Looking for answers to feel emotionally and mentally stronger to cope with your separation or divorce?

Are you feeling lost or confused what to do?  Or overwhelmed?

Separation and divorce is the most difficult emotional situation you may be faced with right now.  It is extremely stressful and painful and often associated with feeling bereaved.  It will also very much depend on your personal situation, the circumstances of your separation and how you are coping emotionally and mentally with your challenges.  How you feel mentally, your self-worth and self-confidence will also impact your energy levels physically.  If you are feeling stuck emotionally, a priceless toolkit of wisdom and strategies will give you the right emotional scaffolding to help you regain your strength. Or you want the answers how to pick yourself up and rebuild yourself mentally and emotionally - to get your life back.

Any breakdown is a massive life-changing turning point as you begin to learn to survive as a single woman, mum or business woman.  Men will also go through big adjustments, but will deal with their emotions differently.

If you are finding it hard to cope there is help at hand offering you powerful coping strategies and techniques, the priceless life skills to become more resilient, confident, happier and mentally stronger.  Any broken relationship can take time to heal especially if you are feeling the victim.

How are you coping mentally and emotionally right now? On a scale of zero (lowest number) up to 10 (10 = the highest number), what number would you give yourself on this scale?  If your number is lower than a 7 it is a true indicator you may value some help that would give you the tools to navigate your challenges more effectively.  Firstly, it is time to spend loving you once more, to rebuild how you are feeling inside.

To help you reach the next number up your scale, if this is 7 or below, I have a few options to help you.

Let's have a quick 20-30 FREE chat to discuss your situation and I will expertly guide you with your next steps.  To arrange your no obligation call, click here.

If Your Body Could Talk What Advice Would it Give You?

Your body is undoubtedly absorbing the emotional stress and anxiety you are feeling and will often manifest in the body as anxiety, muscular tension, headaches, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, mood changes, depression and emotional exhaustion.  These are just some of the symptoms your body will show you if you are listening loudly enough especially as 75% of illness is mostly stress-related.  If yo uare taking time off, feeling unwell or poorly I am not surprised.  When you understand how to take control of your thinking and emotions, you will also begin to feel more energised and happier too so I would love to help you!

To help you with your personal challenge

A) Whether you are feeling emotionally stuck and want to rebuild yourself.  Or b) you may be in a situation you want answers to save or rebuild your relationship. Or c) you want informed knowledge to know that separation or divorce is the best option.   I will personally tailor for you a healthy communication coaching approach (that is not therapy or counselling). I will truly empower you to get you back on track! There is nothing like this coaching programme on the market.  More Berkshire lawyers in Newbury, Oxford and Windsor are promoting my services as they recognise just how beneficial my combined professional coaching and holistic expertise is more helpful for clients in your situation.  If you are looking for a warm, friendly, professional expert to help you, I would be happy to speak to you asap.

The Healing Process

It's important to recognise you need time to heal and invest in your personal well-being and deeper needs if you are feeling emotional or finding it difficult to cope.  Or you will feel like you’re running a long marathon without any finish line ahead if you simply bury your feelings as a coping mechanism.  If you do this, your emotions are more likely to manifest physically in your body if they are not acknowledged.  With my help as a Relationship Expert and Wellbeing Expert you will be supported holistically over a period of time.

Imagine when you cut yourself. Any open wound takes time to naturally heal.  It is the same with your heart. You may need time to possibly rebuild your confidence and support to heal the emotional wounds you are carrying inside.  Learning to love and nurture yourself, looking after your health and well-being, giving yourself the right nutrition, taking time to sleep will all help you on your healing journey to re-ignite your zest for life once more. .

Are you ready to rebuild yourself working with the right expert

If you value your self-worth and your self-development, with my help, you will be better equipped to transform your thinking and how you feel with your own helpful toolkit of strategies.  Firstly let's have a chat for you to  find out how we can work together.

Your future happiness

This is an important point for you to consider while you are healing.  If you are already focusing on your children and work, getting you back on track to rebuild yourself, it's important to start resetting your compass towards a new healthier direction, particularly if you have had an abusive or controlling partner.  I will support you now to rediscover a new approach.  May be you are showing an okay face to the world, but inside you want the right support, if therapy or relationship counselling is not right for you.  Or subconsciously you will repeat making the same mistakes again in your future.  Having walked my own healing journey, right now is absolutely the time to start working together.

Dr Wayne Dyer the famous American philosopher said: “When you change the things you see the things you see change”.   So, when you discover the steps to change your perspective, thinking and how you feel, you will see life differently that may be inconcievalbe right now,

Next Steps

Let's have a FREE 20-30 minute Consultation Call.  This intial call will give you an overview of how I work for you to decide if my offer is right for you and your personal situation.

1-2-1 Personalised Discovery Session - working together one morning or afternoon.

We will spend time focusing on you and your needs, what is right for you with an opportunity to experience the healthy communication programme for yourself.  This meeting is face-to-face.  I will tell you about it on our consultation call how this step will be helpful for you.

To fast track and speed up your healing journey

The healthy communication programme, a proven, tried and tested approach with strategies and techniques that work, combines my personal and professional skills that works,

With 20 years of wisdom and insight, you will no longer have to muddle through feeling alone, feeling the pain inside, or the heartache you have endured for so long.

What is important for you to resolve right now?  If you don't get this area of your life handled, how will your situation impact you mentallly, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually?  Contact Karen for your FREE 30 Minute No Obligation Call to decife if I am the right expert to transform your life and happiness.




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