Do you Hide from yourself or Seek answers?

You are likely to be one of two people.  Someone who consistently HIDES from yourself, or you SEEK answers to discover what you can do differently for greater personal happiness or relationship success.

Vulnerability is your gift

As Brits, speaking our truth at work, with family, friends or when we fall in love, sharing our thoughts and emotions can often make us feel vulnerable and exposed.  It’s so much easier to wear a mask and cover up what is really going on inside and HIDE from or avoid our feelings.
To live a more fulfilled life, feel healthier and happier, the secret is SEEK out what your body is really telling you if your stomach is churning, you feel emotional or stressed? It will give you your answers.

Your body will reflect what you are thinking

Your body is your guiding light to tell you it is time to change your thinking.  You have 7 key energy chakras points, best described as traffic lights that will illuminate when it's time to notice them. They are your warning signals to change what is going on inside your head and what you are thinking at that very moment.  Your body is speaking to you.
The month of January, of course, is a great reminder to get fitter, go down the gym and eat healthier.  But what are you doing to get mentally fitter?  It is the key to your life, your wake up alarm call to do something different if an area of your life isn't working right now.

Your outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside

Did you know your brain only hears what you think and say, it doesn’t hear what is right or wrong, positive or negative? So let me invite you to accelerate your new thinking skills.
I bet you would learn a new skill for your career development or business growth. So why not take the day off, to feel emotionally happier, stronger, more resilient, confident. Or discover how to F.I.N.D. and build a more loving and happier relationship on the 22nd and 23rd March 2018 on a 2 Day Masterclass.

Changing your energy frequency

Energetically your body will absorb your hidden emotions on a cellular level, if you continue to live your life on a lower frequency, feeling stressed, anxious, guilty, fearful, with judgement, sadness or anger, the chances are your body is storing the emotions you are hiding from. You can easily take charge of your thinking when you know how, it becomes a new habit, like cleaning your teeth.
As a Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach, Mentor, Energy healer (studying the energy body over 3 years), Health and Well-being Practitioner in several holistic interventions, SEEKing the steps to think new thoughts is the game-changer to the life and relationship you truly deserve.
Here's a short exercise to start you off. When you feel any tension in your body, what situation is also going on around you at that moment?  Notice any tension, discomfort, or the dominant emotion.  If it could speak to you, what would it say? Listen to the answer then change one negative thought into an empowering positive one. Feel what it feel like in your body!
Try saying......I am....and fill in the gap.  e.g. I am powerful, I am strong, I am determined. See how you body feels!
How you approach your body and understanding of yourself will help you understand someone else if you are ready and seeking a more loving and happier relationship that can work and last.
The next 2 day program is coming up this month 22nd-23rd March.  Interested?

F.I.N.D. & Accelerate Your Relationship Success 

22nd and 23rd March 2018

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