Women successful in business looking for your Mr Right

Women need new skills in advance of dating or another relationship if they're looking for Mr Right I call a (high-quality man) now or in the future.

The celebration of love is not far away with Valentine's Day to remind us about what we feel in our hearts. In my experience, senior women in business, or at the top of their game are very successful at what they do. But the story inside is a very different picture, especially for all those women looking for a high-quality man to share life with her and their family if she has been alone as a single woman, or divorced for a while. Subconsciously I am certain most women would love to share their heart and life with the right quality man, their achievements and the life she loves. But there are many obstacles holding her back!

I meet so many women I work with, who are outwardly confident in business but give little time to loving themselves. Often this woman has lower self-worth because she is carrying a scar from being hurt before, let down in love, experiencing too much heartache or having a difficult or destructive toxic relationship. Or men ghost her, are unreliable, or don't commit (there is a reason for this). She is also likely to attract a similar type of man and repeat the same patterns unless she takes a new approach.

One client I worked with attracted narcissistic men for seven years until she changed her values and applied her toolkit approach after working with me.

Feeling Hurt, Alone Or Lost - If You Love Learning

Despite the reality of women feeling hurt, alone or lost (I was there once) let me tell you there are amazing men out there and - IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE TO ATTRACT AND BUILD A HIEALTHY LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH A HIGH-QUALITY MAN you truly deserve to share your heart and life with.

If you love learning, you will need your toolkit of new skills, IN ADVANCE of dating, IN ADVANCE of being ready for another relationship, for very different results! The dream you want! Or you will continue to get the same results if you believe men will get hurt you, you don't trust them, they let you down, you are not young enough, etc, etc.

Learning new skills will completely transform your experience with men and how you give and receive love, plus your communication perspective will shift with your team, other C-Suite leaders, and your closest family. Your new skills will impact every area of your life, your happiness, how you feel and behave, including the way you communicate with your children, who will learn from your new example.

I know how precious love is when you find the right high-quality man because I have walked the same personal journey from being lost, applying the toolkit I created, to finding and attracting the love of my life. It's why I am so passionate about transforming my client's hearts and lives, the women hungry for the same results who are getting results using their toolkit! With heartwarming stories.

Vanessa had been married for over 20 years and I met her 3 years after her divorce. She had just completed my program and met a new chap online. Using her toolkit, her life completely changed! She is now married to Jason, the love of her life!

Over the next few weeks, I will explore the common mistakes and lessons we need to know. what it takes to find and build a thriving relationship with your high-quality man, for it to thrive and survive!

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