Your Self-fulfilling Relationship Prophecy

Who you expect to turn up, is your self-fulfilling prophecy

Does your Prince Charming show up, or a very different man, you don't want to show up?

Love is magical, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding when we get it right. If however, you are a woman in your late 30s, mid-40s or 50s when everything changes if you are still unmarried, separated or divorced.  Perhaps you're still looking for your Prince Charming, whom you want to settle down with or have a family with if your clock is ticking and you are in your 30s.   Or maybe you've experienced the pain of separation or divorce in your 40's or 50's and you want to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

This is your most invaluable piece of advice today. Now is the perfect time to do something different while you are single, in advance of dating, or before you feel ready for another relationship.

Imagine your life is a film.  Let me put your film called 'Your love story so far' on pause right now. Remember, the fairy tale storybooks, and the endless romantic films we grew up watching all have a lot to answer for. Why? because it’s the one belief we consistently reinforce to be 100% true and society tells us that Prince Charming one day will sweep you off your feet and make you happy.  Maybe you are still waiting for him to show up.  One thing I am certain about if you are exhausted from dating or your relationships are not working out or lasting, think about your thoughts, the man you believe in your head will turn up.

Well, your fairy tale and the life you are living right now are your self-fulfilling prophecy.  What do I mean?  What you believe about the man you will meet, love, relationships, men, and yourself will keep showing up. The same love story film will continue to repeat itself unless you change your story and what you believe to be true!

Here are just a few beliefs you may like to overwrite if they resonate with you.  For example. You believe a man will hurt you again, you don't trust men if they are dating other women, they don't say what they mean, they let you down, all the good men are taken, or they only want you for sex.  These are just some of the typical beliefs you may keep rewinding, and replaying in your relationship storybook that will keep showing up for you. Or you can easily shift your thinking following a unique toolkit that every woman needs to learn if you've had enough pain and want to meet the Prince Charming you truly deserve, the right high-quality man.

Let's take a minute to pause once more.  Here's another example to consider.  When you access your computer database (your old negative beliefs you repeat in your head), you can recreate new content to overwrite your old database (when you create a new way of thinking).  When you overwrite your existing relationship data, overwrite your disempowering beliefs you can replace them with new ones. Your brain then learns to create a very different love story - what you positively believe to be true, and your new self-fulfilling prophecy.

Are you ready to overwrite your old files with new empowering relationship content?

Choose to create your new self-fulling prophecy, If you are driven, determined and committed to transforming your love journey, then your destiny will transform into your own fairy tale. I know so!

But be warned.  Pain will keep showing up as your motivator to guide you if you don't do anything different. How much more disappointment, meeting and attracting the wrong men, or pain do you want to endure?  You will continue to attract the same guys (you believe will turn up) unless you make a new choice today to learn how to overwrite your old database. This step is called the Figure Out Formula, the first step of my F.I.N.D. and Thrive 4 Step proven, tried and tested coaching toolkit approach that works.

To get you started, come along to: 

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If You're Still Healing your Heart and Mind

If you are going through a tough time, just separated or getting divorced, or finding it hard to cope emotionally and mentally, you can empower your healing heart and mind with powerful life skills to cope better, and feel emotionally stronger and more resilient. I will sensitively guide you with a friendly helping hand to help you reset your inner compass to take a new direction towards the happiness you deserve.

To refocus, rebalance and recharge your mind and body.  Maximising our time together, I work with clients to get them back on track emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

Hello, my name is Karen Marshall from LoveCoachingYou, a highly qualified and accredited relationship and dating expert, coach, and well-being expert with over 20 years of experience walking my talk.  I was where you are healing my heart and life, looking for answers, making the same mistakes most women make without realising.  Today, I understand what does and doesn't work on the dating-to-love pathway to find and build a thriving relationship that can survive, because I have achieved the results in love you can too!

Let me help you to avoid wasting your life or time, attracting the wrong relationships, more heartache, and divorce, to get right in love next time.  What would that mean to you if you knew you could super-accelerate your dating success and relationship happiness?

Today I share the most loving relationship with the love of my life I have been married to over 8 years and together for 15 years.  It''s the reason I am so passionate about helping you too.  I know what it feels like to be where you are and 13 years later when I walked onto a beautiful golden beach in the Bahamas when I married my husband Dave at the age of 47.  I cried happy tears.  Your dream is absolutely possible if you no longer want heartache, and you are ready to invest in your heart and life, your happy ever after!

Today I will share on the next FREE Masterclass Webinar, The 4 Steps My Clients Use To Attract A High-quality Man Who Will Love, Value and Respect You.  Come along and join it, you can simply listen.

Would you take your driving test first without doing the theory?  No, you wouldn't.  Learning your relationship and dating theory in advance of dating, in advance of being ready for another relationship, then you will significantly improve your relationship survival chances.

To uncover your blindspots, here are three of them - The Top 3 Dating Tips every woman needs to know.

With loving wishes

Karen Marshall x

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