Trust: Why you need it and how to gain it.

When it comes to relationships there are two non-negotiable factors for a intimate and successful partnership to work. The first is communication, the second is trust.

Without trust there is very little chance that your relationship will survive or work the way you want it to. Trust is the foundation to build any relationships because quite simply, love is built on trust. As human beings we are hard wired to love people that we place our trust in which takes time to nurture and build.

Vulnerable feelings and emotions will inevitably come up when you meet someone new and fall in love.  Working at your relationships also take a lot of commitment, and trust is the basis of any happy and lasting relationship if you are looking to attract Mr Right you would love to settle down and build a future with.

So just how do you gain trust? You may have heard the old adage “trust takes a lifetime to build and a moment to break”. As with most things in life, trust needs to be earned, it’s not automatically given.

Here are 7 Top Tips on how you can build trust in a relationship.

1.Be willing to trust.

Your heart needs to be open to trust before you decide to date a guy if you’re looking for a meaningful or lasting relationship. You have to be willing and open to trust in the first place. Trust is reciprocal, so you can only begin by speaking authentically your feelings inside in a secure and loving way. Or possibly, you may need to work on a limiting belief, to change your mindset if ‘I don’t trust men’ is a belief you are still carrying deep inside you.  Such a belief will only continue to sabotage any new relationship unless you discover how to create a more positive and empowering thought instead.

2.Decide what trust means to YOU.

Trust means different things to different people. So get a notepad and just jot down what trust means to you. What comes in to your mind when you think about trust? How would you show that you trust your partner? If you’re clear about what it means to you, you’ll be more successful as you start to build trust.

3.Find out what trust means to a man your dating.

Before you fall in love with someone new, it’s important to ask any man what he thinks about trust and what it means to him. Take some time to discuss the subject, to make sure that you’re on the same page. It's a great starting point and foundation before you enter any new or longer-term relationship.

4.Be trustworthy yourself.

Don’t place the onus on trust with your date or partner. You too have to be trust worthy. Make sure you do what you say you will do, follow through on commitments, be dependable and keep your promises to help your partner feel more secure and trusting in you.   So ask yourself the question “Would you trust you?”

5.Keep communicating.

Trust and communication go hand in hand whatever stage your relationship is at. Tell each other how you feel, not what you partner wants to hear, because the moment your thoughts and feelings are withheld, trust becomes harder to sustain if you don’t express yourself or communicate clearly. Loving feelings can easily breakdown, so remember it’s important to discuss your emotions in a secure and loving way if something is bothering you.

6.Know that trust can be chipped away at.

Trust isn’t always just broken by a series of lies or an affair. Sometimes trust issues develop over time. So it’s essential that you recognise the patterns and ensure that you address and work on those little niggles as they happen so you don’t end up with one big argument. When you say what you truthfully feel inside, love will more easily come back into flow once again when you clear any unspoken words you're holding onto.  So don't let emotions build up into resentment, this is a difficult breaking point, which can certainly stop any intimacy or sexual chemistry unless you deal with your emotions in the correct way.

7.Building trust in a relationship is crucial for its success.

Learn to see the joy in trust and how you can build and support a new partner to feel more secure.  Nurture trust in your own life first, continue to be open and honest, and a more rewarding, happier and loving relationship will grow into what you believe about trust!

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