How to avoid the January blues with your man

If January 3rd is now recognised as “Divorce Day” by solicitors who see a spike in business just after the new year, it’s obvious that the couples who stayed together over Christmas, finally gave in to start divorce proceedings.

Other relationships also end once Christmas presents have been exchanged. January then becomes the focus month to reassess if the man you are living with or have been dating is right for you.

After all, the stress of the festive season combined with dealing with close family, more time to think, no work to occupy your mind, could certainly throw a torch light on your relationship.

So how can you help your relationship survive the January blues?

1.First of all, it’s important that you take time to think about your choices

Christmas may have been the wake-up call that you needed, but it’s not the best time to make any rash decisions that could possibly affect your life.

2.Your next step is to think about whether you’re making your partner’s faults a bigger problem than they actually are.

Think about the positive aspects of your relationship, what positive qualities does your man have that makes him special and important to you?  What qualities were you first attracted to?  Remember, no body is perfect. So, who is causing the difficulties right now, you or your man?

3.Is it time to consider how you can become a better partner for your man?

To become the best 50% of your relationship you need to take responsibility for your own imperfections. Have you been putting too much emotional pressure on him? Or is it time to discover what obstacles may be holding you back from the relationship you want.  If you would love to have a more lasting and loving relationship that works, you need to become more aware of the way you think and communicate.

4.What new year resolution could help your relationship?

Instead of arguing, enjoy a date night spending some quality time together really listening to each other's needs. Recognise and acknowledge your man when he does something special for you.  He loves to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Whether you’re in a relationship you want to improve, are dating, single and waiting to find Mr Right, what could you do to become the best 50% of the relationship you want?  To communicate better with the man, or with men, my unique F.I.ND. Love Accelerator 4 Step Formula coaching programme can help you ATTRACT a man, BUILD and NURTURE a more loving, happier and lasting relationship.

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