Is it a sign that women over 35 are still waiting for Mr Right?

According to a recent article published 16th November in the Daily Mail more babies have been born to women over 35 than to women under 25 for the first time since records began in the UK. This brings up the important question of whether you should just get on with having children or if you should delay starting a family and just build a career and secure a life in case Mr Right doesn’t show up.

Of course, we’re living in a world where having it all is a tad easier than previous generations.  Whilst juggling life, a career, or a family if you’re a single parent, constantly running around and shifting from one task to the next, it is possible. Although, would it be easier having a man to help you out, or can you do it on your own?

Sheryl Sandberg, in case you didn’t know, the woman who is in charge of Facebook once said that the most important career choice you’ll ever make is who you marry.

And in part, she’s right. Let’s look at it tactically for a moment, if you marry someone who has huge ambitions and is on the path to a successful career and you also want the same things, then you’re going to find someone whose on your level and who will understand the times when you need to put your career first.

However, if you marry someone whose main priority is to be the breadwinner then your work will become to support that, even if you have your own career. And whilst this type of marriage is slightly easier to hold together because you’re not playing in to the endless power struggles and rebalancing of priorities between spouses, it may not fulfil all your ambitions.

So, should you find the right man before you settle down and start building your career? Or should you get on that ladder, build your career, take care of business and then start to think about settling down and having a family? The answer to that question is never going to be an easy one, after all, it’s all down to bio-individuality and what you really want in life.

It’s important to ask yourself; where can I see myself in 5, 10, 15 years time?

But whatever you decide making sure that you find the right life partner and someone who matches you and your ambition is essential. And that’s where consulting with a good coach can help you. we can help you find love and happiness without having to give up on any of your ambitions.


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