Meet Karen
Meet Karen - Ex professional Singleton. Singles Love Coach. Well-being Expert.
Meet Karen
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Meet Karen

Ex professional Singleton. Singles Love Coach. Well-being Expert.

Karen Marshall’s determination to take a different approach to achieve her dream, dramatically changed her life as a single women. She changed her way of thinking and her energy that really accelerated her life to attract her lifelong partner.

Karen understands what works and doesn’t work,  to find and keep hold of love. With a wealth of relationship knowledge, she understand the relationship mistakes we make and why. Now her valuable insight, education, personal dating experience over 13 years as a single woman, is passed onto you to accelerate your journey to achieve your dreams.

Today she is happily married sharing a rewarding, nurturing, supportive and loving relationship with her gorgeous husband and life partner of already 7 years. Her proven approach, with her professional coaching and well-being expertise, is at the heart of her unique Singles Love Coaching programme she has designed and created especially for you.

“My life completely changed when I was 28 years old. My 11 year relationship was no longer working, we simply didn’t understand each other needs, so I ended the relationship. At the time, I was certain I would find love again as I was still young enough to settle down and start a family. It’s the fairy tale we all grow up believing.

How wrong I was. For the next 13 years I had a few short-term relationships, dated and continued life as a single independent career women. I hadn’t yet met anyone I would consider settling down with.

Any relationships I started didn’t last beyond 2 years, so I decided something had to change if I was going to do it differently and really wanted to share the deep emotional, mental and physical connection I dreamed of finding with a man.

Everyone around me appeared so happy and normal sharing life with a boyfriend or were living with a partner. I felt the odd one out and lonely  living the single life, so I turned my heartache into my strength. I decided to became an expert at Love, determined to find the loving and committed relationship I wanted in my life. My long journey was worth it, because when I met Dave at the age of 41, he was the gift I had been waiting for in my life.”

My Credentials and Training

  • Personal Performance Life Coach –The London Coaching Academy
  • Landmark Graduate – completing the Landmark Forum, Advanced Forum, and Self-expression and Leadership Forum.
  • Integrated Energy Healing Practitioner – Barbara Brennan’s teaching philosophy.
  • EFT Practitioner – Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • Power of Attraction Mind and Energy Expert.
  • Corporate Well-being Therapist – Expert in the mind, body and energy connection for a healthier body and happier relationships.
  • Qualified in anatomy and physiology and the positive impact of Reflexology and Indian Head Massage on the body.

Client Testimonials

“The coaching sessions with Karen have really opened my eyes to what I am capable of when I put my mind to it in the right way.

There has been an important area of my life – my romantic relationships – that I have been unhappy about for some time and had neglected to take any real or effective action on. Partly because I have been afraid and not really known where to start!

The sessions I have had with Karen have led me to take steps to address this area of my life which in just a few months I have found has made a big difference. I have been able to set goals and put in place the plans to meet them, which has led to me feeling happier and more positive about the future. I have a more consistent sense of well-being.

“Karen was recommended to me by a friend. Although knowing coaching principles, I found it really useful to work with another coach that didn’t know me and I found I was able to be more honest and open about my relationship questions.

Karen was brilliant at keeping me on track and helping me to cope with some powerful emotions. She also helped me to give me the clarity I needed to make some very important decisions. At the time I first spoke with Karen, my scores on my wheel of life were all below 5. Most of them now are at 8 out of 10 and I am happy in the knowledge that I know what to do next.

“Working with Karen has given me a new way of viewing Dating as a concept, and she has also helped relieve me of my suspicious nature towards strangers so that I am more open to meeting new people. I am going to a lot more events now and I am socialising and dating more. It has been a pleasure to have Karen as my coach.”

Eleanor – Scientist, Oxford

“I found the coaching sessions with Karen really excellent. I have had business coaching before but not personal coaching. I wasn’t so much at ease to start with but I found that Karen made me feel comfortable very quickly, she was very kind and understanding and very professional.

“I attended 5 very useful sessions with Karen. We set goals up front which allowed me to put a lot of things into perspective. We proceeded, over subsequent sessions, to cover techniques for achieving goals. I found the sessions challenging in a positive way, as I was encouraged to articulate the way forward. I think Karen is a talented coach.”

Russell – Sales Director, West London