Men in your late 30’s OR 40’S STILL looking for The Right woman?

Men, to find the right woman, work with a woman!

If you are a task-focused accomplished businessman, a proud man, you may be very intelligent and socially skilled too. When it comes to your personal life, women and love, you may not be having much luck if you are divorced or single. 

If you are more confused than ever about women

And you want to avoid making the same relationship mistakes. As a Relationship Expert and a woman who understands women, I accelerate results with men before you start seriously dating to recognise your (hot crazy matrix unicorn – video below) to find the right woman beyond looks and chemistry. The skills I share with men who want to attract the right woman, also apply to you if you want to strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend or wife if you are having problems not understanding each other. Even if you are recently engaged or married, this blog could be your greatest gift to understand what it takes to keep hold of your happy ever after!

Historically, men are the natural hunters and women want to be hunted. As a man, you also need the right toolkit before you are ready to go hunting to attract the right woman now or in the near future. The same toolkit will accelerate your results to build a much stronger connection with the special woman in your life for your relationship to thrive (if this is you right now).

If your business and job take up a lot of your time

You might be purposely keeping yourself busy without realising it. Filling your diary is a great way to avoid finding a new partner or avoid being with your partner at home. Sports is also a great distraction if you enjoy keeping fit, running, cycling, triathlons. Subconsciously you are also likely to be protecting yourself from another painful or threatening experience your brain is programmed to help you avoid – another woman. My advice to every man, learn about women from a woman. Or end your relationship and the same problems will show up again in another future relationship.

Imagine for one minute if you applied a new toolkit approach

You will attract your unicorn (see video below), or rebuild the one you have. Get this right, you will change the course of your future and sex life. If you have heard the saying, “A happy wife is a happy life” it is true with any woman. If you understand how to find and build a strong relationship the right woman will jump out to you (or you will recognise what you have is already with your existing partner). Think about it?

Have you ever considered what type of woman you do want to attract? Do you really know who your Mrs Right is (beyond sex and chemistry)? Or what was it about your partner that attracted you to them? If you don’t know this answer. It is similar to getting into a car without a sat nav or map. You will be unsure of your destination and possibly take the longest route and continue to get lost. Or get clear about your address and you will go straight there. Which journey would you prefer?

 Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Love is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding when we get it right. If, however, you are a man in your late 30’s, mid-40s or 50’s everything changes if you are still unmarried, separated or divorced. 

Now for one moment imagine your life is a film.  Let me put your film called ‘Your relationship story so far’ on pause right now. Remember, the fairy tale storybooks we grew up reading or watching on TV, they all have a lot to answer for. Why? because it’s the one belief we consistently reinforce to be 100% true and society tells us that you are Prince Charming and one day you will sweep the woman you love off her feet.  You will want to look after her and make sure she is happy

Well, your fairy tale and the life you are living right now may not be close to any fairy tale.  It is however called your self-fulfilling prophecy.  What do I mean self-fulfilling prophecy?  What you believe to be true about love, relationships, women, yourself, will keep showing up for you. The relationship experience you have will keep repeating itself unless you edit and overwrite your database with new files that work.

Here are just a few old data files you may like to overwrite.  For example. You believe a woman will hurt you, let you down, all the best women are taken, women will walk all over you, or you cannot bat above your station.  These are just some of the typical beliefs you may keep rewinding, replaying or repeating.

Here’s a new example to consider.  When you learn how to access your disempowering files you can easily overwrite them with new data that works with your new self-fulfilling prophecyAre you ready to overwrite your old files to find, recognise and attract your unicorn? Do you also want to know how to build a relationship that can thrive together?

To help you reset your relationship compass in a completely new direction that will prepare you in advance of meeting Mrs Right and unicorn. It only takes 1 or 3 months if you value your personal growth.

Instead of filling your time and life keeping busy or to avoid being alone or feeling lonely.  Unless you get clear about your new postcode, you are 98% likely to repeat the same mistakes in a new future relationship.

Where are you right now?  Here’s a couple of questions to get you thinking:

  1. On a scale of zero up to 10 (10= your life is the way you want it to be), how happy are you? What number would you give yourself? 
  2. On the same scale of zero up to 10 (=you know how to attract the right woman to you beyond sex and chemistry)  What number are you?. 
  3. On the same scale if (10=you absolutely understand women and their deeper needs) what number are you?

If you are ready to improve your life with women, you don’t want therapy or counselling book your free 20-30 minute call today and let’s have a chat if you are time poor!

About Karen Marshall

Today a qualified and experienced Relationship Expert. Coach and Wellbeing Expert in the mind, body and energy and the steps to accelerate your relationship results!

To live your best life ever, I will help you to find and attract your unicorn relationship you will understand when you watch the Hot Crazy Matrix from YouTube featuring Dana Mclendon (this version is without the advert). Men love this!

If you don’t get this part of your life handled, how will it impact your future?

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