Love in your 30’S, 40’S And 50’S+

Finding love isn’t always easy if you are a woman in your late 30’s, 40’s or 50’s+ and you find yourself single or divorced a while and you want to avoid more heartache. But get this. You still have an amazing gift – your FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

If you have never married before, would love to settle down, or you have been divorced a while with children and co-parenting with an ex. partner and you are considering dating.  You may find it hard living alone, coping through the ups and downs of life, supporting yourself financially, emotionally and mentally.  The right life skills would give you the emotional scaffolding to feel stronger inside and also help you to better support your children as you lead them by a new healthy communication example.

There are many times you may feel vulnerable living as a single woman or parent. These such times you would love to be loved and cherished.  It is also often too easy to reach out to someone new if you are feeling needy of being loved. Be warned, you are also likely to get hurt again.

Today I want to motivate you with a new choice to find someone extraordinary if you are prepared to help yourself and do what it takes to change your life into a much happier, more loving and fulfilling future you truly deserve.

There are a lot of amazing men out there, but first you need to take responsibility for your 50% of the relationship you want in your life, particularly if you have been heartbroken too many times.  What do I mean?  It is far to easy to pass blame to a partner if he didn't meet your needs.  It is also your responsibility to consider what part did you play in your previous relationships break down for it to end.   Did you take responsibility for your emotions instead of telling a partner they upset you?

There are many reasons relationships end, you may have been left the victim, but also you may be sabotaging your relationship(s) without realising it.  Your subconscious could be protecting you from being hurt again.  e.g. you may push someone away from you because they are getting too close emotionally for the fear of being hurt again.

When you begin to listen much more loudly to the words you use, how you communicate and talk to yourself inside your head, what you say and how you speak to your colleagues at work, your friends and family.  Do you talk positively about yourself, or put yourself down?  This is a good indicator of your self-esteem and self-confidence.  Or maybe, you continue to tell yourself you keep meeting the same type of men, or you cannot trust anyone because you were hurt previously.  How you talk to yourself right now will determine the type of man you attract to you.

Imagine you are speaking to a magical genie.  You hear yourself saying - men let you down, you are fearful of being hurt again.   The words you say to yourself, your genie will continue to deliver what you ask for!  Its called the law of attraction or your self-fulling prophecy a subject I could talk to you about for hours.

To start your new journey, it's important to become aware of your language, negative and positive, to change your self-awareness and language into what you DO WANT, instead of what you don't want.

To do this takes practice, on a daily basis to create new neuropathways your brain begins to refer to instead of your old way of thinking where you are right now.  When you become aware of the way you communicate, think and behave you will more easily transform and change your approach next time.

In your previous relationships, did you communicate your needs clearly, did you use protest behaviour (e.g. become moody, indirectly say you are fine when inside you feel upset, or use tit for tat approach and not speak to each other for hours or days, or did you communicate your deeper emotions and needs clearly)?

Today the best advice I can give you, having walked my talk, is take the time to learn more about yourself NOW and how you tick, think, behave and communicate.  If you want to meet someone extraordinary you will instinctively recognise your Mr or Mrs Right when you meet them.  This recognition will happen quickly when you’ve taken the time to understand yourself on a much deeper level, spending time loving you, building a relationship with yourself to feel more self-confident, resilient and happier in your own skin and life.  Your energy and the frequency you then emit will also change.

There are two scenarios I want you to consider.  The first one.  How confident do you feel in business based on your personal performance on a scale of zero up to 10?  If 10=highest number, what number would you give yourself on this scale?  If you are above 8 you are pretty self-assured and are doing a great job.  You may be at the top of your game and doing a great job. You know your stuff.

Now scenario two.  Now ask yourself.  How confident do you feel in yourself at recognising a man, someone new, who can easily communicate, share similar values and interests, also satisfy your deeper needs to be there for you through the ups and downs of life, beyond sexual chemistry?  Most people would possibly give a much lower number on the scale of zero up to 10.  Would you agree?

If you are learning anything new at work, or you recognise you need to learn a new skill to perform better in your job, to work more efficiently and effectively, you would go on a course to improve your skill set.

As a Life Coach (now specialising as a Relationship Success and Recovery Coach, Relationship and Well-being Expert qualified to accelerate your personal happiness and relationship success, learning life-changing skills today will change your relationship perspective, how you approach a new relationship and you will reset your heart, head and life in a new positive happier direction. You would also be better equipped to attract the man you want to attract to you and begin to build a much stronger relationship together because you have the relationship skills to do so.

Today I would like to invite you to improve your relationship skillset, to discover and accelerate your relationship proficiency, discover what's important to you about the relationship you want to share your life with, how to improve your communication skills in your relationship, how you deal with conflict to bring love back into the flow so much more quickly.  When you discover your deeper needs, you will more easily support a new partner's deeper needs.  It makes sense doesn't it?

Learning these skills you will become the best version of yourself and the best partner you can be to someone new.  You will more easily recognise if a man is aligned with you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually very quickly.  You will have the skills to understand a man is naturally wired and capable of giving you what you want emotionally to build a more rewarding, loving and connected relationship that can work and last, that is right or you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself this Christmas is the gift to super-accelerate your next steps towards the man you would love to attract to you.  How you feel in your heart and mind right now, will determine the type of man you attract to you.  If you want to avoid meeting the same men, to recognise someone extraordinary (they need to be sharing your life and heart) I would like to introduce to you a FREE 14 Day Relationship Coaching Taster (that will only take you 90 minutes to complete) or 10 minutes a day over 9 days.  If you then wish to continue through the program I am only charging £97 to accelerate your next steps with life-transforming coaching exercises to set you on a new pathway in 2019.

I am delighted to introduce you an online experience you can discover right now if it is right for you. Are you ready to invest a few hours of your time to recognise and build a more connected relationship, to get clear about what's important to you, to discover why you could be sabotaging yourself without realising it and whether someone is capable of satisfying your deeper needs?

To accelerate your next steps to find the love and partner you truly deserve in 2019, let me help you this Christmas time.


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