WOMEN! Fed up living on your own another Valentin’s Day?

Valentine’s is just around the corner

If you have been single or divorced a while, perhaps Valentine’s Day is another calendar event you would still rather avoid even though we are all staying home during the lockdown. If you are already exhausted of relationships not working out, or attracting the wrong men to you, if you want to stand out from your competition on your dating membership sites, apps or as a member of a dating agency, you also need to attract the right man to YOU.

Dating and Relationships go hand-in-hand

Yes, it’s a rollercoaster of fun, challenges, disappointment and of course excitement when you meet someone you like and have had a few dates with. As an expert, my best advice is to revisit your relationship skills before you start dating or feel ready for another relationship if you have been hurt or healing through divorce. Take your quick MOT. Because your dating and relationship skills go hand-in-hand. Taking an instant 2-minute Good Relationship Test now (you do not need to enter your personal details for) will give you a score out of 70 to identify what you need to improve. Plus the 7 TOP TIPS below will help to inspire you if you have what it takes to Recognise Mr Extraordinary now.

Recognising a man has the right communication skills

If right now, you are dating and leaving love to chance or waiting for the next good looking guy you are matched with. You are also 95% more likely to repeat the same relationship mistakes (most women make without realising), sabotage your chances, get sexually involved with a man who is unable to satisfy you emotionally if you are looking for a deeper emotionally connected relationship. This is the biggest hurdle I want you to avoid if you don’t want to get hurt again short-term or long-term!

It’s vital to understand how we communicate. Communication breakdown impacts so many new dating couples or longer-term relationships. For example, A guy could have a great profile, the looks and match your values.

Married At First Sight Australia demonstrates this really well when you notice how many of the women are sabotaging themselves once they have been matched by experts. They create an argument to end the relationship because they fear getting hurt again deep down. They don’t understand themselves and the brain defaults to protection/shut down mode. When we discover our communication style, our buttons, we can then better understand a man’s style to build a more thriving and lasting relationship. The toolkit I have created will help you to discover the communication secrets every woman and man needs to know before you start dating or get seriously involved again!

WOMEN! Fed up living on your own another Valentin's Day?
Women. Fed up living on your own another Valentine’s Day?

If you are wired the same way as many women who need to feel heard, it’s important you can express yourself to feel emotionally connected to your partner. You would also love to find a man into you, who will be there by your side through the ups and downs of life. When you learn the communication secrets you can easily master, Mr Extraordinary, will jump out to you when you are dating smarter. You will listen to him differently, notice how he talks and communicates with you (a subject I have studied and applied over 20 years to help you get it right).

Before you make your next dating choice

To avoid another dating experience that ends as quickly as it started. I will make it simple, and easy for you to accelerate your next steps.

Learning the priceless insights before you make your next critical dating decision (even if you are not ready for a relationship), you will dramatically increase your relationship success rate. Dating will always start off hopeful particularly if sexual chemistry is over-riding every sensible thought. However, your sprint could finish quickly too. Feelings of emptiness, lack of emotional connection. Feeling unfulfilled could take over. How you also deal with conflict will make or break a relationship if we don’t understand each other or our buttons. Get this wrong and another short-term dating experience could leave you disappointed or hurt again.

If what you have been doing so far on your dating journey isn’t working out, and you want different results, you will need to take a different approach.  When you learn about the secret glue and toolkit that holds a healthy, more loving and thriving relationship together, you will take your heart and life in a positive new direction.

Millions of women need to know the relationship secrets

Working with many clients to get the 90% success rate I achieve, I am the right expert to get you the results you want. I have also personally experienced, the longing empty feeling, sometimes desperation, to find the man of my dreams when I was single over 13 years of my adult life. Making the same mistakes, I understand what works combining 20 years of insights together with my professionally qualified expertise and the programme I have now created to Recognise, Attract and Build Your Mr Extraordinary relationship. Today I have been married to my soulmate, lover and best friend over 12 years. My journey and struggle in love have now become my biggest passion and gift, to share the secrets with you and the millions of women longing to attract your Mr Extraordinary – so you don’t waste any more of your time or life feeling emotionally empty in another relationship you can now avoid.

Today I am a qualified and experienced relationship expert, consultant, coach, mentor and wellbeing expert. I have worked with many clients who are applying their toolkit and finding the love of their life (Vanessa, started on her dating journey, a few years later following her healing journey when her 24-year marriage ended. She very quickly recognised the right man for her (she would have not been open to previously) she now calls the love of her life and now her husband.

How you can help yourself

If you also want to quickly measure how well you are doing in your relationships so far, start with your Free 2-minute Good Relationship test (no details required ) to discover your score out of 70  I then explore a man’s colours in business and how he communicates in love (included in my programme) starting with a FREE 14 day Taster.

The 7 Tips How to Recognise Your Mr Extraordinary


If you’re a driven businesswoman, leader or entrepreneur have you invested time in your leadership or personal development skills?  If yes. Great. You value your development, critical to your business success.  It’s the same drive and thirst you will need to learn the skills, insights and wisdom to recognise Your Mr Extraordinary.


To look and feel great, do you invest time and energy looking after your body, health, and fitness, even during a lockdown?  If yes. Great. You value your wellbeing and self-worth. You are also likely to value your relationship happiness you truly deserve, even if you don’t believe it is possible right now. Take heart. Dreams do come true, I know so!


Perhaps you tell your friends and family that you are happy being single. Or, that you haven’t met the right man yet. Or, that love will find you when the timing is right? Sound familiar? The most priceless gift and advice for you right now. Take some time (during lockdown) to invest and learn the knowledge (your toolkit) before you start seriously dating. Or feel ready.

If you want the best relationship, learn how to become the best partner you can become before you start seriously dating. The best analogy. Would you take your driving test without doing the theory first? You would set yourself up to fail.  The same applies to your relationship journey.  If what you have been doing hasn’t been working so far, it’s time to get your relationship theory (that’s fun and enjoyable to learn) to accelerate how you Recognise, Attract and Build your most loving and extraordinary thriving relationship, if you no longer want second best.  Invest your time now you have it during lockdown.

Just imagine, if you are unexpectedly matched online with a man you find attractive and really like his profile.  Where your head and heart is (how you feel about yourself, men and relationships), you will subconsciously attract this man to you e.g. If you believe you will get hurt again, a man will let you down, you don’t trust men, the list goes on. Let me make it easy for you instead. Focus on your MOT points, your communication skills during the lockdown. You can apply your knowledge with guys you are speaking to.

How knowledgeable are you right now? Do you have the insights to attract Mr Extraordinary to you mentally, emotionally, and energetically (beyond the law of attraction)? Deep down, if you have a fear of being hurt again. Subconsciously you will expect him. Energetically you will attract him.  

Your Mr Extraordinary also needs to feel the pull towards YOU beyond your looks and chemistry. How do you demonstrate that you are a high-value woman?  How you approach him, will ignite attraction longer-term. How you build a thriving relationship, approach conflict, will determine how well you bring love back into flow, or not.

Finding love is not all about YOU. You need the dating skills to become the best partner too. Or you could find yourself ghosted or rejected after a few dates.  Or possibly miss an incredible opportunity with Mr Extraordinary when he does arrive in your life.  


Imagine, you are meeting up with a high-quality guy, he is well-matched to your profile. Or you have invested working with an elite matchmaker (which I am not). The calibre of man you are meeting looks great on paper  You only then make it to 1, or 3 dates together. To increase your chances, you need to also understand his deeper needs and communication wiring. 

  • The right high-value man loves a self-confident woman who feels comfortable and happy in her own skin. Is also willing to share her fun quirky side too.  He wants to see how independent you are.  That you can express your true self (who you really are and how you feel) in a confident way, instead of telling him what you think he wants to hear.

  • Also, it’s good to recognise your leadership style if you manage men. How do you assert your dominant male energy which many women do in business? If you are unaware of this, you could sabotage your chances. The right man will want to meet a softer feminine version of himself, not his masculine equal he has to compete with.  Otherwise, if you are a stronger woman (who doesn’t get emotional easy) you could find yourself attracting a needy man who wants an emotional connection (you feel uncomfortable with).


Learning your relationship communication toolkit secrets is the first step to your success, to Recognise, Find, Attract and Build your more loving, extraordinary relationship that will thrive and survive!


Let’s now check how skilled you are your ‘relationship’ communication? To attract a man unlike anyone you have dated or met before, an opportunity may only come along once in a while, so you need to get it right. Learning your skills during lockdown, you will reset your relationship compass and navigate a completely different more positive direction.

If you have not already taken your Good Relationship Test.

Click the big Test button on the first page Start your FREE 2-minute Test (no personal details required). What did you score out of 70?


This question is more enlightening.  How well do you communicate during conflict in your relationship(s)?  Boundaries will be challenged in any new or longer-term relationship. Do you discuss your emotions in an adult manner, shout, blame your partner for making you feel the way you do, or walk away from conflict for resentment to fester?  If you follow the same patterns, your next relationship will too.  When you learn how to avoid resentment, recognise when you are wrong, say sorry, get off your mood quickly, recognise that it could be YOU getting in wrong. How you approach conflict will make or break your relationship. It’s the glue you need to build a thriving and lasting relationship to bring love and intimacy back into flow quickly. 


If you value your self-development, health, and want to improve your relationship intelligence.  To super-accelerate your next steps and communication skills. If you want the answers and communication insights.

Start. Your FREE 14 Day How to Recognise Your Mr Extraordinary 90 Minute online programme, including videos and exercises to get you started.

What man do you want? Second Best? Or Extraordinary?

Or, for VIP exclusive 1-2-1 help.

Book your FREE 30-minute 1-2-1 Discovery Call consultation to discuss your situation to find out how Karen can help you.

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As a qualified and highly- skilled mind, body, and energy expert, I combine 20 years of personal relationship knowledge that works with my professionally qualified expertise to accelerate your results. Living my life as an independent single businesswoman, experiencing 2 significant relationship breakdowns, heartbreak, and neediness, I transformed my journey to find and build the most extraordinary relationship with the love of my life.  I understand what works and doesn’t if you don’t want to make any more mistakes (most women and men make without realising it). If you are ready to fill your heart and life with your missing ingredient following a proven, tried and tested professional coaching Find and Thrive Approach. Do you want extraordinary, or second best? You decide.

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