Happily Single After Divorce

It can be depressing and stressful at first, being apart from your spouse, but there could be many reasons why you got your divorce in the first place?  It is also a cataylst for change to start a new life.  To rebuild a new relationship with you again to adopt a more positive attitude towards your new situation, and to help yourself heal your heart and mind.  To refocus on your next career building opportunity.  And support your children at this emotional time, if you have a family.

You will eventually take advantage of your freedom, and be who you want to be. You will one day begin to enjoy the sudden singlehood, before maybe – preparing for a new, fulfilling relationship.

Divorce Recovery

There are many reasons why divorce recovery can be a slow and painful process, hitting your self-confidence if you are feeling rejected, or you are hurting from the emotional challenges you are facing. Here at Love Coaching you, we understand that there’s the loneliness, the feeling of not being supported without somebody to help you right now.  With over 50% of first marriages ending in divorce (ONS), Love Coaching You will help you to take a new appraoch while you are healing your heart and life. 


What could be more painful than the loss, however, it’s the fear of being single. How will I cope? you wonder. It’s scary to start over by yourself after depending on your marriage for so long. You may have merged your identity so closely with your spouse’s – defining yourself as half of a couple, not as an individual – that you can’t imagine continuing on your own.

Perhaps you don’t know if you’re strong enough to take care of yourself without a spouse’s help.   You are now being challenged mentally, emotionally and financially without their support.

Taking time out to love and nuture yourself, your hurt and pain is important to help your recovery.  To be patient with yourself during this period in your life you can reinvent yourself as a single person. With patience and positive thinking, and the right support. it is possible to learn to love yourself and your new life once more!

If you would really value some professional support, whether you are emotionally stuck, or you want to be empowered (if counselling and therapy is not for you) because there is nothing wrong with you.  Let’s have a chat to discuss how I can personally help you to take your first step.  Book your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call here.

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