Have you considered rebuilding your relationship if it is not too late?

Separating is one of the hardest decisions that you’ll ever make. Or have you considered rebuilding your relationship? The most important life-changing tip I will give you right now.  Get the right informed relationship knowledge and insight that could save or rebuild what you have together before it’s too late, even if this is one of you making the first step to do this, generally the woman.

It's important as a woman you take this step (if your relationship is potentially recoverable) and you are prepared to do the work and your partner is prepared to give it one last shot, especially if children are involved!

A unique empowering 4 Step Healthy Communication Coaching Program will certainly accelerate your next steps to give you the answers you are looking for.  Without this knowledge and a new awareness, it is 98% highly likely that you will repeat the same mistakes you may not even be aware of in a future relationship. You will simply repeat the same patterns with someone new.

If you don't want to set yourself up for more heartache, avoid the high emotional and financial costs involved in divorce, then consider how valuable the right Relationship Expert will help you right now. Potentially you will avoid the heartache and pain, including the cost to your children who are likely to suffer from mental health problems.

Here's your immediate solutions!

There are many relationship coaches or relate counsellors out there. When making your selection who you work with. Perhaps counselling is right for you to talk through your problems. If however, you want a modern empowering fresh approach. Ask an expert. Have they achieved the results you want personally?  It is precisely what makes me a unique choice. As a highly qualified Relationship Success and Well-being Expert and Coach. I have walked my talk. I understand how to super-accelerate your mental and emotional well-being combining 5 interventions I am qualified to practice.  I have also achieved the personal results in my own relationship and share the most loving and rewarding relationship with the love of my life. I understand what works and doesn’t work in relationships personally and professionally!  I also understand the informed knowledge you need to fast-track your next choices at this critical point of your journey.

Before you decide to jump ship (if you don't know, what you don't know) set up a personal call with me, or start a 90-minute FREE online journey immediately to experience how the 4 step approach will transform your awareness if time is precious to make your choices.

What you don’t know, you don’t know! 

It's the exact point for you to seek the informed relationship help before you make the wrong decision.  If you want a unique approach and counselling or the church Alpha course is not for you. Or you don’t want to waste weeks or months working 1-2-1 to talk about your problems, you will immediately accelerate your awareness and next steps with a proven, tried and tested F.I.N.D. and Accelerate Your Relationship Success 4 Step Coaching Program combining 20 years of perosnal and professional experience that works into just 2 days. You can either work with me 1-2-1 exclusively. Or with a group. Or online!

The benefits you will gain:

  • Proven strategies and techniques to empower you emotionally and mentally to make new relationship choices. Coaching is not therapy, it is a powerful intervention to make you think differently and will truly accelerate your results.
  • You will discover what's important to you, what your obstacles are and how you could potentially sabotage your future relationship success. Let me help you to reset your relationship compass in the right direction!
  • You will get greater clarity to take a new relationship approach much faster than you would alone.
  • Gain a better understanding of your deeper needs to better understand your partner’s needs - to change your approach.
  • Discovering how to communicate differently could potentially rebuild or save your relationship.
  • You will get the informed answers if divorce is the best way forward - before you have to reach the stage of mediation!

You now have 2 choices:

Either A)

Set up a personal 1-2-1 no obligation and risk-free 60-minute Discovery CallClick this link for information to book your call immediately. to save you precious time.

B) Start your FREE 14 day (90 minutes) Find and Accelerate Your Relationship Success Coaching Online Program today. It will only take you 10 minutes a day over 9 days.  Click the link for information to register. You will get immediate clarity to help you decide.

If you truly want to fill your life and heart with the missing ingredients, knowledge and wisdom that took me 20 years to figure out so you don't have to waste your time or life making the same relationship mistakes. What will you decide A) or B)?

With warmest wishes

Karen x

LoveCoachingYou.com P.s. If you live close to Wokingham, Berkshire, come along to an evening taster event to Accelerate Your Relationship Success Evening Taster Workshop Thursday 7th February. £10 a ticket. Email info@lovecoachingyou.com for information and payment details.

Or look out for me in the February 2019 issue of Berkshire Life Magazine!

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