Step 2- How to recognise if your Mr Right has the correct communication skills for you?

If you are a high-achieving woman or supermum and looking for relationship or dating answers to super-accelerate your results with men. To check if you have the dating skills to recognise your Mr Extraordinary:

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Who you choose to date is the most critical decision you will make. Especially if you are unmarried, want to settle down, have a family, or share your life with a decent man who will love and cherish you the way you deserve to be treated.

Or you may be divorced and want to get your next relationship decision right (now, in the future, or when you do feel ready to get back out there).

If you don’t make time to learn your theory in advance of dating, to learn how to recognise that Mr Right is right for you and capable of communicating with you to support you emotionally through the ups and downs of life. If you don’t get this right, you are highly likely going to repeat the same mistakes or fall into another relationship that is wrong for you (without realising).

When you do recognise how a man communicates with you from the time you start speaking, you will recognise his style over your first 3-5 dates. If you have learned your theory, you will instinctively recognise the right man for you and significantly improve your relationship survival chances too.

You will also need to get clear about your postcode and address I have already covered in Step 1. Or sign-up for all 7 Steps to Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship and Dating Success here.

The secret is to prepare yourself in advance for dating, while you are single. Then when the time is right to start dating, you will get your most critical dating decision right. 

Stop wasting your time and life with the wrong men, learn your theory first.

Step 2 –How to recognise Mr Right has the correct communication skills for you?

History will repeat itself if you continue to get the same results in love.

If you are ready to recognise, attract and build your most loving extraordinary relationship that will thrive and survive, how well do you communicate with yourself positively or negatively? If you don’t understand how you communicate with yourself or men, how can you expect a man to understand you?

Top Tip – Learn about your communication style, and it will be easier to recognise Mr Extraordinary’s communication style right for you.

For greater clarity. How well do you communicate with men you date or fall in love with on a scale of zero (=lowest) up to 10 (10=you are really self-aware of the way you communicate)? What number are you?  

If you have given yourself a lower number, you may feel insecure, lack self-confidence about the way you communicate with yourself and men.

If you value your self-development, and you are committed to transforming your heart and life, and want to get it right in love: 

Your love quote today

Love is of all passions the strongest, to attack simultaneously the head, heart and all the senses .Lao Tzu  


My best advice. Learn how to become the Best You, to reach your 8 or 9 out of 10, discover how you communicate to better understand how a man communicates. Then you will discover how to become the best date, best girlfriend, partner, and best wife to your Mr Extraordinary when he arrives in your life.

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