What beliefs are holding you back from meeting Mr Right

You believe….YOU will meet Mr Right when the timing is right?  

If you continue to WAIT for the right man to arrive in your life, and only focus all your energy on your career, friends, family, hobbies and social interests, you could be wasting valuable time waiting for Mr Right to turn up.   Before you realise, another 1, 2, or 5 years will pass you by, which is precious time if you are now much older in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s plus and don’t want to keep making the same relationship mistakes.

It’s important to consider if you have been single for a while, if you meet a new man unexpectedly, you could possibly get involved too quickly if you don’t have any understanding of what you DO WANT from another relationship, before it starts.  If this is the case, the chances are, you are likely to repeat the same relationship mistakes again (you might not even aware until you identify them).

With Coaching support you will quickly and easily identify who is right for you, before you invest your heart, emotions and life with Mr Wrong.  Any new relationship can end as quickly as it starts, if you don’t get the basics right before you get involved (especially if your attraction is based on sexual attraction).  It will be short-lived and is more unlikely to last.  However, if you do the work to understand what DOES WORK, your life could change in a way you never expected.  It happened for me, so it can certainly happen for you if you are ready and willing to learn new relationship skills.

I am sure you would happily learn a new skill at work for your job, or something you really wanted to do. and required more knowledge to do it much better to get the results you wanted. The same applies in your relationships. If you want to RECOGNISE your Mr Right, or discover how to become the BEST PARTNER you can be, you need to learn new relationship skills to a) discern and recognise Mr Right, is right for you.  This will be the most important decision you will make choosing your next potential partner so invest your heart and head wisely.  b) Without the right awareness you could be setting yourself up for failure and more heartache.

You believe…….YOU will know, when the right man arrives in your life?  

How will you know he is right for you beyond looks and chemistry? If you don’t understand your values or what you believe is important about Mr Right, you could be sabotaging or stopping yourself from being open to him e.g. if you are fearful about being hurt again or let down. Firstly you would need to explore your belief about fear and how you can change it, then get clear about what type of guy you DO want to share your life with.  When you discover what’s important, Mr Right will instinctively jump out to you when you know what type of questions to ask him.  If he has similar values, lots in common with you, communicates effectively and is aligned with your lifestyle and dreams, you will be better equipped to quickly decide if he is right or wrong for you. So get really clear about what you DO WANT before you start any new relationship.

You believe…..YOU cannot go looking for love

It’s important to discover how you can become the CHOOSER, instead of waiting to be CHOSEN.  When you do this, you will accelerate your relationship opportunities. When you take different steps and actions to change your approach, you will significantly increase and alter the course of your life e.g. If you enjoy cycling, go to cycling social events , or go to fitness shows if you enjoy fitness. You never know where you will meet a guy who is aligned with you.  When you go somewhere or do something different today and open yourself up to new exciting opportunities, you will increase your chances of meeting a guy you really want to attract to you.

You believe…the right man will make you happy

When you take time to discover how to become the best version of yourself, you will become an even more amazing partner for your Mr Right. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally, improve your inner happiness, your inner confidence and look after your body, personal self-development is key.  Taking responsibility for your own happiness, will kick start any new relationship when you already have your own healthier foundations in place, before you invest your body and life with another partner you pin your hopes and hope will make you happy.

Imagine, if you feel insecure and unhappy inside, you are more likely to attract a similar guy who is insecure with similar destructive relationship behaviour patterns. Or possibly attract, a controlling or more challenging relationship that will make you unhappy . Remember, like attracts like. When you understand how to start feeling  happier, become aware of the obstacles and beliefs holding you back your awareness will change, then you will attract or become more open to a different type of guy, who is aligned with you on a much deeper level beyond looks and chemistry.

Top Tip – Become the person you want to meet!  Embrace your feminine power, your energy, the strong woman you are, work on the limiting beliefs stopping you or holding you back from the loving relationship you want. When you do this, your beauty will shine and radiate inside and out.  Your energy and mind are then aligned to attract the right man into you life, like no other man you have known before.

As Wayne Dyer once said.  “When you change the things you look at……..the things you look at change”.  Similarly with your thinking.  Change your thinking and your life experience will change in an unimaginable way.

How Relationship Transformation Coaching will help and support you:

To Fast Track and speed up your relationship journey, I have designed a unique Coaching Programme (aligned with 20 years of my personal journey and experience to find Mr Extraordinary and WHAT DOES WORK in relationships) to give you all the relationship and self-development insight wrapped around coaching exercises that will only empower and prepare you in readiness to meet Mr Right.

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