Meghan Markle and Prince Charming give hope to single and divorced women


Meghan Markle and her Prince Charming

We all know Meghan Markle, she is in the worldwide press, 36 and divorcee. She was once a little cygnet, is now a beautiful swan, princess and inspiration for any modern single or divorced woman. She's the beautiful bride (now wife) to her adorable modern day Prince Charming, the gorgeous Prince Harry.

Meghan also gives a great deal of hope to women her own age. It’s the pivotal age our focus changes from our career to thinking more seriously about settling down if you want a family and the clock is ticking if you're still single and searching for your Prince Charming.

To discover the 5 Enlightening Steps For Relationship Success and a FREE 14 Day Online Relationship Success Coaching Program Taster to find and build a strong, healthy, more loving and rewarding relationship that can thrive, I have some valuable wisdom to share today.  As the voice of the relationship survival revolution, my vision is to inspire millions of women like you to take a new approach if you’re determined to find your Prince Charming.  I prefer to call him Mr Extraordinary!

Does this sound like you?

If you are like me when I was in my early 30’s and single, you may be fiercely independent, have a great career or business, so your single status doesn’t define you because you are choosing to be single. You may have your own home, earn a high salary, are self-sufficient with no time pressure to meet your Prince.

You are also unlikely to focus on finding Mr Extraorindary because you also believe in serendipity when the timing is right, or the law of attraction - that one day the universe will deliver your Prince. However be careful what you wish for.  If deep down you believe you will get hurt again, or men will let you down, there are no good men out there.  Your genie will deliver what you ask for subconsciously!  So let me guide you in the right direction to reset your relationship compass towards a high-quality, loving and rewarding relationship you truly deserve.

I started out believing in the happy ever after, as everyone does growing up.  I also focused heavily on my career as most ambitious women do.  If you are a modern woman, want a big lifestyle and the money to live comfortably, your career will easily keep you distracted from finding true love.

If you now find yourself over 35, suddenly being single by choice changes into a soul-searching question.  Will you meet your Prince to have a family with if your clock is now ticking as your fertility starts to decline? Panic starts to set in.  But some woman in their late 30's are now taking even greater control of their fertility and seeking to freeze their eggs or have artificial insemination with no Prince Charming in sight.

Sadly, for many women in their 40s, it’s the decade we have to come to terms with the realisation of not having children (unless you go it alone and choose insemination).  Or shift your thinking and become open to new possibilities, as more families blend together.  Meghan is a great example of this as an African American growing up with divorced parents. She reflects the real modern day woman and blended family.


Has life thrown you a curve ball and experience you didn't expect if you are still single or exhausted of relationships not working or ending?

When my 3rd significant relationships ended, I was 33 and heartbroken, my mum also unexpectedly died at the same time I was made redundant, so I was in no place by choice to even consider a relationship.  Perhaps life has pushed you around and taken you on a journey you didn’t expect? It's why I am now an accredited Relationship Success and Recovery Coach, Expert. Mentor. Mind, Body and Energy Practitioner to help women like you find your Mr Extraordinary.

By sharing my qualified education and 9 years experience combined with my personal journey and the wisdom I have discovered over 20 years, let me inspire you today to take a new direction.

Today it is easy for me to understand why my relationships didn't work (1st one lasted 11 years - I didn't understand love or our deeper needs) 2nd lasted 2 years (attracted the wrong man), 3rd 14 months (attracted the wrong man based on his looks and a few similarities). I tried to fit a square peg into a round hole.  It didn't work.  What transformed my experience, I had gained the valuable relationship awareness I now offer a unique 4 Step Coaching Program Methodology I have designed and created.

Over 13 years when I considered myself single (age 28-41). Over 7 years I studied the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them. Absorbing myself in knowledge, I no longer wasted my time with the wrong men.

I had a mortgage, a career that clearly distracted me from my pain, and there was no one in my life I would even consider settling down with. However, my dream did come true in a way I never thought would be possible!

I was 41 when I met my Mr Extraordinary, it was the perfect timing but also took me 20 years to figure out, so I don’t want you to waste your life making the same mistakes. Serendipity also played a massive part bringing us together when my mind and heart was open. Dave the love of my life was finalising his divorce had 2 children 10 and 13. We married 6 years later and our love and happiness continue to grown 10 years on.

If you want the fairytale and prepared to look inside, focus your energy and time learning new relationship skills, the rest is up to you.  You can also f find the love of your life! There are some incredible men out there, as a woman you need to recognise them!

My relationship experience exponentially shifted when I tapped into a new way of thinking to Recognise, Attract, Find and Build the most fulfilling relationship of my life.  If you continue to think negatively about yourself, men and your relationships, nothing is going to change.  Or be warned, you will keep attracting the same type of guys like your ex. or the same hurtful experiences. Remember your genie!

Try your FREE 14 Day F.I.N.D. and Accelerate Your Relationship Success Coaching Program Taster today. Or accelerate your experience over just 2 days instead of the 20 years it took me to figure out!  For more information go to Events page to see which 2-Day Masterclass is right for you.

Tip - Your Mr Extraordinary has to be extraordinary because he will impact your heart, happiness, mental well-being, health, your future dreams and financial freedom. It’s why he's to be extraordinary!

Tip - Make a new choice today to become the chooser in love instead of waiting to be chosen, there is a very big difference. Which one are you?

Ready to be enlightened with the 5 Steps of Relationship Wisdom to accelerate your happiness. It's time to figure out what's stopping you:

  1. You need to get clear about the relationship you do want, instead of focusing on what you don't want.  Reset your relationship compass. To find someone extraordinary, you need to become extraordinary.
  2. Discover how you tick to shift your awareness to feel happier, more confident and resilient.
  3. Become self-aware of your behaviour and the way you communicate (you could be part of the problem why your relationships continue to end). It’s harsh I  know, but it’s true reality!
  4. Understanding your deeper needs (beyond sex and chemistry) will help you to better understand yourself and your partner's deeper needs to build a more fulfilling relationship that can work and last.
  5. Discover how to approach conflict differently for your relationship to thrive and survive.

To get you started immediately I would love to invite you to try a FREE 14 Day Relationship Success Coaching Taster if you haven't experienced coaching before. Click the link for your overview.

Free 14 Day Online F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success Coaching Program

If you want to get your relationship right next time- are single, or have been divorced a while and you want to meet your Mr Extraordinary, I have created a fast-track coaching program to give you the toolkit you need over just 2 days instead of wasting your life and time.  It took me 20 years to figure out what works, so you don't have to.  Learning valuable insight and also working with an expert who has achieved the results you want in your life is priceless.  It's what makes me the unique expert to accelerate your results.

Let me now inspire you to fill your heart and life with your missing ingredients to Recognise, Attract, Find and Build your extraordinary more loving and lasting relationship that can work!

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Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Karen Marshall x




I also help women struggling to get their heart and life back on track.

Are separating or going through a divorce and looking for answers to cope better emotionally and mentally.

Newly married couples who want to follow a healthy coaching approach to thrive together.



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