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How does relationship coaching work?

A proven, tried and tested coaching approach that works will fast-track your happiness. 

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If you want different results in your life, you need to do something different. Would you agree? Yes or No?
How Coaching Works
How we work together?
Group Coaching

To help more women together. A shared group Workshop or Retreat coaching experience is ideal for like-minded women in the same situation as you.  You will learn more as a group from your experience and your investment is cost-effective too.  

1-2-1 Structured programme

Exclusive VIP private 1-2-1 structured programmes are tailored for your personal situation if you are single, divorced or considering separation, or want to strengthen your relationship.   You will work with Karen 1-2-1.

Zoom (allows us to work together from any location or country)

Is a great practical tool and it’s convenient for clients who live anywhere in the UK or world.  Zoom video calls are a great way to meet if face-to-face is difficult.  

Face-to-Face Sessions

I invite clients to meet face-to-face for your first Discovery Session experience where possible.

If distance is a problem, Zoom is the best practical option and still works really well with my coaching approach.

Considering Separation?

Relationship Coaching is a proven and effective strategy that will really help to support you at any stage of your relationship journey, if you value your self-development.

To make the right informed choices before it’s too late, discover how you can empower your RELATIONSHIP with proven strategies and techniques that work. The skills you discover will transform your relationship awareness. You will be better equipped, to deal with your emotional challenges from a different perspective.

How you react now will determine how your partner responds. Learning new skills will transform how you approach conflict. You will also positively impact your children as they learn from your new approach.

You will save yourself years of making the same mistakes or repeating the same behaviour you are unlikely to be aware of.

To find out if coaching is right for you, arrange your 30 Minute Discovery  Call.

The Next Step
Also, a qualified Health and Well-being Practitioner Karen combines her professional and personal expertise to give you so much more than relationship coaching following her unique 4 step approach. She will also help you to feel more confident, resilient, emotionally happier and mentally stronger too.

Arrange your Discovery Call if you are seriously interested and determined to change your personal situation with the right empowering life skills that will impact every area of your life and will fast-track your results. 

Relationship coaching for your staff

Coping with personal relationship difficulties is one of the main challenges in the workplace that will continue to impact staff performance. Your business will continue to suffer financially with ongoing absenteeism and loss of productivity unless you take a different approach.

Karen Marshall provides either group coaching programmes or 1-2-1 VIP Executive Coaching programmes.

To request further information contact Karen on:

+44 7590 221951