Do you feel stress everyday?


Some people strive on stress to feel motivated. When you experience this response, your body feels alive as it prepares for it’s own fight or flight reaction as adrenalin pumps around your body.

Some stress is healthy in smaller doses, but too much will inevitably impact your health if the effects of working long hours, the added pressure to perform and achieve, alongside any emotional challenges life throws at you, will catch up with you. If you ignore the continuing signs, or believe you always deal well with stress, your body will show you the symptoms of your busy lifestyle choices or you will become ill.

Coping with too much pressure

You may lose your vitality and have less energy, become angry more easily, feel mentally or physically exhausted or less able to cope.  If you experience one of the many symptoms of stress; anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, headaches, IBS, depression or any recurrent health conditions may persist if your stress levels remain high.  If you are also dealing with added emotional challenges such as relationship issues or divorce, moving house, financial worries or bereavement,  there’s no simple or quick solution when you find yourself out of balance, or starting to reach your own breaking point if your health and energy is slowing you down.

Unfortunately, most of us always wait until our body or a life changing event happens first before we take steps to make changes in our lives. So should you really wait until your health stops you first, or, is it now the right time to listen to what your body is telling you today?   If you find yourself always chasing your tail, playing catch-up constantly, do you need to ask yourself these two valuable questions:

Are you living to work? Or are you working to live?

For the majority of us, we want to live life to the full and do it all, but one of these questions may define where we are in your life right now.

I reached my breaking point at the age of 39.  For over 10 years I had worked in stressful and demanding roles, worked long hours and had to deal with too much pressure. My body was feeling stressful symptoms every day. I was on the treadmill and exhausted living my life as a single women at 100 m/p/h trying to pay my way and enjoy life to the full.

Now I have sold my house, lowered my financial demands, work for myself, completely re-trained to follow my passion and help others as a Well-being Therapist and Relationship Coach working with single or divorced career women. I am now happily married and share the most rewarding relationship which supported me to completely change my lifestyle.

My life and career has changed significantly over the last 8 years.  Now I am no longer inflicted with the same daily stress and speed of living. I am healthier and happier and share the demands of life with my husband who is amazing and so supportive. Only now can I clearly see the damage I was doing to myself when I thought I was indestructible.

Is it time to find another way?

If you know your health is suffering, is there another way to find a happier and healthier way of living?

Don’t let stress stop you from living a healthier life – you can decide to change anytime. Have a think about the smaller changes you can start on today.  Just take it one step at a time, but most importantly, start living the life you want before your body slows you down.

Here's a few reminders to help you:

  •  How you fuel your body with healthy nutrition, energy foods and good hydration matters even more when your health is suffering.
  • Value, love and support your body. It is a miracle what it does for you.
  • Your body will always talk to you if you listen to it. The signs are there if you feel unwell.
  • Energise and regain your vitality. Put rest time in your diary if necessary. Listen to music, read, go out for a walk in the fresh air, or slow down.
  • Take advantage of well-being treatments at work to relax and re-energise, it’s valuable time out.  Explore and try a different treatment that works for you – Reflexology, Indian Head  Massage or a Full Body Massage. You might be amazed how you feel if you try something new.
  • Take time to exercise or do something different to change your physiology.
  •  Decide what small changes you can think about today.  Is it time to talk to your boss and discuss a solution, consider another role,  or time to review your next steps and priorities?
  • Perhaps consider buying a smaller house, or move to a different location if this helps to improve your finances or lifestyle.
  • Possibly, it's time to change your career if your health and life is suffering from continued stress.
  • Find the right partner, someone who will love you, support and share the happier and healthier life you want. A  rewarding relationship will help you achieve this goal together.
  • A happier relationship is also great for your health, lowering your blood pressure and stress levels.

How to improve your stress levels at work:

  • Communicate with the people you work with. Find ways how to share responsibilities and manage deadlines better.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ when you realistically cannot manage your workload.
  • Get more organised – it helps to clear the clutter.
  • Seek advice. Talk to someone if your health is suffering.
  • It’s your decision. Do you want to live to work, or work to live?

If you're ready to move forward in your life, from where are now, to where you want to be, get in Contact Karen to discuss how Health or Relationship Coaching will help you.

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