECOME THE BEST PARTNER I COULD BECOME!  I walked my talk, applied what I learned in my life and noticed different results with men.  I was determined Mr Right would not want to let me go when I found him!

Walking onto a beautiful golden beach in the Bahamas, on February 14th 2014 my life changed in an unbelievable way. It was Valentines Day and  my dream had finally came true when I married for the first time in my life. I was 47. It was the most magical day of my life because I had worked so hard to become the best partner I could become for Dave, who is my Mr Extraordinary and has changed my life in an unimaginable way.  I am the original career woman Baby Boomer (without my own children) now married to a divorcee with his own family I am very blessed to share and be part of already over 8 ½ years. My life has significantly changed because I took control to FIND, RECOGNISE, BUILD AND NURTURE a more loving and happier relationship I wanted.

Something needs to change if relationships are going to survive.  Is Christmas or Valentines your reminder to do something different if you don’t want to keep making the same mistakes?

*The Daily Mail 6th Dec 2016 reported from the Office of National Statistics that Marriage and Divorce as it is lowest since 1970’s. Relationships are no longer surviving now we are living together longer and weaker relationships continue to end.

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