New Love – How To Read The Signs Early On- If It’s Right Or Wrong

Are you falling for someone special in your life right now?

You cannot concentrate properly. You’re excited thinking about a gorgeous guy or lady you’ve met recently. You cannot believe this lovely person is attracted to you. You’re feeling flattered and might even be walking around with a big smile on your face. Life feels great doesn’t it?

Perhaps you’re thinking this relationship might be the start of something special.  Or, could they be the one you’ve been waiting for, your life partner –  if you’re both in the right emotional space, ready to work at something more meaningful, reached the same life stage and want something similar together.

First of all, take it easy and don’t run because you want love to happen quickly. It’s hard to know if someone is right for you when you feel the thrill of dating someone different.

Tip – Start discerning from the beginning if they’re right or even wrong – before you get too emotionally involved – see the signposts early on. 

There are so many factors to consider falling in love. it’s more than just attraction, chemistry and great sex. If you want a mature fulfilling love relationship, with someone who is easy to be with, you need some understanding and insight first.

Do any of these signs resonate with you?

Can you read the signals if your love potential is more comfortable avoiding intimacy or emotional connection and is the type of personality unlikely to offer you any longer-term commitment?  They like their independence,  are too self-reliant and might give you positive signs – we have a future together – but mostly keep you at a distance.  Do you feel lonely when you’re together because intimacy is missing and communication is hard to understand.  If you looking for more connection with someone capable of communicating in a healthier way,  it may be time to move on and find this special someone –  you do want to be with.

Do you put your  needs aside?  Or often go into panic mode and become anxious if you don’t hear from your new love potential when they say they will contact you?  You may unable to concentrate properly, start to analyse the circumstances around why they are not contacting you.   You’re constantly worrying if you’re right for them, not the other way round. You put your own needs aside instead of expressing what really matters to you.

Someone who is a secure character, capable of making you feel secure, will often listen to your needs, follow through and do what they say. They are also more likely to commit to a longer-term relationship if you’re the right partner for them. They make great partners if you know how to recognise them.

Are you secure in love, become anxious or prefer to keep your distance? Which love type one are you?

Some types work well together and others simply do not change.

How to read the signposts.

If you’ve been hurt in love before, want to do it right next time round, you may feel very differently if you can clearly understand and recognise healthy or unhealthy communication. You will feel empowered making your own more accurate decisions when you listen with different ears. More importantly you will know if a new love potential is right or wrong early on.  Is it time to learn how to understand the signals you want to avoid?

Take responsibility and become clear

Before you fall deeply in love, it’s good to get real about the choices you make in the early stages of love. Take responsibility at being a better partner for someone else. Don’t expect a new person to make you feel happy and fulfilled, that is your own responsibility. Love is also not a fairy tale and it always takes two to make your relationship loving, happy and rewarding.

It’s now up to you to decide –  either let your emotions, the same insecurities and behaviour patterns arise again in your new relationship.  Or let passion and sex steer you in the wrong direction. Or take a new approach to understand the signals. 

Tip – Choose love wisely. Your heart, your happiness and future depends on it.

Remember, it’s natural to feel some insecurities starting any new relationship. The most important part is how you manage your feelings and the way you communicate with each other that will keep the relationship moving forward in a healthy way.

Get in touch if you would like the Love Coach to guide you through some basic love styles and how you can read the signposts better –

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