Reignite Your Dating 
Approach To Attract Your 
Perfect Match  

Live Virtual 
Interactive Workshop 
Fri 23rd - Sun 25th 
June 2023  

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Given up on love or at a crossroads?

Know that you are worthy and deserve great love with an amazing man!  

What would it mean to you if spending 3 days of your time completely transformed who you attract to you in love?  It would be priceless!

Getting your toolkit in advance of dating, in advance of being ready for another relationship, it will be easy when it matters.

During these 3 profound days together, you will focus on your toolkit to attract the right high-quality calibre man, your perfect match.

Plus, you'll get the powerful communication insights to build a lasting relationship with an emotionally available man, and who wants to pursue and commit to you because he will find you simply irresistible!

Joining this incredible experience created for successful, smart, driven women, you will unlock your heart, revitalise your confident self and reignite the woman you truly are inside and out.

NOW is the perfect time to set your dating approach on fire, to reset your compass in the right direction to significantly improve your dating and relationship survival.

For different results with men, doing the work NOW, in advance of dating, in advance of being ready, will become your super-power when it matters! 

Join me and Other Incredible Women Like You 

This UK Event Is Not The Average Woman’s Retreat Workshop

From the comfort of your own home, you will have everything at your fingertips for an engaging unique opportunity that will truly reignite your heart and life. Joining a group of incredible women, you will be held in safe hands.

Over your 3-Day experience, you will rewrite your love story, starting a new chapter together with me right by your side.  

For the first time, get a full 360 view to understanding what makes you irresistible.  Then diagnosing your results, you will come away with a do-able action plan and dating roadmap to recognise and attract the right calibre man to YOU!
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With your new toolkit, the right quality man's words and actions will match.  He will recognise you are are high standard woman, a keeper.

it's All About You!

Your 3-day learning experience is a one-off opportunity. We focus on a unique structured coaching approach, other coaches or relationship experts ignore.  

This program is based on cutting edge strategies and techniques transforming your neurology, emotional happiness, your physiology, following behavioural science with the understanding of both male and female psychology. 

By the end of the weekend, you will feel excited and a new confident woman loving the new version of yourself.  You will possess the qualities a calibre man is looking for and wants to see.

You have achieved business success, so now it’s your time to re-ignite your success in love to attract your quality man.  To share what you feel inside, being vulnerable, allowing your heart to fully open, and the opportunity to experience lightbulb breakthroughs throughout your 3 day weekend taking you away from all your distractions.

With your new energy you will radiate how comfortable you are in your own skin, especially when the stakes are high and you attract everything you could want in a man.  It will feel easy when it matters the most when the right man arrives in your life.

Get your ticket £447 
(or pay £197 for the Early bird
limited time offer) 

Introducing the 3 Day 
Virtual Retreat

When you join this life-changing, interactive, fun, live event:

·        Working together, you will be empowered to let go of past hurt to open your heart fully. With me right by your side, you will be in safe hands.

·       You will fall in love with your loveable self, so rejection no longer affects you.

·        You will quickly recognise the right quality man in the right emotional space with his words and actions to match. 

·        Learning the magical TOOLKIT, you will attract the quality man you desire who will find you irresistible; you can be your true self and vulnerable with to build a committed, deeper loving connection for your dating and relationship to thrive.  

·      The quality man you attract, right for you, will love, value, respect you, and want the same future with just YOU.

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Are you Ready to Say ‘Yes’ To Finding Love This Year? 

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♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's a virtual event saving you valuable time and money!


Pay FULL PRICE £447.00 

Or buy 2 tickets inviting a friend
(Saving £100)
♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's a virtual event saving you valuable time and money!

What's Included 
Over Your 3 Days: 

Day 1

New Dating and Relationship Roadmap 

·        Learning a new roadmap will completely change your dating direction to understand why nothing else you have tried has worked to change your love life. 

·        Understanding your natural wiring, and the right man's, you will know how to navigate your communication differences for your relationship to work like magic, from the start.

·        You will instinctively recognise how a man can satisfy your deeper love needs mentally, emotionally, and physically to significantly improve your dating and relationship survival. You will have the tools to find the love, happiness and healthy relationship you have dreamed about sharing.

At the end of day one, you will see where you have gone wrong previously and have the invaluable tools to attract a man in the right emotional space, with his words and actions that match, and who will want to commit.
Ready to find and build your high-quality relationship? For women serious about love.

Day 2

Letting Go!

Feeling safe to be open and honest, to let go:

·        Your first step is to understand how you express how you feel, think and behave to become the woman a quality man wants to pursue.

·        Identifying the blind spots, values, and beliefs holding you back, you will learn to reset your Sat Nav with the right postcode and address to navigate towards an exciting new direction and relationship future.

·        Even though you might have read all the self-help books, the dating rules, or  followed male dating influencers, you’re still single because nothing has worked. No matter what men you meet, it will not work until you reprogram your Sat Nav to reset your heart and mind first.

·        You will release ‘I will get hurt again, or nothing works for me’ to give a new message to the universe to magnetise and pull the right man towards you.

·       By the end of the weekend you will radiate the new you, your beauty inside and out, open your heart, and reignite your energy and true self. The right quality man will want to pursue, adore and fall in love with YOU, as his unicorn, a  woman he wants to cherish and build a future with that will thrive.    

By the end of day two, you will understand how to become the best you, release the chains that have been holding you back from meeting the right quality man you will now have the tools to attract.

Day 3

Set your dating on fire!

Your final day of this event is devoted to showing you how to become:

·       Your feminine sexy self, using your super-power to reignite the woman you want to be, whom high-quality men want to date for a serious relationship.

·        Learning what feminine means, without being all girly-girl and harnessing your feminine energy.

·        Significantly increase your self-worth, confidence, and happiness to reach your 8-9 out of 10.

·        Exploring the male psyche for him to fall in love with you again and again.

·        Super-accelerate your power of attraction for the right quality man to tune into your energy who will no longer disappear on you.  

·        Working on your do-able action plan you will reignite your next steps when you are ready to get back out there dating!

Day 3 you will relight your inner fire to date smarter, re-energise your feminine strengths and sexy self, for men to find you irresistible, shining your inner and outer beauty, for the right man to love, value and respect you.  He will find you irresistible and not let you go.
Karen Marshall Relationship Expert

For Limited Time Only

EARLY BIRD £197.00 

♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's virtual saving you valuable time and money!


FULL PRICE £447.00

Or buy 2 tickets inviting your friend 
(Saving £100) 
♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's virtual saving you valuable time and money!

Your Questions Answered 

How is this different from a Zoom call?

·        First of all, Reigniting Your Dating Life To Attract Your Perfect Match (High-Quality Man) is a show for you to participate and  be the audience. Trust me, this isn’t going to be a dull event (ugh who wants to do that where you are passively listening while you scroll through social media)!  This is a one-off virtual interactive event to keep you engaged.

We are going to have fun, create massive breakthroughs in your love life, with  plenty of opportunities for social interaction, community and entertainment. Creating deeper connections than you can imagine.

I am not ready to date yet, is this the right event for me?

·        Absolutely yes it’s the perfect event.  Resetting your compass towards a new direction takes time to shift how you think, feel, behave. Doing the work now  in advance of dating, in advance of being ready for another relationship, you will significantly increase your dating and relationship survival chances when you are ready and it matters.

I don't have a problem meeting men, how will this event help me?

·       If dating is not a problem, something you are doing is pushing men away from you, without you realising.  You will need to reprogram your Sav Nav To attract the right quality man TO YOU. This requires a different approach to avoid repeating the same patterns with men unless you make time to understand what needs to change.

Is this event right for me?

·        You might be thinking. If you have already done a lot of inner work, are not sure if you are ready to date, or this event is right for you.

The short answer is yes, it’s perfect for you. The 3-day Reignite Your Dating Life to Attract Your Perfect Match (High-quality man) will transform you into the woman that men cannot resist, so that when you are ready to get out there and date, you attract quality men you previously didn't attract to you.

It will take you some time to work on yourself and what you need to change, it's why I always say, do the work in advance of dating, in advance of being ready to get it right when it does matter.

Imagine this - dating will be easy from the get-go. You will have fun and enjoy the right quality men pursuing you, while your girl friends will still be complaining that all the good men are taken or online. 

Nothing has worked for me before; why will this event be any different?

·        If you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get the same results.  Change what you are doing, and your results with men will change too.

Proven strategies and techniques will show you how to create new beliefs, feelings and behaviour.  Holistically, transforming you emotionally, intuitively, and cognitively. Your biology will generate new neurological pathways too.  The event involves multiple aspects for you to experience incredible breakthroughs.

This retreat is not therapy or counselling, it is an empowering 3-day experiential event to uplift, remotivate, inspire and transform you to become the best you, to become the best partner.

Coaching alone is not enough to get dating and relationship results. Most relationship experts and coaches IGNORE the 4-Step Toolkit integrated approach, combining multiple interventions, research, behavioural science, professional expertise, and personal experience to recognise what works the fastest and effectively.

What if I am not a 'group' person or normally prefer 1-2-1? 

·        All the successful women who attend our group programs and events. I’d say that half claim they aren’t “group people” or might have preferred private 1-2-1 sessions. If what you have tried has helped to a point, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. 

Reignite your Dating Life is perfect for you, especially if you are not a group person because you will  participate from the comfort and privacy of your home, and  take regular breaks to recharge your batteries. 

I have repeatedly seen the women who claim they're 'not group people' get the most out of this experience. The energy, encouragement, and excitement are life-transforming and profound, unlike anything you could get alone learning alone, or working 1-2-1.  

If money is no object and you would normally pay to be a VIP with 1-2-1 support, I invite you to step outside your comfort zone. You will learn so much more about yourself learning from/with the group. 

If your privacy is important to you, or you are an introvert, exercises will be in small group sizes.  You can participate, engage, be interactive as much as you want, or not.  You will still follow the program and do the necessary work to get your action plan on day 3.

This experience of a lifetime women describe it as the event that changed everything for them.   It's the moment they value their worth that leads them directly to the perfect man for them.

Can one weekend really make a difference in my life?

·       Actually, this event takes place over a three-day weekend, and it’s precisely the reason we can promise you will get profound results.

The stress and distraction of having to work, or run your own business and manage your personal life, these things are keeping you stuck in a rut. This weekend we will take you out of the equation so you can focus on yourself, for profound breakthroughs and positive change.

Data shows that without taking time out to do this work, our brains are wired to default back to old beliefs and habits. There is no better time in your life to take space to do this work.  Or you will continue to repeat the same mistakes, meet similar men if you don't reprogram your Sat Nav to change your thinking or heart now.

What if I don’t have the time or think I can make it?

·        Here’s the thing. Research shows that if you don’t take time or action now to change your life, you probably never will make time. 

That means you will be stuck with all the same problems you have right now - year after year.  That's what happens when you say things like "I can't find the time' or I can't take time off work." If you want to make excuses, this event is probably not for you.

What do I need to know before I pay for my ticket?

This event is for you, if you are comfortable doing written exercises, happy to share your answers within small groups, it's where the magic happens learning from/with likeminded driven, smart women like you.  You will need to come with an open mind, to learn, be coachable, committed to do the work, to super-accelerate your love life.

To guarantee your results

You must be 100% committed and trust in the process. Only you alone are responsible and accountable to achieve the results you want, I cannot do it for you.   

Each day will challenge you differently, rather like learning a new dance. Learning each new step will come together on the final day when you combine all the steps together.  Then you will get it!  Trust in the journey and process, it works!

Before you join the event.

Once you have paid to join the event, we will organise a 1-2-1 call with you outlined in your confirmation email.

What kind of space and technology will I need to do this?

·        All you will need is your computer, a good internet and bandwidth connection, a quiet room, and your undivided attention.  Your link will be emailed to you along with your final joining details/exercises as instructed in the payment confirmation email.

Will I get a replay if I cannot make it? 

·       Unfortunately, there is no replay if you are unable to make the event once you have paid to attend this live event.  No refund is possible.

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♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's virtual saving you valuable time and money!

Or Pay 

FULL PRICE £447.00

♥  Interactive, engaging, uplifting, fun
♥  A transforming experience from the privacy of your home
♥  Avoiding travel/accommodation costs
♥   It's virtual saving you valuable time and money!

Say ‘Yes’ To Finding Love This Year!

You Could Be The
Next Success Story

Jane - I left a relationship to find the man I wanted to share my future with. Working with Karen, I am in love with the man, I share greater appreciation, fun and the adventures of life with together. Thank you Karen for keeping me accountable I otherwise wouldn't be with Johnathan.

Vanessa - Worked with me after she had been separated for three years. She applied her toolkit with a man she had just met. Six months later she was planning her future and wedding with the love of her life, now blissfully married to Jason.

Sarah - My self-esteem and confidence was so affected by my past relationships. By following each step making time to really see and listen to what Karen is talking about I started to recognise my thoughts stopping me find another relationship. I am no longer settling for less, which is the most important lesson I have learned. I have felt lost experiencing so many negative relationships. I now feel completely different to the way I used to think.

It has been an amazing life-changing programme and only gets better and better with every step you complete. It is amazingly exciting to believe that anything is now possible I didn’t believe before. You will not look back...I promise

Jo - Before I worked with Jo she realised all her values were wrong and had been dating the same type of narcissistic men for over seven years. She then attracted very different men and is now building a future together with Bob.

Karen Marshall 
The Right Expert

Karen Marshall has personaly been where you are, with over 20 years of experience, to know what works and doesn't. It's what makes her unique walking her talk.

          Karen Marshall from Love Coaching You, is all you need.  She is so much more than a Dating and Relationship Coach/Expert. 

     Karen is a visionary passionate about changing the way we approach love worldwide. She is an accredited Coaching Academy Personal Development Life Coach, a highly-qualified Relationship, healthy communcation and Wellbeing Expert (in the mind, body, and energy), Mentor and Trainer.

Achieving over a 95% success rate with her clients hungry for results, Karen’s dating MOT toolkit will propel you to attract your high-quality man who will  find you irresistible and want to commit! 

What makes her unique from many other dating and relationship experts,  she has been where you are, and attracted her quality man to know what works/doesn't.   

Always work with the right expert who has achieved the results you want. 

Karen is heart centred, warm, professional and her spiritual energy is central to what she does, helping you to find the love you truly deserve with an amazing man.

Propel your dating and relationship success in weeks!

Are you ready to say 'YES' to find the love and amazing man you truly deserve?
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