The Dating and Relationship Paradox

Regardless of where you are on your dating and relationship journey, you will need to understand the dating paradox I hear most women say to me.

“I am not ready to start dating yet, so I don’t need any help.” It is absolutely your paradox. When you are not ready, is when you need to do the work, to be ready.

Why? Have you heard the dilemma question; what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Whether you want to get your dating decision right or build a more loving and healthy relationship that works. What comes first?  New relationship skills, or dating skills?

To get it right in love next time, it is key to work on your relationship communication skills IN ADVANCE of dating. In advance of being ready for love and another relationship.    

If you believe you are ready to start dating and you have already experienced a relationship breakdown. Be warned. You are highly likely to repeat the same patterns again in a future relationship (without realising). 

Learning about your communication style now is one of the first critical steps to help you quickly recognise the right man for you (I call Mr Extraordinary). You will recognise him beyond chemistry, sexual attraction, shared interests and values, and what makes him the right dating choice, to significantly increase your survival together!

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Go to 1 below if you are NOT dating, happily single, or remotely interested in another relationship right now.

Or go to 2, if you are dating.

  1. If you are NOT dating or ready for a relationship. Would you take your driving test without doing your theory first to pass your test?  No, you wouldn’t.  You would certainly make time to learn your theory to set yourself up for success. The same applies with dating.  Learn your relationship and communication insights theory first, in advance of dating, while you are single, and you will fast-track your dating success when you are ready for love in the future (e.g. if that is soon, or 6 months, 1 year, or much longer).  Instinctively, your theory will help you to very quickly recognise your Mr Extraordinary who will jump out to you when you do feel ready to move forward in your life. Or be warned, you could fall into another relationship by chance, and follow the same mistakes (you are unlikely to be unaware of ).

To get in right in love, in advance of being ready, you will need to understand your style of communication better, to then recognise the right man’s communication style to accelerate your results in love and dating when you are ready to get back out there. Here is your perfect chicken and egg dating paradox example. Perhaps this example resonates with you?

E.g., I don’t want another relationship, I only want to focus on myself, my business, and my children (if you have a family).  I am not interested in dating or need any help right now.  I just want to focus on myself.

Think about this question? Would it be more beneficial to become aware of your likely relationship or dating obstacles, before, or after you feel ready for another relationship?  My advice is before!

Or you could waste more valuable time and your life meeting the wrong men, or watching your life pass you by. It took me 20 years to figure out how to attract my Mr Extraordinary, so you don’t have to waste any more time making the same mistake (most women make).

Jo, one client I worked with, dated narcissistic men for 7 years before she took my new approach. To avoid attracting similar men, you too can accelerate your results in love.

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2. If you are ACTIVELY dating right now (as Valentines is not that far away).  The majority of women wait to be chosen by a man.  If you are feeling out of your depth or lost to know which man is right for you, I would highly recommend you learn how to become the chooser in love. Have fun dating, but I would suggest you put your serious dating on pause (which may seem rather unfair I know because you may be eager to date, or you enjoy the attention from men because they keep you going). However, the best advice I will give you is as a highly qualified relationship and dating expert. If you no longer want second best and want to find and build your Mr Extraordinary most loving and healthy relationship, that can thrive! I promise your efforts, will pay off. Dreams can come true! I did for me and it can for you too!

Here are two options to get you started if you are ready to do the work!

Option 1

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Option 2

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Karen x

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