Have you been divorced for a while?

Divorce Recovery For Women

It is the biggest adjustment you will go through, learning to live alone again, learning about yourself and living independently, as you look after your children (if you have a family).  It's a massive life-transforming learning curve while you are coping with your emotions, and negative thoughts while finding your way forward. 

Divorce recovery can be a slow healing process especially if you had a toxic relationship leaving your self-confidence at rock bottom.  Whether you are at the beginning or a few years into your divorce recovery, the way you feel about yourself, men, and your relationships will take you down two roads. Either a continued negative spiral I wouldn't want anyone to endure, or the catalyst to positively transform your happiness and mindset that will lead to the new future you truly deserve.

Here at Love Coaching You, we understand that there’s the loneliness, the feeling of not being whole; after all the disillusionment, pain and heartache in your marriage.

There is also the fear of being single. How will I cope? It’s scary to start over by yourself after depending on your marriage. You may have merged your identity so closely with your spouse’s – defining yourself as half of a couple, not as an individual – that you can’t imagine continuing on your own. 

Perhaps you don’t know if you’re strong enough to take care of yourself without a spouse’s help. Or you’re ashamed of singlehood in a society defined by relationships. But don’t worry, single or divorced for a while, you will start to feel YOU again. 

Take your time and effort for your part, as it can be challenging to reinvent yourself as a single person, but through patience and positive thinking, you can and will do it, if you are ready to learn about yourself - to experience a new way of living, feeling, behaving mentally and emotionally.  

If you no longer want pain, the heartache and you are ready to shift your happiness.  If you want your own business for greater financial freedom, invest in property for your security, or progress your career to regain control of your heart and life, and support your family, we are the right experts at LoveCoachingYou to give you the priceless toolkit you will need. 

By learning new skills you will become:

  • The Best You, to positively shift the way you feel and think about yourself.
  • You will learn to love yourself, redefine and rediscover the Best You.
  • Your new approach will personally impact every area of your life with a new ripple effect.
  • You will reset your inner happiness, and relationship compass towards the future you can have, and want if you are hungry for personal enlightenment to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be much so more quickly than you could alone. 
  • It's so wonderful to know you will lead your children (if you have a family or want one) by a new example. 
  • You will be stronger, and better-equipped co-parent with your ex.  

Hello my name is Karen Marshall, I am a relationship and love expert, high-qualified well-being expert, coach, mentor, trainer and consultant. I understand what works and doesn't because I too hit rock bottom to personally experience becoming the Best Me and what it takes to do this.  I know what works to overcome adversity, and trauma to rebuild myself mentally and emotionally.

Transforming the way I feel, think and behave was a life-changing gift I learned to master, because I no longer wanted any more heartache or pain.  I then made the decision to become an expert in love, to learn the skills to become the chooser in love to personally find a healthy, loving, thriving relationship.  Today, I have been with my husband, the love of my life, for over 14 years, in the most rewarding and loving relationship I never believed would be possible.  I want this for you too!

If you are ready to fill your heart and life with the gift and toolkit available to every woman (with drive and determination) you will become the captain of your boat and life.  When you work with me the expert who has achieved the results you want.  I have walked my talk, from rock bottom to living the life I love is what makes me unique and the right relationship and love expert to help you achieve the results you want.  If you are serious about shifting how you feel, your heart and your life contact LoveCoachingYou.com

Now is the time, whether you are divorced or single, to learn the toolkit, the first step to shifting your mental and emotional happiness, that will in turn positively impact your approach in business, love and with men.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Loving wishes

Karen Marshall x





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