RESILIENCE is a life-changing skill you cannot do without

Mental Fitness is the key to the life you truly deserve

January is the perfect time to plan and take action for getting fitter, feeling healthier, booking your next holiday, thinking about the new job or business growth you are working towards achieving.

Or perhaps, you are a higher achiever, entrepreneur, great at your job, but on a personal level, your relationship recently ended. You could be single, divorced, separating or healing a broken heart.  Or possibly you are more than ready to attract and meet someone new who is extraordinary in every way.

RESILIENCE is the one life skill that will keep you on track, help you bounce back from stress, anxiety, anger or pain.  It's your emotional scaffolding.  So consider adding this life-changing skill to your 2018 to-do list. You will feel emotionally happier, or mentally stronger.  So if you already work out at the gym, have started a new sport to exercise your body.  What about exercising your resilience muscle and the power of your mind and body, for life-changing results that will impact every area of your life? 

With stress so high up the list of daily pressures, if you are determined to manage your happiness more effectively, then discover what it takes to become resilient.  With the right knowledge, you can shift your self-awareness, to get back on track so much more quickly.  It becomes easier to feel joyful and happier once more, your body will be re-energised, you focus at work returns once more.

To F.I.N.D. and build your resilience muscle, STEP INTO THE NEW YOU NOW 2018, at the Hilton Hotel, Wokingham, Berkshire ON Friday 23rd February 2018.  

Engage your new way of thinking, Embrace your magnificence and you will discover how to Express your core femininity and power.  Buy 1 ticket Get 2nd ticket half price and bring a friend along, for life-changing results PERSONALLY, IN LIFE, IN BUSINESS.   Book your ticket NOW! Click this link.

or Join the Event Facebook group, meet the keynote speakers, myself, Vanessa Louise Moore and Jo Baldwin-Trott, with up-date event news including the amazing women and holistic services who are also supporting this incredible life-changing event!


Karen Marshall

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