The Catalyst For Change

It can be depressing and stressful at first being apart from your spouse, but there could be many reasons why you got divorced in the first place.  It is also a catalyst for change to start a new life. To rebuild a new relationship with YOU again and learn to adopt a more positive attitude towards your new life, and the time to focus on healing your heart and mind.  And a new career or business opportunity while you are supporting your children emotionally (if you have a family).

If you are still feeling rejected, or you are hurting from the emotional challenges you are facing. Here at Love Coaching You, we understand that there’s the loneliness, the feeling of not being supported without somebody to help you right now.  With over 50% of first marriages ending in divorce (ONS) the average age for men is 45 and for women, it's 42. Love Coaching You will help you to take a new approach while you are healing your heart and life. 

What could be more painful than the loss, or the fear of being single. How will I cope? you wonder. 

Perhaps you don’t know if you’re strong enough to take care of yourself without a spouse’s help.   You are now being challenged mentally, emotionally and financially without their support.

Taking time out to love and nurture yourself, your hurt and pain are important to help your recovery.  To be patient with yourself during this period in your life you can reinvent yourself as a single person, living happily single. With patience and positive thinking, and the right support. it is possible to learn to love yourself and your new life once more!

If you would value some professional empowering support, whether you are emotionally stuck, or you want to be empowered.  In my experience, since when doesn't counselling or therapy give you the solution toolkit? For the women I work with, there is nothing wrong with them. They simply need a new relationship toolkit.  Women who value their self-development, come along to my masterclass training sessions.  

It's for driven and determined women, serious about healing their hearts, and happiness to get the results in love, learning new skills in advance of dating, or in advance of being ready for another relationship.   

Hello, my name is Karen Marshall, I am a qualified relationship and love expert, well-being expert, coach, mentor and trainer with over 20 years of experience.  I understand what works and doesn't to prepare driven women with their toolkits.  If you are happily single and ready to prepare yourself with life-changing skills impacting every area of your life.  Learning to become the Best You Toolkit will prepare you with the skills to attract, recognise and build the most loving and rewarding relationship.  it's the perfect time to learn while you are happily single.

Would you take a driving test without your theory?  No you wouldn't if you wanted to pass. It's the same thing in love.  For greater success in love, learn the easy theory first, your toolkit, and you will become the best you and best partner in advance of dating, in advance of building a new relationship when you will face new tests. 

Do the work while you are happily single, and you will significantly improve your dating and relationship survival chances.  It works!

To understand what it takes, join my next webinar,

The 4 Steps My Clients Use to Attract a High-quality Man Who Will Love, Value and Respect you.

With loving wishes

Karen Marshall


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