Are you a woman with everything you could want, but you don't have the one missing ingredient?

I know how hard you have worked to be successful in business, applying drive, and determination to achieve your success to have financial security, own your own home and live independently. But here’s the thing….

  • If what you’ve been doing on your dating or relationship journey is not working out for you, to attract your high-quality man, keep reading.
  • Living as a single woman, the dating game is daunting if you've been hurt too many times. Especially if men ghost you, are unreliable, and don’t want to commit. Or the relationships you start don’t last.
  • The successful businesswoman I have described so far, this was me once upon a time……. waiting to find my missing ingredient.
  • It’s important for you to know and highly likely your 10% (most women are unaware of) is sabotaging your chances with the right high-quality men. I know you can attract men, but if you want to attract the right high-quality man to share your life with, you know will be there by your side through the ups and downs of life, you will need to let go of your 10%,
  • When you uncover your 10% it is both critical to your dating success and relationship survival with the right quality man.
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  • You will need to make the right first impression (regardless of your appearance, style, or business status) with the right quality man.  How prepared are you in advance of meeting him? The right men don’t come along very often, so you don't want to miss your opportunity.
  • Being successful you would always prepare for a new job, research the right company, what you need to do for the promotion you wanted. To recognise and attract the right quality man it's not an interview process. But your approach will require preparation, in advance of dating or being ready.
Are you a woman with everything you could want, but you don't have the one missing ingredient?
  • The preparation I did to get it right in love, which I will share in the section below, took me over 20 years to figure out so you don’t have to, including the relationship communication skills, that nobody tells you (or the most influential You Tube Male Dating expert (who is still not married) will tell you)!
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  • Walking my talk to get the results you want in your heart and life with the right man, I know what works and doesn’t to attract the right high-quality man, and what it takes to build a loving, healthy, thriving relationship that can survive.  
  • Today I have combined my personal and professional expertise into a unique professionally structured Coaching Program I designed and created, that works.

  • Hello my name is Karen Marshall, I am a highly qualified relationship and dating expert, coach, mentor, trainer and well-being expert. At Love Coaching You, we know how to accelerate your heart and life to accelerate how you recognise, attract and find your missing ingredient.
  • If you are determined to find and build a thriving relationship with a quality man in the right emotional space, who will love, value and respect you (without you settling for second best), I get over 95% success rate with my clients hungry and serious about their results in love.
  • To accelerate your results with men…

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How I Achieved My Results With The Right High-Quality Man:

  1. I studied, researched, and professionally qualified over many years to become an expert at ‘the relationship mistakes we make and why we make them'. I did the work while I was single working full-time living my life at 100mph. I applied what I learned when I dated between the many dry patches of not dating, living on my own, and feeling alone. I was so ready to settle down, but I was NOT prepared to settle for second best. I wanted to meet my high-quality man (a man Bridget Jones described as being ‘more extraordinary’)!
  2. I invested in my professional education to become qualified and experienced in the mind, body, and energy, to become the BEST ME mentally, emotionally, and energetically to get the best results for my clients. This developed me to also become the Best Partner for the right man.
  3. I got clear about my style of communication (in business and love) to better understand the right man I wanted to attract to me who would love, value, and respect me.
  4. Over 7 years I applied what I learned about dating and short-term relationships that didn’t work out to recognise the same mistakes most women make.
  5. I changed my perspective of men, and relationships, and developed my emotional intelligence to become my superpower.
  6. Learned about the male psyche and psychology, and developed myself spiritually and energetically to support my partner mentally and emotionally (without him realising how I was supporting him).
  7. I shifted my energy to accelerate and attract the right high-quality man to me, who found me irresistible, chased me, and wanted to commit to me.
  • Today I have achieved these results:
  • I am the Best Me, and the Best Partner I can be.
  • I have been with my, now husband married for over 9 years and together for over 15 years.
  • I married for the first time when I was 47 years old on a beautiful golden beach on Valentine's Day in the Bahamas, just the two of us. Seven months later, we had a beautiful outdoor ceremony by the river with my special people. This was my dream, that came true!
  • We both love, value, and respect each other, and continue to live the best life I ever imagined to be possible, because I was determined to do the work!
  • I travel more than I could believe, and shortly we are going again to Australia because dreams come true with the power of two!
  • Right now, right here, is your opportunity to understand what is holding you back from the man and relationship you truly deserve!
  • Come along to the next Masterclass Training Webinar, if you are driven, and determined and want to work with the right expert who has achieved the same results you want in your life!

With Loving Wishes

Karen Marshall x

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