Happy ever after, divorce or retirement shall we part?

Retirement shall we part

More and more couples are divorcing in retirement.  It’s either one of the most painful, emotional and financially life-changing experiences to go through, or it’s a ticket to freedom. But why do people in retirement, nowadays, have an increased chance of filing for divorce?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) dramatic changes in life expectancy have triggered individuals to think if they still want to grow old together. At age 60 or 65, both men and women can still live 30 more years nowadays compared to the early 90's. So, with the kids already old enough to live by themselves, people are thinking "Do I want to live 30 more years of this?"

The Telegraph 8th November 2017 (see link below) mentioned another reason, the "Silver-Fox " phenomenon with men living longer, and still retaining a wandering eye. It also works both ways with women "Cougars", strong independent women, going for the younger man if she is not having her needs fulfilled with her current partner.


Significantly, the figures show that, in stark contrast to other divorce age groups, men over 60 are as likely to file for divorce as women.  Overall there were 15,300 people of either gender over the age of 60 getting divorced in 2011 (the last official figures). By contrast in 1991, there were just 8,700.

Perhaps retirement is becoming a later-life crisis? We are thinking of ourselves if we don't have kids to take care of or have needs that aren't fully satisfied. Or, there’s the so-called "bucket-list". Travel the world or move to another country.

Your Happy Ever After

As a Relationship and Self-Transformation Coach, Holistic Health and Well-being Therapist, and my personal journey over 20 years I discovered what DOES WORK finding and building a more loving and happier relationship. I now share the most rewarding relationship of my life with my husband I have now been with for almost 10 years. Speaking from experience and 7 years of research to find my answers, qualified education and applying what I learned to attract my now life partner to me, if you are considering separation or divorce, whatever your age, wouldn’t it be worth one last shot to invest 2 days of your time, in the Relationship MOT I offer couples, singles or divorced clients looking for a meaningful relationship?

What you learn and discover in just 2-Days will positively transform your approach and future happiness, possibly with your current partner, or someone new.  Also, save you valuable time from making the same mistakes (you are unlikely to even be aware of).  Not forgetting the 75K-150K plus your divorce will cost you with legal fees, splitting your assets, pensions, selling your house or buying a new home, and of course the emotional heartache to everyone, including your family.

The 2 Day New Relationship Skills Coaching Program will certainly empower and motivate you to accelerate your life in the right direction.   You would discover the informed answers how to BUILD a much stronger, happier and more loving relationship together.  Or how to RECOGNISE, FIND and ATTRACT someone new that is right for you.

Lastly, these are some wise words you may wish to consider.  Always choose your next steps in love wisely.  Your partner or any new potential partner you invest your heart, emotions, energy and life in, will impact your health, happiness, future aspirations, your dreams and the rest of your life, so choose love wisely!   Most people don't know how to RECOGNISE if someone is right for them, the most important decision you will make before you start to date, or fall in love again. Then it's too late to turn back.

Before you repeat the same mistakes  (you may not even be aware of) consider investing 2 days of your life to take your own relationship MOT that will save you years of more heartache.  What price would you pay, if you knew you could discover the knowledge, positively accelerate your happiness and relationship journey, if you could find your RIGHT relationship instead?

Please note, that coaching is NOT a therapy. Coaching will empower, motivate and accelerate the choices you make, to help you move from where you are now, to where you want to be so much faster than you will on your own.


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