What is your most important feature you have to offer a man?

There are many reasons why women remain single and one is the scarcity of men when we are older.  As we reach our mid 30's and head towards our 40’s, 50’s and older, it get's harder to meet the right available man especially if you're still looking for your Mr Right.

With a lower ratio and fewer available single men on the market, more women are competing for the right male attention.  So it’s important to consider, how you stand out from other women.


You never know where you could meet Mr Right.  To attract the right guy, it's important to take care of your hair, makeup, your body, the style you want to project, especially if you want a man to take care of his appearance.

Our brain is hard wired to reproduce, so it's only human to want to feel desired by men no matter what age you are. As a woman you can be attracted to many features in a man to be drawn to him, so it's not always about looks. Men are more visual, so your appearance will certainly catch his attention for any spark of chemistry to ignite.

Inner Beauty

When a man notices you, it's important your inner beauty really makes you shine. How you feel about yourself, how you respond to him, your personality and attitude, will speak volumes to him.  He will quickly decide if he wants to invest his time with you. Remember, your looks and chemistry alone will not maintain your relationship. Any sexual chemistry and excitement can often be short lived, so your inner beauty needs to shine for a man to recognise you are right for him.

If you're a confident professional woman I am sure you would love to meet a confident man who is happy and charming, or he has the qualities you are looking for.  Remember, like attracts like, so become the person you want to meet, e.g. happy and confident.  Right now, if you're not feeling self-confident with men, possibly have lower self-esteem, it's unlikely you will meet a more confident type of guy.

To discover how to make your inner beauty shine, claim your FREE 5 Step Inner Beauty Makeover below. It will help you explore and identify which area you need to work on you right now to attract your right, Mr Right.


To ATTRACT, NURTURE and BUILD a healthy and more successful relationship, communication is the key. Without an awareness of the way you communicate with a new guy, will either glue, or repel your relationship.  If you really want to avoid repeating the same mistakes, take some time out to understand how you think and what you are saying to men.  Are you effective and loving, or dis-empowering when you communicate?

Now here's the interesting part.  If you were to give yourself a mark out of 10 (0= not achieved, 10 = you’ve achieved 10 out of 10), what number would you give yourself when answering these 3 questions.

  1. How do you feel about yourself, your outer beauty (0-10)?
  2. How do you feel about your inner beauty and confidence (0-10)?
  3. How effective do you communicate in your most intimate relationships (0-10)?

If you are closer to a 10 that's a great place to be.  If you would love to attract a similar guy to you, and you've marked yourself 5 or 6, possibly lower, then you may want to think about reaching out for expert support if you really want to become a better version of you.   Now answer these questions:

  1. How does being single or not being in a happy relationship, impact your life on a daily basis?
  2. Is it time to take a different approach to find out how you can achieve your 10 out of 10?

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