How does Coaching Work?
Are you single or divorced and don't want to repeat the same mistakes?
Single or Divorced
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How does relationship coaching work?

Are you single or divorced and don’t want to repeat the same mistakes?

Or considering separation or divorce and want to save or rebuild your relationship before it’s too late, then scroll down.

Relationship Coaching is a proven and effective strategy that will really help to support you at any stage of your relationship journey, if you value your self-development, are single or divorced, want to avoid more heartache, and discover how to Recognise, Find, Attract and Build a much stronger relationship that DOES WORK.  You will save yourself years of making the same mistakes, or repeating the same behaviour you are unlikely to be aware of.

Exploring  NEW relationship skills now while you are single and living alone will positively accelerate your relationship journey in the right direction to prepare you in advance of meeting Mr Right.

If you want different results in your life, you need to do something different.  Would you agree yes or no?

To find out if coaching is right for you, arrange your 60 minute Discovery Coaching Introduction Call now. Click here.

Considering Separation?

NOW is a critical point for you both.  If you want to make the right informed choices before it’s too late, discover how you can empower your RELATIONSHIP will proven strategies and techniques that work. The skills you discover will transform your relationship awareness.  You will be better equipped, to deal with the emotional challenges from a different perspective.

How you react now will determine how you partner responds.  Learning new skills will transform how you approach conflict. You will also positively impact your children as they learn by your new approach.

Investing in your relationship skills today will transform your situation tomorrow into a more positive experience. With practice you will better understand yourself and your partner so much better.  Decide to invest in your relationship happiness today, before you turn your life upside down.  Or be warned.  You will continue to make the same mistakes in another future relationship, it will just be packaged differently.

If you want to avoid a very emotional and destructive divorce make the RIGHT choice today!

Make the right decision to re-shape your future today!  What price would you pay, if you could avoid the pain and unhappiness that will be inevitable?  Your next steps will impact your life and your children’s mental health and development. Which experience do you want to choose? Invest in the right skills, or make the wrong choice, it’s your decision.

To arrange your 60 minute Discovery Call click this link.


Also, a qualified Health and Well-being Practitioner Karen will give you expert advice to support you mentally, emotionally and physically to accelerate your personal happiness and relationship success.

For a list of up-coming Events Click here.

Alternatively, arrange your 60 Minute Discovery Call if you are seriously interested and determined to change your personal situation with the right empowering life skills that will impact every area of your life and will fast-track your results. Click here



Staff coaching at work

Coping with personal relationship difficulties is one of the main challenges in the workplace that will continue to impact staff performance. Your business will continue to suffer financially with ongoing absenteeism and loss of productivity unless you take a different approach.

Karen Marshall provides either group coaching programs or 1-2-1 VIP Executive Coaching Programs. For request further information Click here.

How we work together

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Group Coaching Or Exclusive VIP 1-2-1 Structured Program

Discover which group or 1-2-1 coaching program is right for you.   A shared group coaching experience is ideal for like-minded clients in the same situation as yourself.  You will learn more as a group with your shared experiences.

Or you may prefer a more exclusive VIP private 1-2-1 structured 2-day program tailored for your personal situation if you are single, divorced or considering separation.

Please send your enquiry with your question and someone will respond as soon as possible. Click here.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Is a great practical tool and it’s convenient for clients who live anywhere in the UK or world. The video call is also a great way to meet if face-to-face is difficult.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

As your coach, it’s important how I listen to you and ask the right questions.  If you have a headset or hands-free telephone, it’s the perfect way to offer you coaching support.  We can then easily schedule a time that suits your busy schedule or talk on a conference call if you’re at work.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach

Face-to-Face Sessions
It will help if we can both meet face-to-face for your first session to get to know each other.  These sessions can take place at work or a convenient meeting venue if the distance is not a problem and you live close by.  Or, we can speak on Skype if it’s more practical.

Relationship Expert - Karen Marshall - Love Coaching You Success Coach